Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Stash Runs Guide For Safe Loot

by Hermanni

So maybe you’re new, or bad, or just want to make money easily when running solo? Maybe your scav has shit gear? Want to get familiar with Shoreline? Read further to learn how to make ~200-250k per 8-15 minute run in Shoreline as scav with very low risk involved.

First, we’re going to look at these 2 maps. First one will be referred to a lot in this guide while the second one is a general aid for locating stashes. Note that map 2 is upside down for some reason.

Why Shoreline? Why stashes?

Shoreline is an interesting map where despite its size, most PMC and scav action focuses on 4 areas: The health resort, the pier, the weather station and (occasionally) the power station. However the maps has at least 37 hidden stashes which are often far from these areas and can contain a huge variety of things, including weapons, paracord, good ammo, graphics cards and other sought after valuables. You can easily fill your bags while running towards your preferred exfil and usually avoid other players entirely. Most players do not know where the stashes are and they are unlooted 95% of the time, so by taking your time and learning their locations you can generate reliable income whenever your scav cooldown is up.

I’m not very experienced but I’ve done 40+ of these runs, died in ~7 of them and made up to almost 500k on my best runs. Fastest runs can be as low as 7 minutes based on spawns.

First I will cover the general routes you want to use when running the map, then explain the most useful stash locations.

The routes to use

Look at the map in image 1. Shoreline is essentially divided in 2 parts by the river running north to south in the middle of the map. Crossing the river safely is the biggest challenge of the map, and whether we spawn in the east or west side of it will decide how we will clear the map.

If you spawn west of the river, your goal is to run north along the east side of the map, Then either hug the north side of the map and cross the river either at Rock Passage or South of the resort, under the landed chopper. Then make your way through the Swamp village (if you still need loot) and exit from Ruined House Fence, or continue south towards Svetliy Dead end or Ruined Road exits.

Example run: You spawn on the road near Road to Customs exfil. Grab stash #18, run towards the radio tower for stash #17, head back north for #15. Then make the long way north (check weapon house if you want to) for stash #14. Continue east via north wall, pick stash #35 (if you’re feeling the yolo), #13, then head for the Swamp and pick up stashes #8, #7 and #6, and finally exit through Ruined House Fence with full inventory if you can.

If you spawn east of the river, you more or less do the same in reverse. If you spawn in the neighborhood, check stashes near Village and maybe Downtown (avoid cottages), then head north for the Swamp village and loot more stashes. Either pass river at Rock passage or south of helipad, then head towards your exit (South Fence Passage or Road to Customs) while picking up the closest stashes en route.

Example run: You spawn at Village. You hear gunshots to the e ast so you quickly make your way through stashes #1 and #2 and head for the Swamp. You loot the green house for good measure and then work your way through stashes #6-9. Run east past the broken truck and loot stash #11 on the hill with tent. You decide to exit via north, looting stash #13 and going over the river (skip #35 because your bags are probably full enough) and run east along the north boundary, picking up #14 before you exit through South Fence Passage.

Extra: If you spawn far southwest or southeast, and prefer speed over safety, you can run along the south side of the map while picking up stashes. However the Gas Station/Pier crossing is the deadliest river crossing in the map, and you will die more often than when using the other routes. Avoid this when you’re carrying valuables.

Also, you may seldom not have other exits but Lighthouse and Resort. On these times just head to whichever seems quieter and hope for the best. Avoid aggroing scavs when heading for Resort exits because sometimes sometimes the place is teeming with AI’s when some idiot hatchling cuck has spawned a horde of them.

How to find stashes

I’ve given each of the stashes you commonly want to pick up a 1-5 star rating (higher is better) based on a combined factor of their relative safety and efficiency. I’m also including a short description on how to locate them, but when learning them you generally want to have both of the maps linked above open in your browser to help you out.

  • Stash #1 (****): Like 5 meters south of the Svetliy Dead End exit. Hug the wall, and the stash is in a bush close to the wall, and you may loot it while hiding in the bush.
  • Stash #2 (****): Inside the northernmost fence of the village, between a shack and a bush. Have a look around and loot while sitting inside the bush. Bonus: There are 2 jackets close to you, one inside the shack and one inside the house.
  • Stash #3 & #4 (***): Either side of the road when heading Downtown, one inside the concrete rings (you have to jump inside) and one in the trash enclosure. I often skip these if its early in the game, but they’re very close to each other if you want to be efficient. These 2 are sometimes looted by other players, though.
  • Stash #5: (***): Behind a shack, next to a bush that sits next to the fence by the road. I often skip this one too, but if you’re looking to check Downtown for loot it’s easy pickings.
  • Stash #6: (***): The map is a bit misleading here because it shows a house that doesn’t exist in-game. The stash is between the intact green house and the swamp houses, about 15 meters west of the road there’s a bit of random fence and the stash is under it. The green house has a jacket and some random loot and is often worth checking out if the door is still closed.
  • Stash #7 (****): Inside a small fence enclosure next to a building. You have to go around the fence and reach the far inside corner of it to loot it.
  • Stash #8 (****): It’s not inside the ruined house, but in the shack behind it. Very easy to find and safe to loot.
  • Stash #9 (*): Inside the huge swamp pool northeast of the village. You can loot the toolbox on the small island and then wade toward the large piece of wood in the center of the swamp and the stash is underneath it. This may seem like suicide but it’s very rare for there to be other players near the swamp area, so unless you fired your gun recently it’s relatively safe to get. One star comes just from how long it takes to get, which is why I often skip it.
  • Stash #11 (***): East of the swamp there’s a broken truck, east of the truck there’s a hill with a tent and a campfire on top of it. The stash is on the south edge of the hill, between 2 trees. There can be a scav patrolling here but if you haven’t made them hostile you can ignore it.
  • Stash #12 (***): If you choose to cross the river south of resort, this is right behind the bus terminal building.
  • Stash #13 (*****): North side of the large rock that sometimes has sniper scav on it. Half-hidden in a bush, easier to see from east side. Very safe to loot and easy to find after the first time, and conveniently on your way to the river crossing. You’ll be looting this stash almost every time unless you choose to cross the river further south.
  • Stash #35 (**): It’s probably on your route, but very dangerous due to the proximity of a popular PMC exfil. To get it run long the west side of the river until you hit an invisible wall. The stash is right there under a tree, but you have to go prone in order to loot it.
  • Stash #14 (*****): Run along the north edge of the map, eventually there’s a downhill stone outcropping from the cliff with some bushes and trees, the stash sits there between 2 bushes. You’ll pick up this stash every time when headed for northeast exit.
  • Stash #15 (*****): When you see the railroad close to the edge of the map, just follow the edge about 20 meters further towards north to a group of trees, the stash is close to a bush under a tree.
  • Stash #17 (****): Just climb up the radio tower hill, the stash is right next to the fence on the outside, west side.
  • Stash #19-21 (**): These are somewhat difficult to learn as it’s hard to get your exact bearings in here, but if you get the hang of them they’re pretty close to each other.
  • Stash #18 (*****): At the edge of the river, there’s a spot where the riverbank has collapsed and you can see a large white rock in the river, the stash is above that rock in a bush.
  • Stash #22 & #23 (*****): Close to each other, often unlooted and easy to find. If you spawn nearby or your route takes you here, always pick them up. #22 is at the beach under a piece of wood, #23 is next to the rails between the trains and the building.
  • Stash #24 (****): North of the blue fence enclosure there’s a large rock, the stash is right next to the rock in an indentation on the east side of it.
  • Stash #25 (***): Somewhat often looted by a player spawning here, it’s inside the blue fence on the north side, next to a large pile of car tires.
  • Stash #28 (*): Inside a changing ‘room’ south of the Gas Station. Fairly risky and often looted due to how easy it is to see.
  • Stash #29 (**): There’s a sewer leading in the the water, stash is 5 meters west of it next to a rock.
  • Stash #30 (***): If you see living scavs on the scav island, it’s probably unlooted and worth checking out if you haven’t made them hostile. The stash is between the boat shack and a pile of boards right next to it.

Remaining stashes are a little out of the way, but it may be worth learning about them later if you seek to change up your routes or want to pick them up on your PMC runs.

My scav has a very small or no backpack! What do I do?

Depends. If your ‘fighting gear’ is good and you feel like it, you could just head towards Resort to look for loot, bodies or PMC’s to kill. Weather Station is usually a ghost town this late into the game because it’s another place that’s often ruined by hatchling cucks. Or you can simply look for an AI scav with a backpack and kill it. Scavs aren’t hostile until you attack them so you can check out their gear before you choose whether or not to attack. Shoreline doesn’t have very many AI spawns but there are a few easy places to find them: Bus terminal always has 2 scavs in it, Power station always has 1 (+1 sniper scav on roof), there’s often 1-2 circling the cottages, often 1 patrolling northeast of the swamp between weapon crates and stash #11 camp, and sometimes 1 by the bunker at Rock Passage (also beware of sniper scavs.) You may find one patrolling the road to southeast but I find it unreliable.

I spawned with a keycard or found a very valuable item! How do I survive?

Just focus on crossing the river safely and you’re usually good. Listen for gunshots and take your time looking around before you go for the cross at either Rock Passage or near bus terminal. If you want to maximize survival rate, perhaps avoid running right along the edge of the map as other players sometimes choose to do that too.

There’s so much stuff and I don’t know what’s valuable

If you’re under level 5, focus on PMC runs until 5 so you unlock flea market for easy price checking and selling. If you like doing these or similar runs, you may want to invest in a Lucky Scav Junkbox so you can easily hoard barter goods and later sell them in a bulk or use them for bartering or hideout upgrades.

You find a lot of ammo in stashes and identifying them may be hard when starting out. My rule of thumb for spotting expensive ammo was: Anything that starts with “B” (BP, BS etc), *Anything that starts with “7N”, and anything that starts with “M” EXCEPT M855 and M856. There’s more to it but you’ll figure it out after checking flea market enough times.

That’s all, I hope someone found this useful. This should be a great way for anyone to make reliable money with no risk, and while you may not find ultra rare big ticket items this way it should be a good alternative to ruining the game by playing hatchling. Even if you don’t find any 50k+ items, a backpack and vest full of nuts, bolts and other junk is still easily worth over 150k and the value of the rest of your equipment should total you at least 200k net profit per run!

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