Genshin Impact Sucrose Support and DPS Build Guide

by Kaiuiu

This guide is far from newbie friendly.

C = Constellation

A = Ascension (A1 = lvl 20+, A4 = lvl 60+)

EM: Elemental Mastery

I’m not going to explain the basic gameplay, I’m going for what you gain by leveling and constellations, builds and synergies.

For comps and synergies C0 and C6 have no gameplay changes.

Mona, Sucrose and Xingqiu are resources savers. See her passive talent.

You can read what she does here: Sucrose


Normal attack: Wind Spirit Creation

You don’t need to lvl up this talent, ever

You can use normal atks for the instructor bonus 0 invest build (I will explain later) and for Viridescent Venerer later on.

A1: Any atk or ability will proc swirl, free +50 EM for 8 secs for matching elements on your party.

Elemental skill: Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308

Long cooldown, but decent ability

C1: +1 charges, this makes her soooo better

C4: I don’t get it really, this works for everyone atks? because if it’s only hers… this won’t make difference,

A4: Use any ability and gain 20% of Sucrose EM for other members for 8 secs.

Elemental burst: Forbidden Creation – Isomer 75 / Type II

High Energy Cost, 20secs cooldown, but excellent CC.

C2: +2 sec duration (+1 proc),

C6: “All party members gain a 20% Elemental DMG Bonus for the corresponding absorbed element”

Think like this: “Your Klee/Mona will deal 20% DMG” for 8 secs.

0 invest Sucrose:

Level her up last, always use your resources on others

Don’t lvl her talents

Later on spend a little resin to get Viridescent Venerer (no farming need, any 4 pieces will do)


Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers:

Full refined, +48% ATK for your DPS for 10 secs

Easy to get, you don’t need to lvl this up


4-p Instructor

You don’t even need to upgrade them, nor try to get good main stats.

You can proc this bonus with normal atks(swirl)

Great early game power for free

Change later

Sucrose After you finish investing in others:


Sacrificial Fragments:

Sacrificial weapons are the BEST for long cooldown/ high energy cost. Perfect for her.

If you don’t have a Sacrificial Fragments:

You can stay with Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers until you get it.

Use Favonius Codex if you get it.

Craft Mappa Mare if you want more DMG.


*You can’t have the same main stat and sub stat or the same sub stats twice in one artifact.

*Crit optimal ratio 1:2 (Rate x DMG). Best breakpoint is 75% crit rate and 150% crit DMG.

*You DON’T need to max her early, spend your resources on others first, she is a CC/Debuff bot, she deals good DMG but she will not be your priority.

4-p Viridescent Venerer (this set makes Anemo GOD TIER late game).

Mona Vaporize:

She is a combo piece of Mona Vaporize comp.

Mona Vaporize:

*Pyro for Resonance
*Sucrose will buff Mona EM and Debuff enemy Hydro Res.
*Bennett will buff your team and apply Pyro for Vaporize.

This combo is awesome, but you will need Mona, Bennett and Sucrose.

Wet the boss or enemy with Mona, use Sucrose elemental skill for the EM buff on Mona, pop Bennett elemental burst, then Mona burst, then use Bennett elemental skill. ONE SHOT.

Video sample (guy who made this famous) .

Basic Elemental DMG comps:

She is a Venerer user, so you will run her on elemental DMG comps:

Elemental DMG DPS ex:

Pyro elemental DMG comps:

*Main Pyro DPS Bennett needs C6 and you can run another char because he is also a healer.
*Chongyun works with Diluc and Bennett not Klee.
*You can use her Perfect Counter build as a Sub Carry to deal a quick burst DMG every time you get hit or stay on fire created by your DPS and still use her amazing elemental burst.

Electro DMG comps:

*Barbara can get Resonance with Xingqiu or Mona, if don’t have them, she still combos well if Keqing because her elemental skill wets nearby enemies and Keqing is a melee character.
*Xiangling for a Overload comp, if you use bennett you get Pyro Resonance
*Beidou Perfect Counter build or Fischl(the universal Sub Carry) for Mono Electro comps.

Cryo DMG comps:

*Qiqi and Diona(coming on 1.1) for Cryo Resonance.
*Barbara for Hydro Resonance with Xingqiu.
*If you don’t have Xingqiu you can run Kayea for Cryo Resonance and Barbara for the Freeze+Shatter combo instead.

Hydro DMG comps:

*We don’t have Childe/Tartaglia and Diona yet, but we will build around him.
*C2 Barbara gives +15% Hydro DMG when her elemental skill is active that’s why she is the best Healer for a Hydro DMG comp.
*Mona DPS is complicated, she is a better Sub Carry.
*Mona/Xingqiu for a Mono Hydro comp.
*Lisa is a good Sub Carry for Mona.
*Kayea and Qiqi/Diona for a freeze comp + Cryo resonance as alternative comp.

C4/C6 DPS Sucrose:

This may be good. I’m not even joking.
Gonna make an account just for that!
(Don’t actually build this).


Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds:

1 one this > 5 Mappa Mare.

You can use Skyward Atlas instead until you get it.

Mappa Mare:


Use throughout the game until you get a 5 stars catalyst.

You can also use Solar Pearl istead if you have it.


*You can’t have the same main stat and sub stat or the same sub stats twice in one artifact.

*Crit optimal ratio 1:2 (Rate x DMG). Best breakpoint is 75% crit rate and 150% crit DMG.

*If you have Crit stat on your weapon, your circlet should have a different crit stat.

4-p Viridescent Venerer will still be the way to go.

As the artifacts are the same from normal Sucrose or Venti you don’t need to farm for it if you already have it (maxed out).

Swirl DPS comp:

Lisa+Mona is great, Lisa+Xingqiu or Lisa+Fischl is nice.

If you have C6 Fischl, use her.

You don’t need to run Lisa if you don’t want to.

The combos:

Atk with Lisa and use her press elemental skill.
Change to Sucrose and use her elemental burst and skill after.
Change to Lisa and hold her elemental skill.
Lisa just needs setup to be good, Sucrose can provide that.
Then you change to another Sub Carry:

Just use your elemental burst then skills and pick the elemental particles.
Change to Sucrose and keep attacking. Every atk will proc Swirl.

Leave your E on the field.
Throughout the duration Sucrose can proc Swirl every atk.

Leave Oz on the field.
Every Sucrose atk will proc Swirl + Lighting Smite (Fischl A4 talent).
With C6 Fischl this becomes even better.

Mona/Lisa combo:
Same thing as Sucrose/Lisa, use Mona elemental burst to give Lisa time to charge her ability. It’s even better than Sucrose/Lisa.
Don’t forget to use Venerer and buff your EM with Sucrose for the best results.

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