Overwatch GOATS Strategy Guide

by Hypocritical_Midget

If you prefer to learn things in a video format over text, here’s a link to basically Everything Below In Under 15 Minutes: https://youtu.be/BZxvSLZUy5M Time stamps are also embedded throughout the scroll bar so you can skip to which bits suit you.

Goats is a very complex composition to pull off in terms of cooldown management, and how you use every single ability, which is coupled by things such as Macro Positioning as a team. You’ll see a common theme throughout the ranks: The HIGHER you are, the LESS your mistakes depend upon you, but rather your mistakes as A TEAM. This is partially why I raised the SR from the standard 4K I do in my guides because Overwatch as a 6v6 Team Composition is very different to solo queue ranked, regardless of SR. Lastly, I strongly recommend you get comfortable with the micro mistakes that you individually make before looking at the bigger picture of a team.

Whilst you can only make Goats in Open Queue, there is still a lot of good advice and concepts down below that are applicable to 2-2-2



‘Managing Shield [is the] most important mistake Reinhardt’s make in Goats’ – Octotroph, Peak 4439 MT Streamer, July 2020

When looking over past replays when playing Reinhardt into goats, by far, the most obvious, and common mistake that I personally find is Reinhardt’s using their shield BEFORE the teamfight actually begins

  • When regrouping after a lost teamfight, either, do not bother using your shield to block spam damage, or hide behind a corner to regain full shield before you engage
  • Due to how fast ultimates are charged in Goats, with the most obvious instance being Shatter, engaging into a teamfight with 800 Shield means that BEFORE the fight even happens, you’ve lost
  • Shield Hopping is also a soft fix to this, although with the serious damage characters such as Ashe or Echo can put out, even peaking once can get you to an instantaneous 100HP
  • Simply making the callout for your team to hide behind cover before you engage to not ONLY wait for you to regain shield, but to ALSO ask your Zarya for bubble in case she had used it prior for whatever reason
  • This links into an especially common problem for extremely aggressive main tank players (Specifically with Winston) where they dive in by themselves because they lack the awareness/communication to be weary of what mobility cooldowns their D.Va or Genji/Doom have, which would be more applicable for ‘Floats.’


  • This links back to the previous bulletpoint of over-aggression, where another common symptom is over-comming
  • Whilst Over-comming is often better than Under-Comming, it can be the make or break for winning a teamfight in a 4K+ Scrim
  • You want to be adopting the policy of ‘Less is more’ as the space you will be giving up on the mic will allow for important information from your Zarya to communicate bubble rotations, your Zen/Lucio to communicate when to use Beat/Trans, and to call for help when/if being dove, and for your D.Va to say whether an enemy is on a flank etc.
  • Individual Abilities also often way much less than communicating an actual gameplan in the middle of a teamfight. E.G. If you are taking a fight in the courtyard in Hanamura Point A Attack, and you are down on resources/one of your teammates get picked, it is your job as the Reinhardt to communicate to your team to rotate to point. I’ll get into WHY you want to rotate to point in the last section which is all about looking at the Macro side of goats.


  • It shouldn’t come as a surprise to many of you that Shatter has a very inconsistent charge rate (Mainly due to Reinhardt being able to cleave multiple targets with his hammer and firestrike gaining him a potential multiplier in terms of ult charge) hence it is very difficult to accurately ult track shatter in a Goats vs Goats match-up
  • The best way to counteract this is to listen to the audio queues of Reinhardt’s hammer hitting multiple targets, and to use that as your judgement to say ‘He’s going to get shatter in the next 15-20 seconds’
  • When the enemy Zarya gravs multiple teammates, this should act as a queue for you to know that he’s gaining ult charge very quickly, and that he might follow up with a shatter afterwards in case your teammates don’t die from the grav
  • Reinhardt’s also playing very wide angles would be circumstantial evidence of him wanting to find an angle with his shatter, in which case, you can land your own against the enemy team, and then block is shatter in case he wants to counter shatter


  • Grav Bomb is potentially the most reliable combo in Goats as it is very formulaic to pull off (I’ll mention this in the last section of the guide, and what you need to pull it off)
  • Whilst this tip may be niche, is is borderline game changing. Changsik from Fusion University managed to pull this off against Atlanta Reign’s Academy Team (Back when Dogman and Alarm were still in contenders on their respective teams) on Hanamura Point B
  • Your Earthshatter prevents the D.Va Bomb from moving, and from any potential CC that would hit you (As obviously if everybody is knocked to the ground, they can’t do anything)


  • With the shatter nerf done a few months ago (3 Second Stun => 2.5 Seconds) You can now only perform 2 actions interrupted, instead of 3 (IE You can’t Swing, Firestrike, and Pin, because by the time you use your pin with new shatter, the stun has already worn off)
  • This means that cleave damage simply does not matter anymore (Unless in niche scenarios where the entire enemy team is half HP)
  • A very common problem that I see with Reinhardt’s is just them swinging randomly at whoever got shattered, almost as if they want the gold damage medal. However, I urge you to resist this temptation, and to swing + pin on squishy targets – Specifically, Brigitte.
  • As Brigitte’s will normally be playing very close to their Reinhardt, they will be the most likely candidates for an easy, safe, pin kill
  • Alternatively, a solo shatter on a Zarya, with the easy follow up of Hammer + Pin, should be of the utmost value you can get with shatter, as you can potentially deny the Grav Bomb Combo (Or just Grav in itself). However, with the shields and bubbles that Zarya has, it can often be difficult to punish her compared to a Brigitte
  • DO NOT BOTHER Swinging/Firestriking/Pinning the opposing Reinhardt As resources such as healing orb, and repair pack, would have already been on him, preventing much of the damage. HOWEVER, if your team is coordinated enough, a discord on that Rein, alongside some focus fire, would eliminate him very quickly.


  • Firestrike when D.Va matrix is down (OR if your brain is MASSIVE, you can firestrike to FORCE Matrix, then your Zarya has a free grav :)
  • Swing when bubbled – Make your Zarya callout when her bubble is available IE ‘Bubble in 3’
  • Swing + Firestrike Animation Cancel (The Text Hero Guide of Reinhardt linked above contains the overwhelming majority pieces of Rein Tech)



This is primarily done for 4 Reasons:

  1. Farm Grav – The most obvious and direct reason. Accurate Right Clicks will yield 30-40% Ult charge
  2. Retain High Energy – You can bubble in L.O.S. of the enemy spawn whilst still being safe and retaining high energy by absorbing any long range spam damage that may come from the supports. (E.G. Dorado 3rd Point Defense)
  3. +1 Bubble Rotation – By the time the enemy team reaches the actual teamfight, you will have already gotten back your self and projected bubbles, hence you get a free bubble rotation off with no drawback
  4. Forces Reinhardt to Regen Shield – Even if you don’t get any ult charge because their Rein hard shields, you are guaranteed to burn off time from the clock, which may actually gain MORE value if their Rein has no concept of shield management, and doesn’t take the time to regen his shield, giving your Rein a free shatter.


  • Let’s say the opposing Rein Zarya bubble first. They utilise the bubble to draw aggro from the frontline, and push up a little bit to gain some space and to land one (Or if they’re lucky, two) hammer swings
  • By them doing this, after the bubble has been expired or destroyed, they are in L.O.S. (Line of sight) of your entire team, essentially being out of position for a split second
  • By using your own bubble rotation, you can push back on the opposing frontline without over-extending as there isn’t any form of damage absorption to punish you
  • Think of it like a boxing match, where you are constantly on the counter-attack, and punishing the split second to where your opponent is defenceless. (Similar to what LP did against KSI in their first match) and if you saw what happened, it seemed to be a very successful tactic
  • HOWEVER, you don’t want to do this on 0 or low energy. The main reason being is that you either have to use BOTH your bubbles to gain any energy from the enemy’s slight overextension (Which can then be punished by Grav Bomb or Shatter) OR you can’t punish their slight overextension because you do no damage on 0 energy. Again, drawing parallels to a boxing match, you don’t see this Counter-Attacking Style of Play done in the Latter Rounds because there is no ENERGY remaining.


So, do you Grav EARLY into a teamfight, do you Grav AS SOON AS you engage into a teamfight, or do you Grav LATE into the teamfight (On defense)?

‘There are 3 Main Resources that win teamfights… Meters on the Payload, Time on the clock, and Ult Charge’ – Justin ‘Jayne’ Conroy, 2018

Let’s say you Grav EARLY…

  • You barely gain any meters on the payload by it moving back
  • You hardly get any time off the clock
  • If you Grav and kill all six people, you gain little to no ult charge

So, on DEFENSE, you don’t Grav early… What about the other two options? Well, they are situational.

In the 2nd instance of Grav’ing as soon as you engage…

  • You want to do this IF they enemy team have a clear cut win condition for themselves E.G. Nanoblade/Grav
  • This is because you want to execute your win condition BEFORE the enemy team executes their own win condition, and if you wait too late, the enemy team will use their ultimates before you, and not even give you a chance to use Grav in the first place as you’ll all be dead

However, other than that, you want to Grav as LATE as possible in general…

  • Whilst the payload may move, it will move such a distance to the point where it is negligent
  • You cut off about a significantly more time off the time bank
  • You may gain extra ult charge in the period that your team is early in the midfight (EG Gaining an extra 30% on Trans compared to using Grav early, which will help you win the next teamfight)

I’ll mention attack and the general rule of thumbs for teamfights at the start of the last section


  • Again, a very common mistake done by many Zarya’s, especially in diamond.
  • There is simply no reason for you to bubble for energy if you’re at 90 energy or even 80. You want to be saving bubble for life-saving instances, such as Grav D.Va bomb, in which 2 bubbles can save multiple teammates from this combo
  • This mistake becomes more detrimental after a team has won a teamfight, as you will be on about 60 energy, in which one bubble will easily get you to full charge (90 is sufficient) but most Zarya’s will waste both bubbles subconsciously



  • Many D.Va’s will have a certain playstyle, and the best will be able to adapt between both of them.
  • Defensive D.Va’s stay close to their Zen in case he gets dove, and uses defense matrix to block vital cooldowns such as Ana’s Nade, Orisa’s Halt (Which is actually more important than you think; Contributes heavily to how much shield break Reinhardt experiences before getting into the brawl)
  • Eating Grav is also a key priority as you stay behind the Reinhardt shield; Obviously a massive play if you can pull it off. To give you a big queue on when Zarya’s like to Grav (Especially below diamond) is that they will walk forward past the Rein shield on high charge, self-bubble, and in the middle of their reload animation, use Grav. Big Brain Zarya’s will actually do this to bait your defense matrix however, hence to counter this, you can do a 180, use your boosters to pretend you’re flying away, then whip your crosshair 180 degrees again to eat the Zarya grav.


  • This type of playstyle revolves around playing on perches, windows, flanks, off-angles to draw attention, and to expend cooldowns from the frontline onto you
  • A great example of this would be on Busan Sanctuary, on the top of the drum. Or, on Hanamura Point B Defense – You can play on the piece of ground directly above the main entrance to point to shoot at the enemy team who may be going top right, or have already gone through the stair well top right.
  • Speaking of Hanamura, you can utilise your boosters to boop off enemies into the dugout/pit on Hanamura Point B, then you attack whoever is left on the main platform, and NOT in the dugouts, as if you chase and jump into the dugouts, the enemy team can topple you, and you are essentially in the same position that you put your enemy in


  • After taking control of point, one tip is to fly up to highground to scout for any rotations, or jukes from the enemy team
  • For example, if you have control of point on Busan Mekabase, you can fly up to the top middle window, to catch out a rotation/fake rotation from the enemy team to then relay back to your team
  • Another example would be on Temple of Anubis Point A, where the enemy team may fake going right side (Where the Mega Health Pack is) to instead rush straight to point. Scouting this rotation from D.Va and relaying it back to your team will win you that fight



  • You only want to be doing this if you have applied/applying objective pressure, and your team are roughly half HP to make most of your Amp Heal, easily gaining a free 10-20% ult charge


  • This is a bit more complex; You want to be saving amp speed in order to take advantage of wasted cooldowns. The two main ones being Zarya’s bubbles, and Brigitte’s Bash
  • If you see their Brig bash and receive 0 value (Puts her out of position) then you want to speed amp on her immediately. Of course, saying this to your team before hand (Especially if they are a low SR) will be vital in pulling this off – It’s common nature for coordinated teams to do this without prompt above 4K
  • If their Zarya also wastes projected bubble, an easy speed + discord on their Reinhardt (Which can’t be cleansed) will easily decimate their Reinhardt, as Zarya bubble essentially acts as an extra life for a Reinhardt


  • ALWAYS Wall Ride Above 2 Meters if their Reinhardt has shatter. If you didn’t know, shatter has a vertical height of 2 meters, and if your Zen doesn’t have a fast enough reaction speed, or if your Rein is incapable of blocking shatters, simply wall ride to land your beat afterwards
  • Similar to the D.Va mentioned prior, utilise your boop to displace and split up the enemy team – The same tactic can be applied on Hanamura Point B by booping enemies into the dugout
  • Try and position yourself in such a way to have L.O.S. Between you and the opposing Zen. This may seem dangerous at first, but landing your own spam will deter him from having L.O.S. between his and your Reinhardt (Meaning that Discord/Harmony may be detached, and even placed onto you) giving your Reinhardt the advantage
  • It can be viable to boop their Reinhardt into yours to displace him, and potentially force out a friendly Zarya bubble, although Steadfast makes this tactic inconsistent, alongside the fact that you can be easily tracked down by a Zarya with solid mechanical skill, and end up hard feeding



  • When holding up your shield, you go into 3rd person. You can abuse this by placing yourself around corners to see where the enemy team are coming from
  • An example of this would be on Nepal Village, on the highground above point (If you have control) which gives you line of sight to all possible entrances, including Kitchen
  • Scouting where the enemy team are pathing can efficiently make your team rotate within time, especially if you’re running Goats without a Lucio (For whatever reason that may be)


There are two main ways of doing this in a Goats vs Goats Match-Up

  1. Whipshot a D.Va playing an off-angle
  2. Use your rocket flail/primary fire on a Reinhardt, then immediately bash out. This option is more risky as you may get burst down/tank a significant amount of spam damage


As Brig is the weakest character in Goats (Neither Zen or Lucio can greatly heal them, and Brig has a low amount of mobility) you are often the target in Goats for when you misuse your bash. However, you can take advantage of this by stunning the opposing Brigitte when she overextends. There’s three main ways of doing this:

  1. Wait for her to waste shield bash. You can counter back with your own shield bash to add ontop of this, which will melt her
  2. (Politely) ask for Zen’s Harmony and Discord Orbs respectively. These can give you a significant edge in the duels, especially if you have no cooldowns remaining. However, be weary that these resources that will detract away from the frontline brawl
  3. Use rally. Since rally isn’t an immediate heal buff or gifts you immediate shields, rallying against a Grav or other powerful ultimates is close to useless (I’ll get into Rally usage a bit later on) However, one great use is to win the Brig duel with not only the added armour, but the added speed in case she tries to retreat to safety with her shield bash. Careful not to overextend though.


  • Shield Bash has been greatly nerfed across it’s history. The stun duration has become shorter, the damage has been greatly reduced, and you can’t shield bash through shields. It’s because of this changes that I recommend that you only use shield bash to kite, and for mobility purposes
  • You can occassionally get the stun on a Reinhardt about to use shatter, or the Moira midway through coalescence, but if you are going to use it in such a manner to stun abilities, cooldowns such as Boosters, or Breather would suit this ability the best.


  • If this guide was made before the Brigitte rework, I would urge for Brig’s to solely use their repair pack on Reinhardt as it acts like a second life for Reinhardt alongside Zarya’s bubble
  • However, since Repair Pack is no longer instantaneous, I’d urge on the side of using it a second early/when your Reinhardt is about to swing to gain maximum ult charge from it, whilst still have two (and a bit) repair packs left. Speaking of having more repair packs, you can use it more liberally on your teammates
  • With this being said, I’d still recommend you use repair packs on your Reinhardt in the majority of cases. For example, if your D.Va is at 200HP, using two or three repair packs to heal her would leave your Rein left with none, which means that he can get pressured out of his position very easily. Instead, trust your Rein to hold his shield up/hold a corner, and let the AoE (Area of Effect) Healing heal your off-tank, as if your Rein dies, the healing done on the D.Va won’t mean anything anyway
  • In niche circumstances, where they have a very aggressive D.Va applying a lot of pressure onto your zen, stay within Repair Pack range, and keep a decent level of awareness to heal him


  • Aside from using it to win the 1v1’s against your Brig, you can use it in the midfight to give your team added sustain (Especially in 5v5 scenarios) which can then…
  • …encourage/force the enemy team to use ultimates such as shatter, bomb or grav, which you’ll then have the ult economy advantage in the next fight


Harmony and Discord Usage

  • Simple: Keep them on the respective Reinhardts, unless your Brig asks for them to enable the duel

Stacking Support Ultimates

  • Before a teamfight ensues, make sure you communicate with your Lucio on what ultimates are going to be used when.
  • I’d personally urge on the side of using transcendence defensively, and sound barrier offensively, as your Reinhardt/Team can tone the aggression in real time based upon how fast he is losing his shields, AND your zen is essentially out of the teamfight when using trans (IE He can’t shoot) whereas with Lucio, he can still shoot throughout the entire duration of beat. As always, remember to discord and harmony before you use your transcendence
  • Don’t feel mentally drained if you accidentally stack support ultimates – It happens in 4K+ Games, and even in OWL from time to time. It’ll happen once or twice every scrim that you have.

Cornering/Lines of Sight

  • This is perhaps the most complex and important concept to grasp as Zen. I briefly mentioned it in my hero guide (The ‘O.R.L.’ Rule) but it is vital in top tier goats teams. In simple terms, you want L.O.S. between your Rein and the opposing Rein, but NOT L.O.S. to the enemy backline
  • Whilst this may sound simple on the surface, rotating constantly and adjusting to where your Reinhardt plays will allow you to maximise your uptime of discord and harmony, alongside spamming the opposing Reinhardt shield
  • You don’t want L.O.S. to the opposing backline as some spam damage may cost a repair pack, alongside changing your position to one where you don’t have L.O.S. to your Rein
  • A nice thought exercise that helped me do this actively is that you want to imagine a long line is projected from your centre of mass, and the goal is for your Reinhardt as well as the opposing Reinhardt to be in the middle of that long line.


(If you’re a high ranked player reading this section, this will be nothing more than dusting off the cobwebs that formed over the period of time we’ve had Role Queue for) This will be looking at Goats as a whole, and problems that arise with broader concepts such as how you path as a team. Speaking of that…

Pathing on Retake

  • Whenever you are attacking, you always want to be going on the highground (Specifically against the Goats Match-Up) As the enemy team are forced to give you space
  • Two GREAT Examples would be on Ilios Lighthouse, where you want to path up the main stairs across catwalk to the balcony, and Busan Downtown, where you want to path up the stairs to the small window.

Grav D.Va Bomb

There are 4 Things You Need to Pull this Combo Off:

  1. Zarya Projected Bubble
  2. Reinhardt’s Pin
  3. Wasted Projected and Self Bubbles From Opposing Zarya
  4. Grav and Bomb Themselves

Follow these 5 steps as a General Rule of Thumb to pull this off:

  1. Firstly, wait for their Zarya to use both of her bubbles
  2. Secondly, wait for their Diva to use her defense Matrix so your grav doesn’t get eaten
  3. Thirdly, throw grav after their Diva uses her matrix
  4. Fourthly, throw in Diva bomb with your boosters so that it has LOS with the grav itself
  5. Finally, Let your Rein pin the opposing Rein in grav, and bubble him with Zarya’s projected bubble, so that the pin isn’t interrupted.

Whilst this may be simple, try pulling this off in a diamond LFG stack, let alone solo queue. In niche scenarios, Brig’s bash may stun the rein, and it’s not necessarily that you have the zarya projected bubble, but it makes the combo bullet proof.


  • You’ll often have to do this in the middle of your games where you don’t have transcendence or beat (Whether that’s due to your comp being Moira Goats, or you accidentally stacked support ultimates etc.) to counter their Grav (Or Grav Bomb) combo
  • A great Pseudo Defensive ult would actually be D.Va bomb itself; It zones any follow up, and punishes a team who aren’t playing by cover (At which time, the enemy have most likely turned around the corner to get as many people in Grav as possible). I’ve also seen Sigma as a replacement for D.Va, in which Flux and Grav can both simultaenously be countered as Sigma typically loves to fly in their air during his flux, and a Zarya loves to push past shield to land right clicks on squishy targets.
  • When doing this, make sure you ask your D.Va to either play an off-angle or on highground to utilise the boosters before you bomb (And to make sure your mech doesn’t get destroyed)
  • A great example of this would be on Blizzard World 1st Point Defense, on the highground with the shark behind it.
  • Shatter, as mentioned prior with Changsik, can also deny The Grav Bomb Combo


  • This comes from Jayne’s Analysis of the 2018 OWWC of Canada vs France

‘McCree [Brig] Counters Dive, Dive KINDA Counters Goats, and Goats counters McCree [Brig]’ – Justin ‘Jayne’ Conroy, France vs Canada 2018 OWWC

  • There’s also the circle of counters WITHIN Goats

‘If you want to beat Moira Goats, you need to go Ana into it. If you want to beat Ana Goats, you need to go Zen into it. If you want to counter Zen Goats, there are a couple of options… Moira Goats KINDA counters it… and dive with high cleave and/or splash’ – Justin ‘Jayne’ Conroy, France vs Canada 2018 OWWC

  • The reason behind why Ana counters Moira is that it offers a similar/slightly less healing in return for a Biotic Nade (Which invalidates all Moira healing for 4 seconds), a Sleep Dart (Which can sleep anybody on an off-angle) and a Nanoboost, which easily overpowers coalescence in terms of gaining shatter, and creating space. (In short, she has much more utility)
  • The reason behind why Zen counters Ana is that the discord orb, not matter the amount of healing, will bring more shield break alongside forcing their Rein to play more passively – And Transcendence is even more powerful than Nanoboost, even when playing aggressively
  • Moira ‘kinda’ counters Zen because the sheer time in which Moira can charge coalescence (20 Seconds Minimum with Lucio sticking on speed) will overpower any healing the opposing team can do in that time period. However, the ability to rotate and kite effectively will counteract much of this effect
  • High Splash and Cleave Damage (A winston alongside a Pharmercy) is a hard counter to an uncoordinated Zen Goats as the healing simply isn’t enough to heal the entire brawl as it isn’t AoE, hence…
  • The circle comes back around, and if you are going to be sticking onto Goats against dive, make sure it’s Moira Goats. The AoE healing can defeat a lot of the cleave damage, alongside how the fade bringing survivability, which decreases deaths per 10 minutes, indirectly helping to fuel how fast you charge coalescence.


  • Let’s say your on Hanamura Point A, Attack, and both teams have mirrored Zen Goats.
  • You take a fight on courtyard, and you either lose your Lucio, or mess up your bubble rotations alongside an overall decrease/deficit in resources compared to the enemy team
  • You don’t want to hard reset, as the fight is still winnable (Especially considering that Lucio is the least important character to die in Goats)
  • So what’s the answer? Well, going to point, and focusing anyone/anything that touches point (Disregarding the exploit you can do where you can still contest point by flying up to the top left window)
  • This can act as a soft reset as the objective pressure places the enemy team under stress to touch point, in which a bit of focus fire can deter this from occurring
  • What you DO NOT want to do (Especially has Reinhardt) is to turn around any corner that is away from point.
  • The reason being is that you are giving up this objective pressure whilst simultaneously being in L.O.S. of the entire enemy team (In which is advantageous for their Zenyatta as he can have L.O.S. between both Reinhardt’s if you turn that corner)
  • This may be specifically for Hanamura Point A only, but you also have corner advantage, as if their Rein is forced to touch point, he is then in L.O.S. of your entire team, with an easy discord orb to be placed upon him, then their Zarya is forced to use her friendly bubble in order to cleanse discord
  • As zen, you can also use curvature of the bell in the middle of Point A to gain a wider angle if needed (although this is especially risky if their Zen or Lucio is targeting you specifically)
  • In a different scenario, where YOU have the advantage, feel free to push that advantage aggressively


This links back to the part in the Zarya section of when to use Grav…

  • In short, if you’re on attack you want to be LOSING and WINNING Teamfights AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE – This makes it so that the enemy team get less capture % on KOTH Maps, and have to potentially squeeze in more teamfights to win in order to fully cap point
  • If you’re on defense, you want to be LOSING and WINNING Teamfights AS SLOW AS POSSIBLE – This makes it so that you maximise how long each teamfight is, which burns the attacker time bank, and gives you more capture %

Let’s give an example: Let’s say you’re attacking on a KOTH map, and the enemy team have control. The enemy team have a much larger ultimate economy, hence you want to try and force out Zarya’s Grav. You do this by sending a D.Va, lucio and Zarya to specifically focus them in order to force out Grav as EARLY as possible so that the enemy team get LESS Capture %.

In your normal ranked games <3750, this would be a solid plan, the Zarya would be forced to use grav to execute her team’s win condition, and you all die quickly (to give no ult charge) or retreat away.

HOWEVER, this can be extremely risky and formulaic if the enemy team telegraphs that you’re doing this on purpose, and their Zarya can kite and play passive in response, which may force out ultimates from you, and in the mist of you doing this, you’re giving the enemy team more capture %.

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