Pokemon Sword and Shield Raiding Tips and Tricks

by normaldude8825

  • Have Y Comm search to swap cards. Then have the stamps to filter for the Max Raid Battles. This will have the list update more frequently. If you find someone to swap cards with, search to swap cards again. Set a code if you want so it to not find someone (or last longer between finding people).
  • Go for super effective moves if you can, but don’t take a pokemon that is weak against the raid pokemon (don’t take a your Scorbunny vs. a Gyarados raid).
  • Know the stats of your pokemon, if they have high special attack don’t use a physical attack. If you can and know that the raid pokemon has high defense, use a special attacker.
  • Heal if you know that getting hit again knocks you out. I rather you spend a turn healing instead of doing damage since fainting means you still won’t attack one turn (maybe two) and we are closer to getting kicked out of the den.
  • Are you underleved and joining your friend on raids? Do as NPC’s and take a focus sash. If you don’t get hit twice on a single turn, heal. If you don’t get hit on the last turn, attack. Haven’t been kicked out for taking longer than 10 turns, as long as someone can dish out damage, and are constantly taking down the barriers/protect they set up you should be able to do it.
  • Ditto raids: if you all use Eternus, Ditto never transforms and just stand there. I don’t know if it just bugged that one raid for me when it happened, but it made the raid easy.
  • If you have a gigantimax Centiskorch raid, let me know. Been doing dozens of them, but they always break free from the pokeball. Starting to consider using a Master Ball on it.

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