Escape From Tarkov Passive Income, Hideout and Crafting Guide

by Cromery

Heey guys and gals. I made a guide in both video and text form. They are pretty much the same, in the video I also go over some flea market basics towards the end. So choose your poison and enjoy.

English isn’t my first language, so you know, don’t spank me to hard over the grammar and whatnot.


This is a guide focusing on passive income generated through the use of the hideout and flea market aimed at lower level and beginner players. Since you unlock the flea market at level 5 you should just try level as quickly as possible, but this guide won’t help you with that.

I’m level 9 and have a little more than 11 million in cash and over 19 million value off all items in my stash. How did I achieve this? Well mainly through not playing the game. I was in my last raid the 14th of February, this of course means I have not lost any money by losing gear in raids.

But the main goal of passive income is not to amass wealth, it is to negate the economic burden of losing your gear. It is also great if you don’t have time to play during weekdays and only play during the weekend. You will then have some money to spend with minimal time invested.

Let’s move on to the interesting part.


The hideout is made up of different modules that can be upgraded. These allow for crafting of items. Crafted items also counts as found in raid, this means that you can use crafted items to complete quests that have this requirement on items you hand in. The modules also boost stats like health regeneration rate outside of raids and boost your skills.

So you have reached level 5 and now have access to the flea market, good. Now you can get your passive income going. This initial cost will amount to around 202 874 + 80 000 for fuel (excluding the cost of the Lavatory). In reality screws, bolts and fuel that you need can be bought for several thousand less than what I have specified.

Modules to upgrade:

Generator level 1 – Cost 100 000 + fuel 80 000

This is required to be able to craft item in your hideout. You will want to use the Expeditionary fuel tank. You can buy it for around 80k and it holds the same value even if it’s out of fuel. This is because it can be used to craft the magazine case at Lavatory level 2, we will get to that further down. Using this fuel tank basically makes your fuel cost the flea market fee of around 21k selling it back empty at 80k.

Medstation level 1 – Cost 25 000

The medstation will allow you to craft 1 Salewa every 22 minutes. This isn’t the best item for passive income since it’s on such a short timer, requiring you to be at your computer. But don’t look passed it, I will explain further below. All item you need to craft it can be bought from Therapist LL1 at the prices below.

1x Analgin painkillers – Cost 3990 (The painkillers don’t need to have 4/4 uses, it works with 1/4 as well).

1x Aseptic bandage – Cost 1365

1x Immobilizing splint – Cost 1948

Production cost of salewa is 7303 and if you sell it at the flea market for 12 000 the flea market fee will be 594. This leaves you with a profit of 4103 per salewa or 11 190 per hour.

I would not necessarily sell these. A salewa can heal for 400. At a crating cost of 7303 you are getting real good value using these to heal at 18,25 roubles per 1 health. I would still use Grizzly First Aid kit’s for between raid healing, they go for around 45k at the flea market.

Workbench level 1 – It requires

2x Screw nut – Cost 13k per item

2x Bolts – Cost 15k per item

1 Leatherman Multitool from Mechanic – Cost 21874

This is where the passive income really starts to take off. Here you will be crafting wires from powercords that you buy off the flea market. Time to craft is 1 hour and 58 minutes, lets just call it 2 hours.

2x Powercords crafts 8x Wires.

Powercords cost between 10-20k usually. And wires sell for 9-11k per item. So at a high cost for powercords you will craft 8x wires at a cost of 40 000. The flea market fee is 509 per wire when selling them at 9k a pop. That leaves you with a profit of 27 928 or 13 964 per hour. But remember that this is counting with a high cost of powercords, buying them at 15k would give you 37k profit and so on. I usually try to buy powercords at 14k or less.

Lavatory level 1 & 2

Getting to lavatory level 2 will require some investment but doing so will pay for itself.

Level 1 only cost 2 000 roubles. Upgrading to level 2 requires you to first build the Water Collector and it requires:

4x Corrugated hose – Cost 27k per item

5x Bolts – Cost 15k per item

3x Screw nut – 13k per item

3x Duct tape – 10k per item

A total cost of 252 000 for the Water collector.

Lavatory level 2 requires:

3x Corrugated hose – Cost 27k per item

5x “A pack of screws” – Cost 7500 per item

1x Electric Drill – Cost 17k

This will run you 135500 + 252 000 for the Water Collector at a total of 387 500.

At lavatory level 2 you can start crafting the magazine case. It takes 4 hours and 52 minutes and you will be selling the this to Therapist for 318 750 roubles. Don’t sell this on the flea market! They go for around the same price but selling it to Therapist lets you avoid the flea market fee at around 20k.

To craft the magazine case you will need:

2x Expeditionary fuel tank – Cost 80k per item

1x Metal cutting scissors – Cost 37k

3x Bolts – Cost 15k per item

3x Screw nut – Cost 13k per item

Crafting the magazine case it will cost you 281 000 and you will get a profit of 37 750 selling to Therapist. But all of these items can often be bought for a lot less. I usually buy the fuel tanks for 60-70k. If you are really lucky you might even get your hands on a tank from Fence at 24 310 roubles that pops up every so often. Fuel tank 70k each, metal cutting scissors 34k, bolts 11k each and screws 9k each. At these prices you will get a profit of 84 750, quite the difference.

Passive income strategy:

I will lay out a strategy based on being able to attend to your hideout 3 times a day. In the morning when you wake up you collect 1 mag case, 8 wires and 1 salewa that you started last night. When you get home from work or whatever you collect once again and start a new round of crafting. This is repeated once again in the evening. This will give you 3 mag cases, 24 wires and 3 salewas per day. I would suggest you don’t sell the salewas unless you have a surplus. Better to bring those into raids. At high prices for crafting materials this would net you 197 034 roubles profit every day selling your wires and magazine cases or 338 034 profit if you buy the materials at the prices in my example above, the one with the 70k fuel tank.

Prices for the items used in crafting moves up and down with the market. When you get a comfortable amount of money I suggest you do what I do and stock up on items so you can craft at great prices even when the market prices go up for a day or two. I’m currently sitting on 12 fuel tanks bought at 55-70k and 14 metal cutting scissors bought at 29-32k.

And that’s that.

TLDR; You can have a decent passive income below level 10.

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