Valorant Sage Walls Important Tips

by MxChamp24

Hey everyone, i’m Dragonmar and I’ve recently compiled a list of 10 tips that I think can really help players looking to improve with Sage Walls. If you’d prefer, I’ve also made a video that demonstrates all of the tips i’m talking about. If you have any other tips, please leave them in a comment below!

The Video

10 Tips

  • Block Pushes on Narrow Pathways
    • Due to the confined nature of a lot of entrances to bomb sites you can actually use your Sage wall to completely stuff pushes, particularly on Eco rounds. My advice is to always wait as late as possible into the round before using your wall. This forces rotates and throws off times. Think of C-Long on Haven, and B-Short on Split.
  • Stop the Mid assault on Split Defense
    • Struggling to hold mid on Split? Throw a wall down close to block off both ropes, and B-Heaven. Want to be a bit more aggressive? Throw your wall on the sewers or market side and swing towards the other directions to go for some aim duels.
  • Boost teammates with Walls to throw off enemies
    • An excellent option if you can, boosting not just yourself but also a teammate with you on top of the wall to create some really great angles, and in certain maps like Split you can even get some great angles deep into bombsites like the A-Site heaven boost demonstrated in the video.
  • Split Bombsites on Offense
    • Is a bombsite heavily occupied? Split it off with one of your walls. Allowing your team to take easy 2v1 duels and granting easier access to the site.
  • Boost yourself
    • Rounding corners and getting headshotted? Easy fix. Throw a wall down that looks like it should just block off the enemy advance, but leave yourself enough room to self get on top behind cover. Now try peaking from on top of the wall, that should help.
  • Block off Sniper LOS post plant
    • Heaven(callouts on all maps) can be blocked very easily post-plant with the wall. This is normally your best option as these are some of the toughest angles to stop when you have to play defense.
  • Boost yourself over an enemy sage wall
    • Yes, sometimes the best counter to a sage wall is your own. Generally unexpected, and can surprise enemies who are just looking to push past the wall into site.
  • Reload once wall turns red and is about to break to avoid low ammo on break
    • Stop breaking walls and instantly running out of ammo before it costs you an entire game.
  • Wall off strategic orb spots
    • Close to an important ult? You should be using your wall to trade for ults often, as that is very good value and something I believe will be important in competitive play.
  • Wall off mid pushes to allow for a focus on one direction
    • Tired of holding short A on Bind and getting peeked from both sides? Start walling off one side and getting aggressive towards the other. This means you only have to clear 1 angle instead of 2 and should allow for more fair fights.

Thanks for reading or watching the video and please let me know if you have any other questions or some tips to share yourself!

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