Overwatch Mercy Basic Positioning and Movement Guide

by OW_kappachino


  • Mercy is not a close range nor long range healer. She is a mid-range healer. Which means to be effective you have to be relatively closer to the battle/danger in order to do your job. A big caveat to that is you lack the offensive capabilities to peel for yourself and stay alive. This makes positioning, movement and game sense your biggest assets to your survivability.
  • Try your best to play around corners and utilize the trickle effect of her beam. Basically if you break line of sight for about 1 second, your target will still be under the effect of your beam. So a good practice is to “jiggle peek” back and forth to maintain the beam connection and minimize your hitbox as much as possible.
  • Don’t forget about high ground. In many situations you want to utilize it to enhance your protection from some enemies and also give you better vision and angles to heal. That being said, you want to be aware of who is on high ground before you do it.


  • Control your Guardian Angel movement and use it with purpose. Many lower level Mercy’s spam it more than needed to move around and sometimes it actually brings you to a more dangerous position if used incorrectly. Don’t tunnel vision and do your best to stay aware of your surroundings and try to plan who and where you would want to Guardian Angel to if under threat.
  • I go over the Guardian Angel Boost (holding jump after GA to gain extra distance) and the Guardian Angel Cancel (tapping GA while in GA to shorten the distance) in the video but one unique trick I teach is the Guardian Angel Super Jump. You can use this ability to gain high ground without needing a teammate on the high ground. To do this, you hold crouch and your GA key at the same time, then press and hold the jump key after you collide with your target. Here is a GIF that shows how to do it.
  • Don’t feel pressured to fly to every teammate who needs healing. Sometimes teammates are just out of position, it’s better to leave them to die and it’s not your responsibility to follow them into your death as well. A 5v6 is still winnable while a 4v6 is probably a reset. A good Mercy is able to balance good positioning, movement and decision making all while trying to support as many teammates as possible.

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