AFK Arena Hero Furniture Tier List

by AFKArty

I will be giving heroes furniture arbitrary ratings based on both the overall usage of the hero as well as the impact a furniture upgrade provides.

PvE Tier List

PvP Tier List

Hero and Furniture Explanations

Celestial, Hypogeon, and Dimensional Heroes

Talene – The meta breaking hero once again stands on top of the overall furniture utility list, with her fireball state now allowing her to resurrect even faster, as well as output extra damage and provide high base stats to scale with her already insane kit, it’s hard to put her anywhere below the top of the game. The only downside is that it doesn’t morph Talene into a new or innovative style, it just boosts everything she already provides, both +3 and +9 are very impactful.

Orthros – Another insanely strong hero only boosted further by furniture, Orthros provides an insane amount of CC and decent tankiness if he can survive past initial damage into a fight, his furniture also allows his strongest ally to continue outputting damage as he freezes time (Note: this also applies to Talene in fireball state, allowing her to resurrect faster). Paired with already synergistic DPS such as Ferael or Athalia, it’s nearly impossible to ignore this PvE and PvP monster, both +3 and +9 are extremely impactful

Elijah & Lailah, aka “Twins” – A meta staple since their release, the twins get another strong boost in their survivability through a damage mitigation shield, relevant as long the hero isn’t one-shot, and the base stats help the hero with survivability. This furniture isn’t game changing, but it can easily swing a fight in your favor. There aren’t too many implications with the furniture. Build it if you’re actively using the twins. +3 is extremely impactful, +9 has moderate impact

Athalia – Originally mistranslated and misranked, Athalia’s furniture boosts her basic attacks after her allies use ults. This pairs well with her bleed effect on her +30 signature item, but outside of that it’s not extremely impactful as athalia’s first 5 seconds of a battle are spent disrupting an enemy with abilities. This does however make cleaning up after initial CC easier, and can help confirm a lot of otherwise unattainable kills (this furn also pairs very well with Orthros +3. As a whole I’d prioritize it more in PvP than PvE, but it’s a relevant boost no matter the investment to +3 or +9

Wukong – Another strong PvP furniture, after wukong is inside his ultimate he recovers energy and health, which allows him to easily chain together his ultimates and become nearly unkillable at an even level, however in PvE this is less impactful as the enemies can often burst him down before he gains the relevant energy or health a second time. This is a very simple boost to a strong hero, and I’d prioritize it if you use the hero consistently, both +3 and +9 are very impactful

Flora – The newest Celestial to our cast, Flora as a whole people have had very mixed opinions on. Her furniture provides a 36 Haste swing to any allies/enemies inside her ultimate ability, which is very relevant, however the issue stems back to her needing to generate her ult, which is sometimes excessively hard in a PvP and PvE scenario where burst is relevant . I’d call Flora’s furniture above average, but not something to prioritise. Both +3 and +9 are moderately impactful. 

Ezizh – In my eyes the weakest of the energy cycle’s furniture, Ezizh gains damage mitigation and invulnerability to control effects when using his “feeble mind” (pulling an enemy towards him). This ability lasts a decent portion of time, and base stats are applicable to boost his survivability, it plays similarly to the twins furniture, a boost in stats and defensive utility which may swing a fight into the user’s victory. +3 is very impactful, +9 has moderate impact

Zolrath – Easily the single most impactful PvP furniture in the game, Zolrath delays the enemies from entering the battlefield, giving your own team an extended period of time to cast their first abilities, a bit of a reverse Lyca “Awe”. In the current PvP state where your burst team is often the most impactful and match deciding, being behind by a fraction of a second can result in a loss (Refer to WhiteSushi’s LC Wrap Ups to learn more). In PvE this is less impactful but still a relevant ability. Zolrath’s +9 is primarily for stats in PvP (mostly the attack speed and damage), however in PvP you can easily make use of it. The impact of the +3 and +9 are based upon your own priorities

Mehira – Originally looking weak, Mehira’s furniture has since been reworked, now increasing her bat size and damage, while also increasing her returned HP. This allows her to generate energy faster as well as survive better against enemy burst. Mehira as a whole is a PvE hero, and this is a significant boost to her PvE attributes. If your focus is pushing towers and campaign there’s no downside to investing in her. Not very applicable in PvP as she still loses to prevalent burst and disrupt heroes, and forces a very linear gameplan which is easily countered. Both +3 and +9 are moderately impactful

Khazard – The PvE monster himself, Khazard gets a solid boost to him CC and control abilities, allowing his ice shards to freeze two enemies if standing in position 3 or 5 (assuming they’re in standard positions), as well as his +9 boosting his damage to frozen enemies. If you’re focussing on PvE, this would be quite high on my priority list if Khazard is built. It’s nearly irrelevant for PvP as he’s too squishy to survive a majority of burst and too easy to disrupt to negate his ult. Overall his +3 is extremely impactful, however his +9 has minimal impact as Khazard’s goal is to control the enemies, and his damage will be more than enough without the +9.

Mezoth – Our hungry CC based tank unfortunately likely got the worst of the Cele/Hypo furniture, reducing the debuff duration of any effects on himself over 50% hp. This is mostly irrelevant as he himself is immune to CC at over 50% HP, and mostly is impactful vs skills such as Ferael spirits and Gwyneth flames. This is largely weaker than an average furniture, however it’s on a hero with a strong base kit for PvE and PvP. The +3 and +9 have minimal impact on the hero

Arthur – Originally an awful furniture, this has since been reworked into a very unique and applicable choice. The furniture allows any ally including himself to become immune to a fatal piece of damage after he ults once. Inside his usual compositions involving Khazard or Gwyneth, this is an extremely useful tool for survivability, and removes the sometimes irritating necessity of Hendrik when facing heroes such as Tasi or Antantra inside these teams. This is very relevant in PvE, however not very relevant in PvP due to the ease of turning around Arthur and negating his base kit from being impactful. The +3 has high impact, the +9 has minimal impact

Ukyo – Our often slept on purchasable only hero, Ukyo’s furniture boosts his attack rating after he deals damage, however this boost is removed if his damage doesn’t hit. This on paper is a massive boost, however Ukyo doesn’t utilize it well at all due to his low accuracy, making even some of his basic attacks miss more often than they hit. This could see some relevance in PvE as a secondary dps, and is unlikely to ever be relevant inside PvP. The +3 has moderate impact on the hero, the +9 is a moderate jump from the +9

Nakoruru – The new PvE and PvP staple, Nakoruru as a whole is a strong utility tool who is increasingly strong with your knowledge of the game, able to interrupt Eironn pull and Lorsan link even as a baseline. Her furniture increases her survivability, which is relevant in both PvP and PvE against the prevalent burst and her ability to dodge tank and CC. Overall it’s not going to change the hero, but it’s a very solid boost to a very strong hero through granting her extra survivability. +3 has moderately large impact, +9 has moderate impact

Ezio – Our newest addition at the time of writing, Ezio’s hype has been immense, however I can’t help but place it on the lower end due to the hero being less than exemplary. The +3 removes any negative control abilities when he kills someone inside his ult, but most control abilities stop him from ulting, and his +9 boosting his energy isn’t relevant when he can’t find an early execution. The hero may break out at some point, but in our current metas I can’t put it among the best, the +3 has minimal impact, the +9 has moderate impact.


Estrilda – A moderate hero, estrilda finds most of her utility in her knockback and attack buff within Gwyn comps, her furniture boosts her allies attack and defense after 18 seconds (12 with +9), this is however very contradictional to the gwyn comp as a whole, which tends to burst down 2 or 3 heroes within the first 10 seconds of battle, making this buff almost irrelevant. As a whole this is a heavier investment for a smaller payoff, and I wouldn’t build this as an average player (Does have TR impact). +3 has moderate impact to the hero, minimal to the meta, +9 has minimal impact overall

Belinda – The mid game carry deceives many people by looking like a promising investment, and her furniture continues to push that way, her +3 boosting her burst, but only if it hits a single target, and her +9 reducing crit resistance on anyone she hits, supporting her to damage multiple people, contradicting her +3. Overall Belinda’s value is extremely low when only dealing single target damage, and her AoE is outclassed by other heroes within the game, both of her upgrades not filling any needed niches in the game and late meta’s. There is value in building her +3 as a midgame and early late game player though. Her PvP impact is small, but you could catch a player with a sloppy placement of a hero. Overall her +3 has minimal impact as well as her +9.

Raine – I doubt I need to say much, This hero has continuously been neglected and her furniture is no difference, allow her and her allies DPS to increase when allies health hers low by an extra 10%. This is without much of a doubt one of the least impactful pieces of furniture in the game for both PvP and PvE. Her +3 and +9 have almost zero impact

Fawkes – One of the older meta staples, Fawkes has fallen off a bit in his priority, his furniture is supporting his use as a more niche counter pick hero over someone to be used consistently, his +3 boosting factions advantage damage by a small amount, but his +9 allowing his auto attacks to remove enemy buffs, boosting his effectiveness against heroes like Lucius, Brutus, and many of the old staples. It does have potential if shields become meta again, as well as his natural ability to play well into Talene, I’d keep my eyes on Fawkes, but not build his furn at the current moment. His +3 has very little impact, his +9 has major impact

Lucius – Originally a very weak furniture, this has since been changed into….. A slightly less weak furniture. Lucius boosts the energy gain and reduces damage taken by the ally placed below him only when his “Blessed Shield” is active. This forces him to be played in slots 1, 3, or 4 to even be applied, much less than that this shield wants to be up for as little time as possible. This furniture is contradictory to Lucius’s kit and provides a small benefit even when applied. The +3 has almost zero impact, the +9 is moderately impactful at its peak

Thane – Actually a pretty decent overall set of furniture, Thane’s ultimate does one guaranteed hit of 18% max HP, and the +9 adds 66% more total swings to the ultimate. The issue is ultimately that Thane himself has a weak base kit, with very few synergistic heroes or ways to utilize the ultimate in a meta where Talene runs rampant, and every tick of damage heals her entire team. Both the +3 and +9 have moderate impact to the hero, but very few meta implications

Hendrik – Our long neglected LB tank is once again hit with an extremely weak set of changes, buffing the defense rating of the ally positioned above him, similarly to Lucius, however provides no additional impact. It forces him to be used in slots 2, 4, or 5 to even have an impact, and the impact is one of the lowest in the game, This isn’t to say it can’t be applicable, as a +80% defence buff to an Orthros or other tank can change the outcome of a fight easily, it’s the investment required to get that often niche buff. There is potential against burst though. Overall the +3 and +9 have very little impact.
Rowan – The meta must-have since sigs were introduced, Rowan gains a moderate buff in his furniture, which heals heroes after they take his health potion over time. This by itself isn’t that impactful of a furniture, and is unlikely to by itself change the outcome of every fight, but it’s impactful enough in correlation to his overall usage where a +3 is almost always worth it, increasing consistency and sometimes being the boost needed to win a fight. It’s hard to sleep on a decent buff to one of the best in the game. The +3 has moderate impact, the +9 has little impact

Gwyneth – One of the more divided sets of furniture, people have had somewhat mixed thoughts regarding the effectiveness on the late and end game carry. Gwyneth’s +3 guarantees a stun and flame on her first arrow, as well as boosts the damage of it, which is very relevant in stunning 2-5 targets, this previously could only be done through rng. Her +9 shoots off an additional flame and lighting arrow after an enemy dies, allowing her to consistently steamroll through enemies after a death. For both PvE and PvP these are impactful buffs on an extremely strong hero, and I’d put these near the top of the list. Both her +3 and +9 have moderate impact

Rosaline – Perhaps the single most overrated set of furniture, Rosaline summons a set of teacups which deal damage and stunning her current target (This does not summon the fork or saucer, which do 20% a targets max HP and make them take 40% extra damage). The +9 makes this happen more often, however the stun is momentary and the dps increase is mostly relevant against bosses. This furniture isn’t bad in any way, it’s just overshadowed by furniture on stronger heroes or with more impact. If you’re going to be building Rosa’s I’d stick through for the +9 as it’s a significant boost to her over the minimal boost at +3. Overall her +3 has little impact, but her +9 has moderate impact

Cecilia – A somewhat overlooked hybrid between dps, support, and tank, Cecilia provides very unique gameplay, targeting out one eney and reducing their damage dealt, while scaling hard into the battle with effective DPS. Her furniture targets out the higher dps and marks them often with extra stacks of sin, which mostly correlate to boosted ult dps for Cecilia. Her +9 marks the second highest after she ults, but neither of these really change the hero of how you’ll use them, only make her more effective in her applicable scenarios. Her +3 has little impact, her +9 has almost none

Rigby  – The drunkard once again hits players with a promising yet inefficient buff, making it so whenever he drinks, his lowest powered ally takes less damage and gains healing on the +9. The issue is ultimately that his lowest powered ally is often not the target of damage, nor in need of the healing. There is some potential inside the energy cycle compositions, however Rigby is often just less effective than alternatives. His +3 has high impact at its peak, his +9 has very little impact

Oscar – Quite a promising set of furniture, Oscar gains boosted dodge on his +3, and a large amount scaling through the battle, as well as his +9 increases Oscar’s dps by a significant margin. The issues with this ultimately lead back to Oscar himself not being a very popular hero as well as not changing the way Oscar’s kit works, just boosting his utility inside his two primary roles. If you like Oscar, this furniture is a good boost for the hero, however he’s just overshadowed by other heroes. Both his +3 and +9 have moderate impact


Brutus – Oh how the mighty have fallen, The once king of AFK has been struck down once again as his furniture boosts his invulnerability, but not his impact during. The boosted time is relevant in some niche scenarios, and the hero by himself has a moderate base kit, but the boosted duration, and un-synergistic +9 ability leaves fans with more to be desired. The hero may be a bit above average, but this furniture is not. Both the +3 and +9 have minimal impact.

Khasos – Perhaps one of the most slept on furniture, Khasos receives very significant buffs with the +3 increasing his DPS as long as his frontline is alive, and his tankieness increased if his backline is alive (The current in game description is a mistranslation.). Both of these make the somewhat average hero a bit more relevant in his uses and boosts his niche into a more stable usage as a mid game carry and strong transitional hero into popular late game teams. His strong dps and sustain is also relevant as he does double damage to the twins, making his PvP attributes a strong possibility if a Mauler is released who boosts this into relevance against more than just burst. Both his +3 and +9 are high impact

Vurk – The newly reworked vurk has a strong kit with irritating abilities and an effective set of skills meant to punish enemy lineups due to either a lack of CC or too much dive. His furniture pushes him into the former, being a strong dps when a lack of CC is relevant for his ultimate to push out consistent effective DPS, as his +3 increases his damage by a massive 35% against poisoned enemies, and his +9 increases his poison duration. A potential new option as an end game carry for team 4 or 5 there may be promise within the kit towards PvE, but his PvP attributes are hardly relevant. His +3 and +9 have moderate impact in a PvE scenario.

Numisu – Another more recent rework, Numisu has seen a strong increase in play ever since his attack speed buff was added, making him a true support over his previous dps support hybrid. His furniture continues to push him in that direction, with the +3 healing totems and the +9 healing more allies and even more totems. This is a decent buff which needs his signature item upgraded to a decent amount to utilize, and is somewhat of a “win-more” option, but it’s not hard to keep totems up in PvP, however in PvE I expect this to be a little less impactful unless built around a stall composition. The +3 has little impact, but the +9 has moderate impact in PvP and PvE

Skreg – Perhaps the single most interesting and unique furniture, Skreg’s buffs fill a mostly untouched niche. His +3 boosts the attack ratings and provides damage mitigation for any allies in the enemy half of the battlefield, and his +9 additionally gives a large energy generation buff to allies on the opposing side. This so far has actually seen some moderate usage inside PvE as well as provides an Anti-burst option in PvP which has seen some use. This is a furniture you want to build around a decent bit with, but likely not go all in on. I would personally invest in this if you want to experiment and develop teams of your own. Both the +3 and +9 are high impact.

Warek – Mostly a bossing hero due to his debuff, Warek has consistently been mostly ignored in PvP and PvE content as his most defining trait is a counter to CC, however it’s outclassed by other styles of play. His furniture doesn’t play into any of his current goals, instead trying to turn him into more of a dps by having the +3 increase dps after a critical strike, and his +9 making his attacks and abilities undodgeable. Although a strong set of abilities on paper, it doesn’t play into the direction warek was pushed in his design, however paired with his +30 sig there may be potential for a very rampant DPS. Both the +3 and +9 are moderate impact

Antandra – A once prevalent PvP monster on release, Antandra has since fallen lower and lower as new heroes such as Izold perform her job stronger. Her +3 effect makes her more resilient to damage and pushes her closer to a sustain based tank, and her +9 boosts her attack, energy gain, and immunity to control abilities after taking a decent bit of damage. In a vacuum this is an insanely strong set of abilities boosting a very niche hero. Her +3 is moderate impact, and her +9 is extremely high impact

Safiya – The PvE hard carry is given a set of more average furniture, her +3 increasing the duration of the spectral field and her +9 reducing the time needed on her ultimate. As a whole these are just decent buffs to a very strong hero, and doesn’t change anything about her, I would build it after the main bunch, or give some early investment if already owning a saf at mid or early late game. Her +3 has little impact, her +9 has moderate impact

Satrana – Another one of the mauler reworks, Satrana has seen plenty of success and now can fight among the mesh of maulers that are all just below other factions. Her furniture provides quite valuable effects, her +3 causing enemies to completely not recover health and provide more damage, given that she lives and is providing dps for 15 seconds, with her +9 reducing that time needed to 9 seconds. Overall if you can get Satrana to live for that duration you’ll find battles to be quite easy as no health regeneration is a strong statline which takes a hero like Ferael or Athalia a similar amount of time to stack and apply, but the hero herself is harder to make succeed. Her +3 is very impactful, and her +9 is moderately impactful

Tidus – Another more unique yet simple furniture, Tidus boosts his damage, healing, and tenacity if an enemy is under 50% hp or dies on his +3, and his +9 heals him based on how much he’s lost in the past. The obviously impactful part is his +3, which isn’t hard to trigger overall, and as long as he can survive any initial burst it’ll be impactful. I wouldn’t call it a first priority but if you’re a Tidus fan then it’s a nice payoff for a smaller investment at +3. Overall the +3 is moderately impactful, the +9 has very little impact

Drez – A personal favorite of mine, Drez is one of our news additions to the game, sporting a very unique and unexplored kit. As a whole, his furniture is not game changing, but is a nice buff to what he wants to do, boosting his attack speed after his ultimate or first ability, and his +9 doubling that boost in attack speed, both very relevant payoffs for the resources. The ultimate issue is the utility of Drez as a whole, being mostly focussed onto a DPS role with very little CC, he’s overshadowed by a hero like Daimon as a damage dealer. Overall his +3 and +9 are both high impact for PvP and PvE, but the hero is not as strong overall

Skriath – One of the most hyped furniture, and for good reason, Skriath’s +3 pulls enemies into the center of the backine, which pairs well with combos such as Eironn pull, Khasos axes, Satrana Firedance, ect. It’s a high impact repositioning tool with a multitude of uses. Skraith’s +9 is hard to decipher from the wording, and also when in gameplay. There simply is no confirmation as to if the game is referring to movement speed as in the speed of which a character moves around the battlefield, or the movement speed of heroes, or haste. If it is the latter, this is a high impact PvE furn at +9, and if not then you should always stop at 3, We likely won’t know until the somewhat distant future. +3 is very high impact, +9 is either moderate or almost no impact depending on the correct translation

Anoki – A mostly untouched hero, Anoki provides an annoying amount of tankieness and supportive buffs, his furniture provides that, but in a more nulled way, the +3 casting Anoki’s start of battle shield tw more times at depleting health, with the +9 adding a third cast. This shield frankly becomes minimally impactful as the fight goes on, providing very little for the overall investment. There is potential in some fights to mitigate impactful abilities with this shield, but as a whole it’ll just interrupt Anoki’s skill cycle and you’d rather put your resources elsewhere on average. The +3 has little impact, the +9 has very minimal impact


Nemora – One of the more promising on paper, Nemora’s +3 heals herself anytime she gets low, as well as boosts her energy a bit, but the most relevant is her +9, allowing her to charm enemies who are nearby her as a one time activation. Putting her on the frontline will often result in 2 or 3 enemies charmed (Outside of some very prevalent bugs involving this furniture). As a whole though, it won’t often win you the battle unless you’re skilled enough at manipulating enemy formations and understand how the game works at its core, making it scale quite highly with player skill. As a whole her +3 is hardly impactful, but her +9 is highly impactful

Kaz – Our magical dodge tank gets some new toys to play with, allowing her already impressive dodge to be paired with an extra damage and an accuracy debuff at +3, as well as an energy rate recovery debuff at +9. Both of these are extremely relevant and significant changes to Kaz as a whole, however she still retains her lack of burst of CC, making it hard for her to show off at top of the game in PvE or PvP, however she shows promise and the overall furniture helps greatly. Her +3 and +9 are both high impact

Lyca – One of my highest rated heroes, Lyca has shown just how strong she is time and time again throughout every meta in the game’s past and present, and her furniture does not take away from that at all. Her +3 boosting initial burst and her +9 boosting her overall damage output at all points in the fight, as well as applying her debuff to multiple people in all instances, boosting not only her own dps but the dps on her entire team. With the furniture also providing attack speed as a stat, it’s no question as to why she’s used in a majority of meta PvE teams as well as the arguably strongest PvP team. Her +3 and +9 are both high impact on a widely used hero

Tasi – Another meta staple, Tasi sees a plethora of use in PvP and PvE as well as a strong control and tanky hero with very few downsides. Her +3 allows her to teleport twice, immuning damage, stopping the enemies energy gain from the ability cast targeting her, as well as reducing the enemy attack ratings again. The +9 is less significant, reducing her teleport cooldown by a second. As a whole her staple in the meta and wide usage makes it hard to neglect the +3 ability, and her +9 is a decent boost in PvE and PvP if you can afford it but others are more impactful, as a whole her +3 has moderately high impact, but her +9 has low impact

Ulmus – Our long neglected tree gets a few moderate buffs with his furniture, his +3 boosting the healing on allies nearby rooted enemies, and his +9 increasing his shield health, which is applied to 3 allies with his +30 sig. Both are strong buffs to the hero, however the ultimate lack of damage and CC after ulting and his susceptibility to burst makes the base kit of Ulmus undesirable in PvP and PvE as CC has evolved into stronger forms. The +3 is somewhat impactful, as is the +9. 

Seirus – Another wilder tank who’s fallen out of favor, Seirus receives the ability to use his knockup when enemies are pushed to the edge of the screen, which is set up by his ultimate ability. His +9 reduces the cooldown on using said ability, however Seirus’s setup to trigger this furniture is quite weak, as his ult can be dodged naturally and Seirus has a low accuracy to confirm it, and any other heroes who may be able to utilize it have weaker base kits. If a hero with a consistent knockback inside a strong base kit were released, maybe Seirus will see the light of day. Both his +3 and +9 are moderately impactful, but the base kit is quite weak. 

Eironn – Our meta staple gets another set of impressive buffs with one of the strongest furniture, and although the wording is confusing, the +3 allows Eironn to have a boosted attack rating and ignores all enemy defenses, all as long as he’s over 60% HP, the +9 bringing that threshold down to 15%. This allows Eironn to truly carry in damage output while still pairing with his repositioning and CC, being massively impactful in PvP within burst comps while also ignoring defense in PvE. The +3 has a high impact, and the +9 has a moderate impact

Gorvo – The best of the raw wilder tanks, Gorvo also gets a suitable buff from furniture, the +3 allowing Gorvo to get a shield equal to 24% of his health anytime he uses his hammer stun, and the +9 increasing the duration of the shield to last more total time than the ability needs to be cast. Both of these are significant buffs to his survivability, however is doesn’t change the susceptibility of Gorvo’s backline when he dives, however this seems like an overall strong buff for anyone using Gorvo, both the +3 and +9 have moderate impact

Lorsan – Perhaps some of the most disappointing furniture, Lorsan’s +3 gives an ally dodge if they have a high haste stat, and his +9 just doubles that dodge boost. The issue is that attaining this haste isn’t extremely easy to begin with, nor is the benefit very large. It’s alright for PvP specifically since a single rng dodge can win you a burst mirror, but in PvE the dodge given is very minimal, the +3 has very little impact, the +9 has almost no impact

Saurus – The TR staple and new top end wilder, Saurus has seen an impressive amount of use in PvP and PvE since his release, and his furniture doesn’t hold him back much. HIs +3 reduces damage taken by 10% when using two of his abilities (which he cycles to very often), and the +9 brings that up to 25%. This isn’t a very flashy furniture, nor is it unique, but it’s a moderate buff to a very strong hero, very similar to Rowan’s set of furniture, a +3 can’t hurt, but the +9 is generally an overinvestment. Both the +3 and +9 have little impact

Solise – A somewhat lackluster wilder, Solise has been able to solidify herself in the meta, and her furniture unfortunately doesn’t help her case. The +3 making an untargetable flower which can only even attack when her weather effect is occurring. The more promising +9 makes a flower appear wherever a frontline ally dies, the issue is the setup needed for this furniture to succeed is far too large, needing her ult to have already been cast, and an ally to die to get any value, solise is still weak against any dive or disrupt, and getting off a solise ult or two generally means you’re nearly won the fight already. There’s slightly more promise in PvE as the hero is able to ult more freely. Overall the +3 and +9 have a lower impact in a PvE scenario, but almost none in PvP


Grezhul – The somewhat average graveborn tank is matched with a somewhat average furniture, the +3 increasing his shield health and allowing it to explode for some boosted dps, and the +9 allowing the shield to be applied to his summoned minions. These aren’t bad buffs to the hero, however they don’t allow him to excel, with his low CC and minimal damage output outside of TR, the furniture mostly seems to be relevant in boosting your placements inside TR, otherwise his PvP and PvE uses are still minimal besides graveborn tower. The +3 and +9 have little impact on the hero

Shemira – The mid game carry sees a long awaited quality of life change implemented into her +3, letting her cancel abilities to cast her ultimate, and also adding on the inability to be controlled for two seconds, and her +9 increases her damage output when falling under 50% HP, however you don’t get the extra healing after the ult has ended. Shemira just didn’t get enough with these to see end game use, or be very viable in late game. Her immunity to control only lasts for a few seconds so in PvP she’s still as redundant as ever, and in PvE the ability to cancel likely should have been just a basic quality of life adjustment, not something to invest for. The +9 increases the damage by a somewhat relevant amount, however you can’t even keep the healing generated from it (Does have TR use). Shemira gets the short end of the stick once again, Her +3 has little impact, and her +9 has almost no impact

Thoran – The cheese tank gets two furniture befitting of his primary usage, his +3 drawing enemies into him when he resurrects, and the +9 also giving him energy as he resurrects, both changes mostly relevant to the late and end game Thoran Cheese strategy. If you use cheese these are important buffs that help out the team need less investment into a variety of heroes, and allows for more uses of strong heroes inside other teams for the end game. Within PvP this is decently impactful as Thoran’s taint + resurrection can often be a strong utility tool against burst, and the extra energy may also allow him to ult and utilize his signature item. Both the +3 and +9 have moderate impact

Isabella – One of the strangest worded furniture, Isabella’s+3 replaces her auto attacks with her lighting ability which targets the weakest enemy, and the +9 increases her overall dps from these auto attacks.Although somewhat hyped by those using Isabella, these changes have not seen what she needed, easily disrupted or dove, and well as her damage not matching the scale of other mages, the hero still feels like she’s missing a core piece to see relevance in her priority among other graveborns. Her +3 is moderately impactful to the hero, her +9 is not very impactful

Nara – A PvP and PvE necessity, Nara gains even more benefits from her furniture, the +3 making it so all enemies are feared after she kills someone with her ultimate, and the +9 increasing the ult damage by a large amount. This effectively makes her single target lockdown also scale into a teamwide boost, and make her already strong attributes even stronger, rounding out some of her weaknesses without making her impossible to handle. It’s an extremely strong change for PvE and PvP which makes her somewhat more niche uses far more impressive and consistent. Her +3 is very impactful, and her +9 has moderate impact

Ferael – Another confusing furniture that originally had a bit too much hype, Ferael’s +3 allows his auto attacks to reduce enemies haste and deal slightly more damage, and his +9 stuns any enemies he autos if they have 3 spirits on them. These are decently significant, however are not as impactful as they originally read. This does give Ferael some much needed single target lockdown along with his AOE pressure and antoheal, boosting a very strong late and end game PvE and PvP hero. It’s hard to neglect the importance of this set of furniture. The +3 has moderate impact and the +9 has high impact

Baden – One of the most interesting furniture in my eyes, Baden’s +3 allows his clones to heal after another clone dies, but the far more impactful change is his +9, which after baden takes lethal damage instead has him sacrifice a clone and heal based off that clone’s health, and can activate six times in a battle. This gives baden some much needed sustain inside his quite narrow single target dps and distraction. These changes aren’t large enough to boost him into a meta state, however they increase his utility and effectiveness, as well as give him potential a carry given the right scenarios. The +3 has very little impact, the +9 has very high impact

Kelthur – The often overlooked graveborn receives a solid set of buffs to his kit, the +3 allowing his spirit form to trigger his counterattack ability, and the +9 reducing the overall cooldown of the counterattack to a total of 6 seconds. Both these are actually decently strong changes as his spirit form gets a strong damage increase while his overall damage and survivability spikes off the +9, and reduces many of the weaknesses present within Kelthur’s kit, although his lack of CC is very apparent. Both the +3 and +9 have moderate impact in PvP and PvE

Oden – The original version of this furniture had people singing the end of energy cycle comps, until it got reworked into its current state before even being released. The current skills boost Oden’s attack the more enemies ult, and can grant him control immunity, and the +9 also applies this buff to the allied hero with the highest combat rating. The issue here is simple, Oden wants to stop enemies from ulting, so his furniture is a direct contradiction to his kit, and the +9 isn’t anywhere near relevant to boost a bit of damage and grant CC immunity. The +3 and +9 have very little impact

Izold – Perhaps the single most overlooked furniture by the general community, many people have quickly corrected that with extremely impressive use from Izold’s furniture in PvE and Abyssal Expedition, as well as a recent addition to twisted realm as well in high brackets. His +3 increases the attack speed and overall damage of izold every time he loses health, which is extremely often from his built in kit. The +9 allows him to stop needing to manually activate his heal, making it a permanent activation, causing the hero to be almost unkillable unless taken from 100 to 0 or anti heal is applied. Another very strong late and end game carry option, Izold has been proven to be an effective investment if you can afford it, as the hero wants as many resources as possible. Both the +3 and +9 have an extremely high impact

Torne – Our neglected graveborn tank has never really excelled since his release, and this is no boost to that,+3 giving torne a small shield after losing 40% of his health, and the +9 doubling this shield. As moderate as this may seem on paper with his self sustain and healing from others, the shield itself is harder to trigger and worse in raw stats than Gorvo’s. There is potential, as Torne has a mostly unfiled niche in the game that with new heroes could propel him upwards, but until that time comes he can’t help but remain near the bottom. The +3 and +9 both have little impact

Daimon – The final hero in our list, Daimon has taken the meta by storm, his percentage based damage making him an ideal PvE carry and a heavily desired option for developed rosters who can support him. HIs +3 makes it so anyone who damages Daimon will take a massive 40% increased damage, and his +9 slightly boosts this while also giving his allies a shield after Daimon dies. As strong as the base kit of Daimon is, the effects of this furniture are not massively impactful. The +3 is decent against heroes like Tasi, Kelthur, Antandra, and other troublesome backline dive options, whereas the +9 is hardly worth the investment for the secondary effect, as Daimon dying often results in a loss, however the boost in duration is somewhat relevant. As a whole the +3 is moderately impactful, and the +9 has very little impact

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