Zorg Empire Words Guide

Zorg Empire Words Guide by Witchywoman

There have been many questions about some of the words used. I have taken the time to write up the ones that I could think of. I have attempted to put them in alphabetical order but may have missed some as nobody is perfect… yeah not even the Witchy. :P I ask that you not try to tear this list apart with comments as it is not for those of you who already know what the terms mean, it is geared toward the new player. If you see or know of one that I have not already posted, please feel free to PM me and I will add it into the list with a tag giving you credit for the contribution. Again, please keep any comments you may have to a helpful level. If you see something that I have posted that you think is in error…. PM me…. and I will correct it in my post. Let’s try to keep helpful guides to minimal posting as it is frustrating to have to go through loads of pages just to get information.

A noob’s guide to terms used for the game

Zorg – The Ruler of All in Zorg Empire Forums and Game

Forums Leaders/Managers:

Admin – Administrator – Manages the fourms as a whole.
Mod – Moderator – Persons who manage the forums.

Alliance Related:

APP – Application, this is the process of applying for an alliance and can be carried out through the alliances page. *Thank you Istalris for this one*
CIRC – Circular Message, the message system used to send a message out to everyone in your alliance at once.
NAP – NonAggression Pact or NonAttacking Pact – People or Alliances who have a NAP don´t attack each others.
PPM – Points Per Member -Average points per member in the alliance statistic view.
TAG – The alliances shortened name, symbols, or abbreviation thereof. (ie: the tag DR = Death Riders) *Note in the Galaxy view you will see a column that says alliance. There you will see the TAG of the alliance. To view the alliance name you can put cursor on the tag and it will pop up another window.


ABM – Anti-ballistic Missle. The only thing that can destroy an IPM.
Acc – Account: Your account. (NEVER give your account information out to anyone)
ACSD/Depot – ACS Depot, allows players to use the ACS defend function on you, the higher the level the bigger the fleet that can defend you. (*Thank you Istalris*)
BS – Battleships – Good attack ship used more often than not as they have large cargo space, heavy cannons and high speed.
CR – Combat Report
Cru/Crus – Cruiser – A ship used primarily in early to mid-early game stages to take out LFs and RL.
Crys – Crystal
Cycs/Cyclers/Recs/Recys: Recyclers – The ship used to recycle debris.
DD – Destroyer *Thank you for this one Istalris*
Deut – Deuterium
Dest/Dessy – Destroyer – The king of the war ships.
DF – Debris Field – The spot you target when you want to collect debris there. DF appear on the galaxy view near the attacked planet.
DS – Death Star (also known as RIP) *Thank you Richardhjw for the list improvement*
EP – Espionage Probe/Ship
Esp – Espionage
Flaming – to insult
Fleetcrash – The act of attacking someone’s fleet with the intent to kill off all his/her ships, turning them into debris field to be collected for profit
Fleeter – Someone with a huge fleet size and power.
FR – Fusion Reactor, produces energy, unlike the Solar Plant, this consumes Dueterium to work and it’s output is increased with your Energy Technology level. (*Thank you Istalris*)
Gal – Short term for Galaxy
GLiRL – Good luck in real life: Usually written when a player is leaving the game.
GLOTR – Good luck on the rebuild: Usually written when a player has been HoFed.
Green Name – Weak Players
HF – Heavy Fighters – Upgrade of an LF.
HL – Heavy Laser
HoF – Hall Of Fame
IPM – Inter-planetary Missile – A weapon used in destruction of defense.
IRN – Intergalactic Research Network *Thank you KarrothMelu*
JG- Jump Gate, a moon building used to instantaneously transport ones fleet to a sister gate anywhere in the universe, without the use of fuel. Resources cannot be taken through the Jump Gate. (*Thank you Istalris*)
LB – Lunar Base, used to expand the field count on a moon, similar to a terraformer. (*Thank you Istalris*)
LC – Large Cargo Ships
LF – Light Fighter – The weakest attack ship used in the game.
LL – Light Laser
Met – Metal
MS/Silo – Missile Silo, stores ABM’s and IPM’s. (*Thank you Istalris*)
Nani – Nanite factory
Ninja – The act of surprising your attacker with counter attack at the very last few seconds, thus reversing the situation of a loss to a win.
Noob – Someone who is new to something
PM – Personal Message
Probe – Espionage Ship *Thank you Istalris*
PWN – Own spelled differently :). “Punish without negotiation”
Raider – Someone who gains resources by farming or doing small fleet crashes [or some HoFs].
Red Name – Strong Players
Res – Resources – The game most important thing, Metal, Crystal and Deuterium.
RF – Rapid Fire
RIP – Deathstar
RL – Real Life (more likely to be seen IRL for In Real Life).
RL – Rocket Launcher – Basic defence system
Sats – Sattelites, refers to Solar Satellites.
SC – Small Cargo Ships
Silo – Missle Silo
SP – Solar Plant
SS – Solar Sats
TD – Total Damage – Usually found in HoF
Techs – Technology/research
Turtle – A player who builds up high levels of defense rather than attacking/raiding. Not a bad thing, just to some boring.
WAS – Weapons, Armour, Shielding

(b) – Banned – This is beside players who have broken rules and been locked from the game for a certain amount of time. Attackable!!
(i) – Inactive- Player who has not logged in for 7 days.
(iI) – Inactive – Player who has not logged in for 28 days.
(n) – Newbie (low ranking)
(s) – Superior or Stronger Player
(v) – Vacation Mode- The account cant be played or attacked (except it seems you can be IPM’d hmmmm.)

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