RimWorld Selling Organs or Prisoners Guide

by JaJe

Which is the best, selling prisoners or selling organs?

A base value of a pawn is 1750$ if the character quality is at 100%. Selling a prisoner to slavery you will gain only 60% of its value + your pawn negociating ability bonus. Up to 1050$ without negociating ability bonus.

The following organs prices are:
1 x 250$ kidney
1 x 500$ heart
1 x 400$ lung
1 x 500$ liver

If you decide to harvest everything from a prisoner, one kidney + one lung + one heart or liver you gain 1150$ * 0.6 = 690$ without bonus.

However, if you harvest organs from prisoners you get these debuffs:

Someone organ was harvested x1 -5 debuff for 8 days
Someone organ was harvested x2 -9 debuff for 8 days
Someone organ was harvested x3 -12 debuff for 8 days
Someone was organ-murdered -6 debuff for 6 days.

This means that if you harvest everything from a single pawn, you have to take care of your pawn mood for 8 days with a total of -18 debuff.

Now, if you sell a healty prisoner to slavery you get only this debuff:
A prisoner was sold -3 debuff for 4 days. If you have multiple prisoners that you wish to sell at same time, here’s the debuffs:

2x prisoners sold = -5 debuff for 4 days
3x prisoners sold = -7 debuff for 4 days

and so on…

We know that selling all organs we earn 690$ without bonus. Now to make it profitable selling prisoners instead. The market value of a prisoner must be greater than 1150$ otherwise is less profitable than selling organs.

Market value: 1150$ x 0.6 = 690$ same price for 3 organs and less mood debuffs.

1. Once you capture a prisoner, heal the injuries before selling. Any injuries decreases its value.
2. Cloths worn do not affect the price of the pawn, sell it naked.
3. Food poison or anesthesia decreases the price of the prisoner.
4. Feeding the prisoner with nutrient paste food do not affect the price or any other mod debuff the prisoner have. It’s recommended feeding with nutrient paste to not waste your food resource since it’s the most efficient food in the game (160% efficient compared to normal food).
5. Anesthesize your prisoners once healed and bring it to the Cryptosleep casket. The anesthesia effect duration is 6hrs in game. Doing so, before putting the prisoner inside the Cryptosleep casket, wait 4-5 hours, this way when you decide to remove the prisoner from the casket, you have to wait just 1-2 hours before waking up. This is why is best having a Cryptosleep casket near prison to quick put inside, outside when you have a pirate trader. There’s also a chance that once you remove the prisoner to suffer for a short time of Cryptosleep sickness which decreases the price of the prisoner. Wait to disappear the effect before selling.

No matter the social skill of your pawn have, either level 1 or level 20, all prices are calculated the same:


M = Market Value
Fp = Final Price
Bonus = Your pawn skill you use for trade in %

Fp = (M * 0.6) * [1 + (Bonus / 100)]

Example: Your pawn have a skill of 15% bonus and the item you sell is worth 400$ in the market;

Fp = (400 * 0.6) * [1 + (15 / 100)] = 276$ silver

If you decide to form a caravan and go to a nearby settlement to sell the prisoner or any other items, you get another buff of 2% of the price.

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