Escape From Tarkov Stash Basic Tips

by Endesi1

This will a less than comprehensive “guide”, i wanted to mention some things, and maybe some people will learn some things, and maybe ill get corrected and learn some things. Anyways here’s my cream of the crop big boy big brain moves, aimed at people who have no idea what they are doing.

Save yourself some time! You want to know how much that item you found is worth on the flea market? Right click it, “filter by item” bam, you’re there. Another thing you can do to make this better is go into your flea market options, set the currency to roubles, disable barter trades, set minimum quantity to 1, minimum quality to 99%, and then check the box that saves your search preferences. Bam, now shit will come up right away for you. Also, check with the trader first You might rip yourself off on trade taxes when the rapist will buy it at the same price.

Looking to find attachments for a particular item? Looking to find the boolets? The mags? Right click, “linked search” on your weapon. Bam, you’re looking at 90% of all compatible attachments, magazines, and boulets. Looking to find the best ammo type? Just click into the ammo tab, and cycle through the prices. Usually the best rounds are the most expensive. If its costing you 900 roubles to fire one shot at someone, that’s probably the good ammo.

Realistically ammo is something you want to google, and it matters more than the gun itself.

Also, linked search wont give you ALL of the compatible attachments, sometimes you have to manually finesse the UI to find what you’re looking for. A good example of this is the XF-something-something attachment for the 5.45 AKs that lets you mount shit on it.

Lets talk about supplies. Are you buying cheese slices to heal? Are you buying cheese slices at all? Seriously stop. Lets make an investment. Go to your flea market and grab up a Grizzly first aid bag or whatever its called. Its about 40k, and has 1800 heath in it. That’s 18 cheeses. Cheeses are 3400 hundred each. 3400×18=more than 40k. You’re not saving a whole lot, but every rouble counts. You die, you toke the med bag, you don’t gotta worry about your cheeses. Also, buy Car first aid kits. Its cheap, and its effective, and you can lose them without being worried about it.

What about water bottles, are you drinking those? You are? Fuckin scrub lord. Let me tell you about my girl, aqua mari. You take one sip from her bottle hole and boy, you’ll be refreshed. They have 150 in them instead of 60, its barely more expensive on the flea, and the water itself is literally three times as effective. Too good to be true, right? Well there’s a catch. On the flew, there is currently no way in fuck to tell how much water is in the bottle you’re about to buy. I know what you’re thinking, “bull shit, how can this idiot not check how much water is in there” but you for real cant. LUCKY FOR U THOUGH, i told you to set that quality to 99% minimum, daddy takes care of you! Although, i might have just got lucky and gotten full water bottles. I doubt it, but i’m basically saying i’m not responsible if you buy an empty water bottle.

While we’re on the topic of water bottles, how deep is your asshole? Lets talk about the prison wallet. Now, you all know at this point some of us got a little extra…. Wallet space, because we paid a lil extra for the Nikita Deep Dick Special. That means while items can go only 4 units deep into you, i’ve got room for 9 and a cucumber (; lets talk about what i do with that.

4 unit booty? CMS and a key ring and a wallet. CMS will repair blacked out limbs, but not as well as a surgical kit (big booty boys only) the drawback of a CMS, besides being expensive, is that the limb its used on will suffer very reduced max health. Worth it still? Fuck ya bud. Wallet? It’ll hold the random euros and dollars you find, as well as your roubles you bring in to extract with. You should be doing that by the way, bringing the roubles, you never know when that extract you never thought of going for will suddenly be your only way out.

The key ring is something special. For a measly ALL YOUR FUCKIN MONEY EVER you can bring 16 keys into the map with in one slot. That feeling of “yeah, i’ve got like every key on the map bruh” is a nice feeling, and its even better when you’re pulling shit out of a safe in a building that got looted but nobody had the key to.

If your prison wallet is bigger than 4 slots fuckin figure it out.

Lets talk about STASHES. you know what you can find in those lil barrel stashes? Paracords! I found 2 on customs yesterday amd traded them in for an EASY 180420 each. Always ALWAYS hit your stashes, and if you don’t know where they are invest your time in watching some videos. Treat yourself. They also spawn on scavs, so check them too.

My #1 tip for handling combat after 3000 hours of counter strike: Sometimes the best thing you can do, is nothing at all. What i mean by that is you don’t need to force your way into every fight without thinking or while you are missing huge chunks of information. So you saw someone, don’t freak out. Instead of stomping on in or taking an early shot that only MIGHT get him, maybe set up on him to finish looting his building, or make noise from one direction and then set up a flank on your own LKP (last known position) and get him when he comes looking for you. You have so many options right up till bullets are flying. Some chess guy said, whenever you see a good move, look for a better one. I’ll leave you with that. Thanks for reading.

Oh and if you slap an LS321 lazer sight on your weapon and switch the lazer to infra red flashlight mode, you will keep the accuracy shadowbuff and people wont be able to see your laser sight. Cheers!

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