Dragon Nest New Player Tips

Dragon Nest New Player Tips by imbuedHope

– Aim for raid content. If you want to have any fun at all and want to get to players who are actually any good you need to get to people that actively try to attempt raids in the weeks after it is released. I find that DN PvE is quite a bore unless you tackle end game content.

– To get good gear you need to look at your options and pick wisely. How you spend that 5k ish that you get while leveling is vitally important. Always get good weapons except on paladins or classes where damage does not help.

– Aim for epic nest gear. There is no reason for you to bother with U or L grades off the bat. 8+ Nest gear is good for hell modes if you play the mechanics well and 10+ is enough for raid content with a good player.

– You will get kicked from parties if you are undergeared. Don’t feel bad about it and keep going; don’t hide it if you’re new to a nest or raid ( it’s a waste of everyone’s time if the rest if your team isn’t comfy with you messing up ). Be open to making parties and remember to name and set what the party is for.

– Only practice will make you good at mechanics. So keep it up if you are doing bad. Take dailies and other easier content more seriously. Try getting through stages unattacked or without using blocking skills. You will get better with time as you actively learn what your skills do and how they can be used.

– Refer to other players when it comes to builds. Nothing is more annoying than getting a certain class in the party only to later learn mid run that they don’t have a party skill. Always double check if your build is good in your respective forums.

– Be open to new ideas and concepts. Always feel free to experiment but try not to take risks that can screw your party over. Remember to get the basics down before you attempt fancy things like iframes that start later, etc.

– Learn about class synergies. Some classes go better with others and the only way to learn the combinations is to understand the team skills that each class has. While learning your class is great, learning more than your class alone will make you an effective party lead and make you able to assist others.

– PvP has changed drastically for the worse I am afraid. However now players who still remember all the skill combos from several caps ago are far above the rest. You can find skill combos on youtube.

– Ladder has become a terrible game mode. To do well you need both the skill and the gear as most games are now decided with the exchange of a few skills. Learn your class well and don’t be disheartened too early.

– Older raids have mechanics that are unique. Read up on them and you will find understanding some newer mechanics much easier. Many of the old guides are still on the MMOsite forums.

– Join a competitive guild. Do not beg for gold. Do not expect people to help you, but do ask. Most people who are experienced don’t mind checking your gear and giving you advice on what’s missing.

– Take part in events. This is especially true if you don’t want to spend cash. Things like pets DO make a difference and certain events give them away.

– Do your dailies and such as regularly as possible. You can always use the extra runs to get used to your skills and Honest Ed’s shop can be a great help when you don’t really want to spend cash on an alicorn or want a better than rare temporary gear.

– Take the time to learn about the items in the game and how you can use them. There’s an in game help tab that has a lot of info. Hit ‘j’ in game iirc.

– Do not play a slower more tanky character as your first ubless you are truly determined to succed. The lower gold flow until you can clear nests consistently is hard to manage for most people and will feel unfair. Not to mention being harder to gear.

– And last but not least, change your key bindings from the default to one that you can easily reach. You will need to be able to reach all your skills quickly if you intend to play well.

– Good luck and welcome to a game that is quite different from the rest.

Edit :

Also don’t forget to raise your mouse sensitivity. It’s annoying at first but it makes gameplay a lot easier; it is not for everyone though so keep that in mind. I played last at 2500dpi with 100% sensitivity; the less I had to move the easier it is when I’m doing a raid with a party that has sub walk in the park DPS.

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