Pokemon Sword and Shield Hunt Rare Gigantamax from Dens Guide

by Stan64

This guide is written through the limited information and testing that is available through the community and may contain errors and speculation that is not correct. Feel free to contribute in the comments.

This guide is intended for people who caught all the event Gigantamax Pokémon and wants more. This guide covers non-event Gigantamax Pokémon hunting. Those currently do not include Butterfree, Sandaconda, Centiskorch, Drednaw or Corviknight. They do include Pokémon as Gabrador, Lapras, Duraludon and others.Basic Steps

  1. Have the item Wishing Piece
  2. Drop it into the den of you choice
  3. Press the home button after pressing Yes to save just in time to see the beam
  4. Reset if you don’t get the purple beam
  5. Check what Pokémon you got on the purple beam
  6. If wrong Pokémon make sure you are not connected to net via y-comm
  7. Turn off syncing time via internet in system settings
  8. Go into the raid and press invite others
  9. Once you see the timer go back to home menu and set the date forward by 1
  10. Go back in game and leave the raid screen
  11. Interact with raid and get 2000W and potentially new Pokemon
  12. When you get your desired Pokémon, be sure to be outside the raid menu and sync you time again to catch Pokémon in present day

Choosing a den

From the map from an earlier thread you can find what Gigantamax Pokémon spawn where. So run out there and clear it out if there is a Pokémon currently in the den by playing it. Then save in front of it.Beam colors

Every den has two colors, you probably saw them the first time you entered the Wild Area. One that is more red and one that is more purple. I’ll just call them red and purple in this guide.

The one you are looking for are the more rare purple beams. The purple beams have a 5% chance of actually containing the Gigantamax Pokémon you are looking for.Reset mechanics

Set text speed to slow.

It’s important to wait just a slight bit to see the beam and not too long as you don’t want to risk corrupting your save file. As we are going to the home menu and then quitting the game there is always a risk of corrupting the save file. So it’s important to learn the timing as soon as possible to avoid losing Wishing Pieces that are time consuming to farm.

When you get the purple beam the beam will show up later than the red beam so you might have to go back into the game if you nail the timing too well. I always do a safety save after the save if I go back into the game.

So far many people have been doing this trick and I haven’t heard of any corruption issues from it so I would deem it pretty safe, just be smart about it. If the warning is fully faded in, might not risk it and quit and go in and save again.How long does it take?

With the time travel trick it can take 5 minutes to a couple of hours depending on luck.Special mechanics

These raids are very different to regular event Gigantamax raids. First of all the host seems to have 100% capture rate. But the helpers have a lower rate of around 10%. So sharing this one can be time consuming compared to event Gigantamax raids.Sharing

To share the raid you need to turn off auto save and quit the game when the match is over and set it up again as it will stay until the raids are shuffled at set intervals maybe even after that. I think it is two times per day at 12 and 24.

Remember that you don’t get any loot by sharing and that helpers have a very low catch rate and it can take over an hour before everyone has one each. But if you share your raid for others they might be inclined to invite you to their shares. I would recommend the community to go on raid chats and share their spawns as long as possible to help everyone out and make friends along the way.

UPDATE: You can now roll purple beams for free.

EDIT: Proof that it works. I’m done.

That’s all I can think of. Ask questions and help each other out in the comments!

Good luck finding your Gigantamax Pokémon!

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