Firefall Engineer Weapons Guide

Firefall Engineer Weapons Guide by deville

-=Engineer Overview=-

A team support battleframe perfect for your engineering specialist is designed for defensive placements and resupply of troops. Deploying turrets, shields, repair stations and pulse generators the engineer ( especially a good one ) is a sexy addition to any team. One engineer with the right equipment can become a choke point for your army to completely shutdown enemy movement.


Primary Weapons

Repair Tool
clip size : Primary and ALT fire modes use shared ammunition. 60 clip / 300 spare
damage : Primary fire is approx 20 health/sec and can be used for approx 10 seconds, Alt fire is x(?) damage.
travel speed : Instant for repairs, must be within x(?) yards to use. Alt fire is fast, must be within x(?) yards to use
primary shot : Deployables healing beam, heals turrets, shields, and pulse generators
alt fire : Heat seeking energy blasts. Weak damage, highly accurate.

Secondary Weapons

clip size : 7 shots (8 pellets per shot)
damage : high up close (76dmg/pellet)
travel speed : high
primary shot : fires a shot, spread is large so becomes fairly ineffective at range
alt fire : nothing at the moment

Grenade launcher
clip size : 5in clip (20 spare shots, 25total, not infinite)
damage : x-x damage for direct hit
travel speed : slow, even slower then plasma bolt
primary shot : fires a grenade in an arc, range is short
alt fire : nothing at the moment

Supressor rifle
clip size : 40 Shots (Infinite Ammo)
damage : average
travel speed : high (instant travel, or pretty close to it, no need to aim ahead of the target)
primary shot : fires shots in full automatic mode, first shots are accurate but accuracy lowers very quickly
alt fire : aims down the sight

Assault rifle
clip size : 40 Shots (Infinite Ammo)
damage : 44 Dmg per hit
travel speed : high (instant travel, or pretty close to it, no need to aim ahead of the target)
primary shot : fires shots in full automatic mode, first shots are accurate but accuracy lowers very quickly
alt fire : aims down the sight


Ability Modules

Turret I
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Description:This sets up a small turret that shoots on enemies in your SIN, it has a small 30 degree cone in front to add enemies to the SIN.
Upgrade: Turret II, cost 10 wrenches, dual barrels, higher damage

Forcefield I
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Description: Places down a forcefield that stops your enemies and their bullets, allows friendlies to pass and can be shot through from the back. Limited health, once this is depleted, it goes down for a while. Can be destroyed at the base. (?)
Upgrade: Forcefield II, costs 10 wrenches larger shield more health (?)

Force Pulse Generator
Cooldown: ?
Description: Puts down a force pulse generator that pushes back enemies when they get close (?)
Upgrade: Force Pulse Generator II, costs 10 wrenches, larger knock back radius
Repair Station
Cooldown: 60 Seconds
Description: Heals allies around it. Red5 is still toying around with this so expect this to change in the future.
Upgrade: Repair Station II, costs 10 wrenches, higher healing rate Pulses at 50 health.

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