Crystal Saga Perfect Blessed Bath Guide

Crystal Saga Perfect Blessed Bath Guide by Subutai

First off, allow me to introduce myself. I am Subutai, a Protection Knight on the Cragstone server and co-founder of the ▲Asterisk▲ guild. I am here to tell you that Blessed Bath -can- be done without ever having to step out of the “Exp Zone”. So up next, my nomenclature.

**Special Note** This is not a guide on how to get the achievement for being struck by Lightning. Such an achievement does exist, and you can view it in-game.

~~Glossary of terms~~

Nomenclature – In this context, nomenclature means “Crystal Saga in-game jargon”.

Blessed Bath – An event in Starglade started by talking to Mystical Priest (Event).

Coords – Short for coordinates. They are found on your mini-map, and can be clicked so that you can link them into chat. Once linked into chat by you or someone else, you can click them in your chat log to move to those exact coordinates.

Mini-map – The small scale map in the upper right of your screen. It displays your coordinates and your current Instance.

Instance – Your instance is largely irrelevant when doing Bath, because Bath will put your whole party into the same Instance regardless of what Instance you are in before starting. However, it may help for the whole party to be in the same instance so you are able to tell when everyone has entered/left the Instance. I’ll explain later why this can be important.

Pet – Your pet.

Mount – Your mount.

Skills/Abilities/Items – No reason to point them out. They are all largely irrelevant. You can’t use skills, abilities, or items in Bath, with two caveats, listed below.

Holy Water – This is an Area of Effect healing item given to you upon entering Blessed Bath. You cannot enter Bath with a full inventory. Holy Water takes ONE FULL MINUTE to be able to be used again. This is important. Remember to macro it and test the macro every time you enter Bath. EVERY. TIME.

Angels Blessing – Passive level 50 Priest skill. For now, it can keep a level 50+ Priest alive in Bath without the use of Holy Waters. I don’t know if it’s intentional, and if not, how long it will last before they patch it and make it so it doesn’t take effect in Bath.

Tic – In this context, a “tic” is when a portion of your health is taken in exchange for exp. As another example, when poisoned/regen’d, every time your health goes up or down due to poison or regen effect, this is a “tic”. In Blessed Bath, each tic will take a precise amount of hp in exchange for a precise amount of exp. It will only change depending on your hp and level. This makes it possible to calculate how many hits you can take, thus making it possible to get to a safe area with only one tic of life left.

Healing Order – Order given by the party leader for the first round of heals, so people know when to use their Holy Waters.

Lightning – After a little while in Blessed Bath, Lightning will randomly strike the battlefield. It does more damage than what you normally take, and you get no experience for it. Don’t get hit by it. The best way to avoid it is to stand in Safe Coords.

Safe Coords – Coordinates (usually) given by the Party Leader as a place to stand safe from Lightning, but still get experience.

Safe area – The southern area of the bridge will keep you from taking damage in any form, but you won’t gain exp. My guide is here to teach people how to avoid having to go into the Safe Area.

~~The goal of Blessed Bath~~

This is a very, very simple Instance’d event. There are no monsters to fight, and you can’t use up your items and abilities. There’s also absolutely no excuse for dying unless:

A) You aren’t paying attention
B) You have no idea what you’re doing
C) Hate the people you’re doing Bath with and want to screw them over
D) Lag

Your ONE REASON for being here is to gain exp. In Bath, you will want to stand at Safe Coords and use your Holy Water to help keep everyone alive. The longer you’re alive, the more hp you have, the more exp you gain. Pretty simple, right?

~~How to do it~~

Before you enter, dismiss your pet (you can’t gain exp with a pet summoned) and get off your mount (can’t talk to the event npc while mounted).

First off, when you enter, macro your Holy Waters, then TEST YOUR MACRO’S to make sure they work. Then, go to the Safe Coords given to you by the party leader, or if you are the party leader, give them the Safe Coords. I usually do it for my party. The Safe Coords I use read as such: (X:43 Y:32), but they may not be the only Safe Coords in existence. They are just the ones I know.

*Notice* Holy Waters, like I said, are an Area of Effect heal. Make sure every time you use it you heal your ENTIRE PARTY. This should be easily done if everyone is standing on the Safe Coords.

Secondly, the party leader should set a healing order. Remember it and your spot in it. This is vital. Not something you can just dismiss and not worry about. It’s the key to making this work.

*Warning* Occasionally, despite making sure your Holy Water macro’s work, and despite activating your Holy Water, they will sometimes still not work. In the latter case, try remacroing your Holy Water quickly. In the former case, it just didn’t work, tell your party, and accept the loss.

Now then, once everyone is in position at the Safe Coords and their macro’s are ready, the party leader should start the event by talking to the NPC inside Blessed Bath. Once he starts, everyone will start losing tics of health. Those tics of health will remain the same for that entire bath. For instance, if you lose 500 hp the first time, you will lose 500 hp -every- time. Watch for yourself to get low, within a tic or three from dying, and prepare to move your character to the safe area right when you get down to one tic of life left. Move back to the Safe Coords once your health is brought up. If everyone is healing to their utmost though, this shouldn’t happen.

After the first three tics, the first person should heal. Three more tics later, second. Three more tics later, third. Three more, fourth. Three more, fifth. Now you’ve all healed, but that doesn’t mean get lazy. Exactly one minute from using your Holy Water, you need to use it again. The quicker you use it, the quicker the timer will come back around, the more hp you can give yourself and everyone else, increasing their exp. If you don’t use your Holy Waters as soon as possible while following the healing order, you will mess up the “Perfect Bath”. Also, heal the MOMENT you see your hp tic down on the third tic for the first round of Holy Waters, when it’s your turn. Not a half second later. Immediately.

Now, you’re probably wondering how to do a Perfect Bath. A Perfect Bath is when you’re able to stand in the exp gaining area the entire duration. What you may not know is, I just totally laid it out for you in my previous paragraph. Want to maximize your exp from Bath? Do what I just said. Literally, that’s it. No tricks, no surprises, nothing anyone can’t handle. If everyone is on their heals and their heals work, you are gonna make Bathing awesome.

Note: If you are standing where you would normally receive exp and are not receiving exp/ticing down on health, then the event either hasn’t been started or has ended. If it hasn’t started, get into the safe coords and check your macros. If it’s ended, leave.

Obviously, some level 50+ Priests can just stand in Bath and not have to worry about dying, but they should still be using Holy Waters to maximize everyone time.

~Final Notes~

Do not enter Blessed Bath unless you plan on doing Blessed Bath. You get two shots at it a day.

Do not re-enter Blessed Bath until you’re sure your entire party is out. If you re-enter and they aren’t out, you’ll use up a Bath run and will still be in the now ended previous run. If your entire party is on the same Instance in Starglade, you can see when people enter/leave Bath, and therefore not screwing yourself out of a run.

Always enter with a full party. This is simple math. More people = more heals = more hp = more exp.

Added on: 11/03/11:: It is possible for individuals to obtain a “Perfect Blessed Bath” in a run with others who do not accomplish it.

Thanks for reading, and looking forward to seeing everyone do Bath without a hitch. Except for times the game just screws you over. That’s the system though. Don’t take it personally, and don’t snap off party members heads when it happens to them too.

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