Tree in front of the UCC

Tree in front of the NUS University Cultural Center (UCC)

Hi I believe the tree is named Fragraea Fragrans (tembusu)

From the photo, it has fissured trunk

The shape of the leaves looks like that of the Tembusu.

The flowers are white as of the Tembusu.

The spatial distribution of the leaves looks like that of the Tembusu too.

The name I have obtained by googling Tembusu was “Fagraea fragrans”

I asked the exact question when i found Fagraea Fragrans, the Tembusu tree standing alone outside the University Cultural Center. Fagraea : named after J.T. Fagraeus, 1729-1747, a Swedish naturalist. A few of us were also there, and we tried to make out what was on the faded board. “Professor Lim Pin and Professor Shih Choon Fong” were the two names we could figure out. A search on the internet gave me the answer. It turns out that “a sapling was used to represent NUS when the current vice-chancellor took over from the previous. This plant is growing (in) the front of the University Cultural Centre.

Other information from the Source:

Fagraea fragrans (Fagraea: Named after J.T. Fagraeus, 1729 1747, Swedish naturalist;fragrans: Latin, fragrant – after the fragrant flowers).

From the strychnine family (Loganiaceae).
This is a magnificent tree to 30 m tall. The trunk is covered with almost black, deeply and widely fissured bark. The opposite simple leaves bear flower clusters and berries in their angles. The petals are whitish cream then turning yellow with age. Flowers are very fragrant and blooms twice per year (May to early June, October to November).The round berries are shiny orange then scarlet and contain many minute black seeds.
The slow-growing tree produces excellent strong, heavy and durable timber which is straw coloured. This species produces one of the 10 commercial heavy hard wood timbers recognized by the Malaysian Timber Board. This beautiful tree is also commonly cultivated in Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia as a park or roadside tree.
The Singapore five dollar bill also has an illustration of a tembusu tree which is still growing at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.
This species grows in adinandra belukar, in open and swampy places. The flowers are pollinated by moths and the fruits eaten by squirrels, birds and bats.
I’m sure that it was 1 June 2000 when the aforementioned event took place.


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