AFK Arena Elder Tree Guide

by inSeason

AFK Analytica’s – The Elder Tree Cheat Sheet:

How to use the Cheat Sheet

This is a quick ‘explainer’ to AFK Analytica‘s – The Elder Tree Cheat Sheet. I will not be going over the foundational mechanics of the Elder Tree, but rather explaining how to use this dense reference. I hope that this reference will be a mainstay in the tool-belt of industrious players everywhere, and stand the test of time.

A Bird’s Eye View – Figure 1:

The main, central table, is designed to give a general birds eye view of relevant class levels.

The Table should be read from the ‘Class Level’ Column, then traveled left and right to see the stats associated with each class as well as ability level.

The second column, titled ‘Ability’, shows each ability (Ability 1 [A1], Ability 2 [A2], Ability 3 [A3]), and it’s current ability level at the the corresponding class level. The above example is of Class Level 12: ‘2 0 0’ corresponds to Ability 1 [level 2], and 2 unlocked abilities, Ability 2 & 3. Columns A1, A2, A3, of Fig 2 correspond to specific class ability unlock levels.

The far left column, of Fig2, corresponds to Ability level, which is color coded in each class ability description as shown above. Class ability descriptions are in order (1, 2, 3), top to bottom, similar to how a book is read.

Fig 1’s core table is comprised of class special stat values at corresponding class levels. These special stats are not additive, but static. So the total Accuracy (ACC) applied to Might heroes at class level 32, is +35, not +135.

The far right column of Fig 1 gives the average +STATS% at the corresponding hero level. The average is used to give a general idea of the stat bonus, but each class has a different +STAT% per class level as shown above, at the top of Fig 4. Similar to special stats, the bonus is not additive, but static. So the average +STAT% gain at class level 12 is +3.9% HP, +3.9% ATK, and +3.9% DEF. More precisely, the +STAT% gain for the Fortitude Class is +4.5% HP, +3.25% ATK, and +4.75% DEF at class level 12.

Finally, the specific class levels that give +STAT% bonuses are shown above, in Fig4.

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