RimWorld Royalty Titles Guide

by 00petar00

I will write here about my thoughts on titles and how to use them to the best of your ability without crippling colonists with great skills, if you actually don’t know what abilities do or need to know about requirements for beds/throne rooms/clothing, you can look all of this up on wiki/steam as i don’t want to clutter the guide even more.


Doesn’t have any benefits.


Can be obtained for a large number of colonists, has no demerits and you can learn pain block,stun and burden abilities which can both be very useful.


Best title in the game, only incapable of cleaning when you obtain it. The reason why it is the best and should be obtained on large group of pawns is because you get the ability to summon Trooper squad from empire for free every 45 days or 4 favor, as soon as you use this ability empire will send 4 people that will attack all your enemies on map, you can spam it by paying but really not worth. Just obtain this title for more colonists.

The issue is you’ll need to watch our for mood as they are required a special bedroom/throne room.

I usually focus on getting pawns with great traits like sanguine and it can be set up so that you don’t need a throne room without much issues. If you manage to gather pawns with sanguine/optimist/steadfast/iron willed, they are probably the best in royalty.

Bedroom requirement is only 4×4.

No throneroom has a debuff of -14, its not that hard to offset this but issue is if they get in fights and other mood debuffs even if you have sanguine pawn it can be an issue.

The abilities you can learn are Entropy link, blinding pulse.

What’s still worth mentioning for esquire is he can eat simple meals while having all these benefits.


Incapable of: Cleaning, Plant Cutting, Hauling.

You gain ability to trade with empire settlements and caravans and you can learn chaos skip/beckon/vertigo pulse.

Another benefit is that you can use Empire melee psylink weapons (link plasmasword, link zeushammer, link moonsword) They bind to the user who equips it and no one else can use them.

This is the title i dislike the most because your colonists that obtain it will stop hauling and plant cutting. Hauling is just so important.

Fine meal or better is needed for food, you should consider if you have the ability to get the meat required to feed them forever with fine meals.

Here they start requiring authority and its much harder to get away with having no throne room for them. (Not impossible)

Without authority they’ll have -18 mood debuff/ can be reset if you form a caravan and enter back instantly but i think this will be bugfixed soon. As you can keep their authority high without having a throne room even though it requires micromanaging.

And as i mentioned earlier -14 without throneroom, so in total it is -22

The way to offset this is by having married colonists go for this title if you still want to go without throneroom. The idea is they just have sex and stack it 3 times and it is 37 mood buff permanently as long as they sleep at same time.


Incapable of: Cleaning, Plant Cutting, Hauling, Growing, Mining.

You gain the ability to summon jannisary squad for free every 45 days or 6 favor. This is also probably the title you should keep without getting higher titles until you have a massive colony, still its not worth in most cases.

You can also learn abilities Skip/Wallraise/Smokepop/Focus. With skip you can blink over the map and probably the best ability you can learn, can move other colonists or enemies in your pawn’s sight, its just so versatile.

With some good management, you’ll pick a colonist for the job that isn’t good at growing or mining, a Cook/doctor/Trader/Artist/Crafter etc.

With this title you can still eat fine meals.


Incapable of: Cleaning, Plant Cutting, Hauling, Growing, Mining, Cooking, Constructing, Smithing, Handling, Tailoring, Crafting.
Permanent -6 mood debuff Royal Expectations.

Here it becomes really troublesome considering all the demerits, basically you can’t do almost any work, if there’s a doctor who isn’t skilled in anything else, it can be an option.

Ability to summon Cataphract squad for free every 45 days or 12 royal favor. Trading with imperial orbital traders.

You gain the ability to learn invisibility and berserk.


Incapable of: Cleaning, Plant Cutting, Hauling, Growing, Mining, Cooking, Constructing, Smithing, Handling, Tailoring, Crafting, Art, Hunting, Research, Basic Tasks, Doctoring, Firefighting.
Permanent -12 mood debuff Royal Expectations.

You just get the psycast amplifier for tier 6, which is really too weak considering your colonist becomes useless.

You learn Manhunter pulse,the ability is also not that great, only good if you base in areas with a lot of strong animals which is very situational.
Another ability you can get called berserk pulse has more uses but nothing really exceptional. Can seem strong vs tribals but no one has issues fighting them. It can be quite useful vs insects if you build bases underground.


You can get psycast abilities without having to deal with incapable or demanding pawns by fighting the empire but there’s really no value in going this route considering how easy it is to get Esquire and in mid to late game when you have it on like 10 people, you can summon 40 empire soldiers that will maw any enemies down for you. I’ll admit that i don’t know how it would work fighting the empire as i’ve not tried this yet, my next run, i’ll see how it is.

Using any psycast ability above your level is -4 relation penalty to the empire, i still didn’t test how it is for link weapons.

So the goal is you get esquire on many members and use the psycast amplifier on one target to get them to 4, that way they can use one of the best abilities Skip, allows you to blink a target that your colonist has in line of sight, including himself, also the area is limited by line of sight.

Only use when its needed to save your valuable colonist, -4 relation penalty to the empire is only if you are found out which has like 20% of happening so it is really much better to have a colonist on psycast amplifier 4 for skip compared to 2 colonists being on psycast amplifier 2.
Provided you have enough money or acquired enough Skip psytrainers.

Esquire doesn’t even have that many debuffs and mid to late game you’ll be able to offset it and you won’t even need to build any thronerooms, the only reason you can’t get it on all colonists is because you need someone to clean, but its not a bad idea to maybe dedicate a few people to just doing that so you can get more people with this title.

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