Crystal Saga Private Shop Guide

Crystal Saga Private Shop Guide by Kogan

once you reach level 30 it tells you that you can make a shop, now mind you that this can be a tricky system depending on how the game feels

Getting items to sell: first before you make the shop you have to have items to put in it otherwise it is pointless, am i right? so lets go to indigo dungeon with a party, Yay we just killed the boss. what’s this? a lucky coin? what do i do with that? well you have two options one is sell it, or two is get two more and give it to the wishing well for items most are good but sometimes you get one that isn’t so good. well i don’t have two other ones so ill sell it. there are many other items that would be profitable to sell which are mentioned in the list below.

Creating the shop: first go to Star glade, click on your inventory and then where you see temp storage, buy crystal and renew items at the bottom of all of those it says my shop. geee what happens when i click on it? oh would you look at that, your shop. keep your inventory open, where it says enter shop name, then place items below type your shop’s desired name, then simply drag and drop your coins gems ect, then it shows your currencies all at 0, gold, silver and copper input your price

What is reasonable?: well that all depends on the consumer in my perspective 40 is a good price for Lucky coins, you can’t make it too high so people wont buy it, and you can’t make is so cheap you’ll never make a profit some would say more or less about my coin price, regardless you should always look at other shops and see what they give. click open shop after you’ve dragged and dropped everything you want to sell.

tips: you cant move when your in shop mode but you can open windows, inventory ect. so keep this in mind. after you close both windows just open the shop window up again to see what you’ve. sold sometimes when i make the shop it says working, if you wish to wait then go ahead but i just drag the item again with no problem. sometimes it dosen’t register so just repeat the process

Profitable items:
Ancient Coin: found as drops and in dungeons

Lucky Coin: you get this after you pay 15 silver to upgrade, to do this just double click ancient coins

All Blue Items: most of these items are good to sell, random places cant give them all

All purple items:same as last but are better for sales and also should be more expencive

Gold items: all gold items such as a gold shield or pristine shared are the best to sell and are almost always sold quick found in random places

Private Shop Guide by NightNight


I’ve noticed alot of people asking for help with their private shops. So I’ve decided to write this guide, hoping that it will fix your issues.

What is a Private Shop
The private shop is a shop owned by players. It can be accessed by clicking “My Shop” on the lower right corner of the “Bag” interface. You need to be level 30 before you can access the Private Shop Interface

Where can I set up my Private shop?
You can set your Private Shop in Starglade. I recommend placing it near the “Vault” in the first Instance.

What can I name my Private Shop?
The name can be anything, as long as it only contains Upper and Lower case characters from A – Z, comma’s “,” or dots “.” also be carefull not to press the enter key while typing the Shop name or the Shop will not open.

How do I add items in my Private Shop?
This is very simple. After opening the “Private Shop” interface, click and drag items from your bag to the Shop. You will then be prompted to specify the quantity of items you wish to sell. After selecting the quantity of items you must determine a price. This is simple, just click next to any of the Copper, Silver, Gold or Diamond icons to add your price. Simply type in a number from 1 to 99.

Opening the Shop
Clicking “Open Shop” at the bottom of the Shop should open the Shop. If you get a notice saying that the area is too crowded move to an area with less people. Add a 6 Character perimiter to be safe. If the shop has opened, your character will sit down and your Shop name will be seen over your head in a Blue ribon like image.

NightNight’s Tips
1. Only sell materials such as gems, socketing rods, purified crystals and shards

2. Only sell Blue+ Outstanding equipments. The others can be sold at a NPC.

3. Shop name should be catchy and attractive. Example: Shards.Dusts.Rods

4. I would suggest following your server’s price. Example: In Aquatic Crypts, a Socketing Rod sells for about 11Silver, you should sell it for about 10 to 12Silver

I hope this guide helps alot of persons because many of you guys ask for this.

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