Epic Seven Finding and Identifying Useful Gear Guide

by becktheham

Disclaimer: This guide is made with the assumption that the reader knows the bare basics of gears (what are sets, what the stats do, how to get gear)

There seems to be a lack of guides helping inexperienced players decide if the gear they get are worth raising, so i’m going to try to make one. A point to note is that the decision of whether to keep or toss gear is subjective, and changes based on a few factors:
1) How far you are into the game
2) How dedicated you are to grinding
3) How important a specific gear (set/stats) is to you

Based on those, gear that you might usually toss end up being kept instead and vice versa. The goal of this guide is to help players who doubt their own abilities to decide if their gear is a keeper, or for those who would like something to reference.

Useful References

Gear Guide for Beginners
Gear Rolls Sheet 
When to use Flat vs % Main Stat
And the official discord’s help channel

Identifying the stats a Hero wants

In Epic Seven, the main purpose of gears are to pad your heroes’ stats. To generalise, heroes in this game can be separated into 3 groups. Each group benefit from different stats and it is up to you to decide which gear have usable stats and which are worthless. As mentioned, your expectations of the term “usable gear” should change based on your progress and your needs.

Before i continue, i would like to heavily emphasize that:
1) Flat substats are pure trash, consider it a dead slot if you get it. (Speed isn’t a flat substat.)
2) Flat mainstats are usable only for a small subset of heroes, the image that shows the threshold can be found above.
3) Again, flat substats are absolutely trash. When i list a stat below, consider it a % stat.

These heroes are brought to fights entirely for their ability to dish out huge amounts of damage, bonus points if they bring along a little utility, the stats they look out for are: Crit Damage, Crit Chance, Attack, Speed

In general, most DPS should be aiming to push their Atk and Crit Damage stats as high as possible, while getting their Crit Chance to at least 80% (though many prefer 100% to eliminate RNG). Speed as a stat are usually gained through speed sets and/or speed main boots.

There are also outliers, who can afford to drop some stats to pump the rest up higher, here are a few:

Challenger Dominiel- Has a 50% Crit Chance buff, allowing her to stop building crit at 50% or even lower, as well as Combat Readiness push every time an ally crits which also lets her afford to drop speed as a stat.

Lena- Has innate 50% Crit Chance and also a nigh permanent Attack buff, giving more leeway to builds that favour higher crit damage.

Cidd- Gains bonus effects on crit, which makes it a lot more important to get his Crit Chance to 100%, he also scales a little off speed which allows you to trade some attack for crit damage.

Utility Tank/Healers
These heroes are put in the team for their useful buffs or debuffs, and sometimes for their ability to soak up a lot of damage. What to look out for in gear for these heroes:
Health, Defense, Speed, Effective Resistance, Effectiveness

This group consist of tanks/healers who want to push their health and defense as high as possible while still having acceptable speeds. The heroes with debuffs also aim to get effectiveness, 55-65% for PvE content while up to 150%+ for high end pvp.

Some varied examples are:

Falconer Kluri- Has self heals every turn which scales off max Health, as well as a potent S3 that dispels,provokes and defense breaks. A typical build goes for Health/Defense/Speed/Effectiveness

Angelic Montmorancy- Has a kit full of team-based utility, her heals scale off ally max health and she becomes extremely useful by pushing for high effective resistance. Most players build her with Health/Speed/Effective Resistance/Defense

Iseria- One of the best utility heroes with 2 skills having potent debuffs, which means she should be going for high speed/effectiveness, and a choice between atk/crit or hp/def depending on your preference.

A broad term for heroes who trade off damage for utility or tankiness. This group is easier to gear for, but harder to gear properly as they can just about use every single stat. Most bruisers however aim for:
Health, Defense, Attack, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Speed

As stated, bruisers are extremely tough to gear, and you should have a clear idea of what you want your bruiser to do when building them. Having gear that spreads stats too widely will give you a bruiser that does everything badly.

Violet/Charles/Ken/Ravi are examples of offensive bruiser. Most would build Health/Attack/Crit/Crit Damage, aiming to make them tanky while still strong enough to make them a threat.

Fighter Maya/Troublemaker Crozet/General Purrgis are examples of utility/defensive bruisers, they are often built with more Health/Defense than their offensive counterparts, but still pack some damage to back up their utility.

Early Game: What to expect

Where to get accessible gear:
1) Adventurer’s Path
2) Gold Chests in Maze Stages in Story Mode
3) Gold Chests in Labyrinths
4) Lv 22-60 Acc Chest in Shop

As a new/early game player, these will be the main sources of gear that you should look to enhance, the gears all have preset substats and sets which majority of the time are good.

Additionally, they do not cost a lot to enhance due to their lower item levels. The gear from those sources should be more than enough for 1 team of 4 heroes, and will suffice till you clear 10-10. These gear will also be a great start to helping you begin farming high level hunts.

There is no reason to farm hunts for drops during the early game, as the gear it drops will never be worth raising, and even the 1/1000 good drop will be made irrelevant once you go on to higher level gear.

Which ones to raise
As there is not much tough content early on, the results of enhancing the gear does not affect you as much as you’d think. Due to the low level, the cost of enhancing gear is very low, nor will there be crazy substat rolls that make or break your gear. The biggest thing you should look out for first are important sets (attack/critdmg/speed/crit on dps, hp/speed/def on tanks or healers) followed by relevant rolls.

Vaguely speaking, Tank/Healers should be geared with defense/health/speed sets, while DPS should be geared with atk/crit/critdmg sets.

Mid Game: Raise your expectations, but not too much

Where to get accessible gear:
1) AP Shops in second continent, Cidonia
2) Automaton Tower (1-80)
3) Azmakalis AKA Raids
4) Hunts 9 to 11 (but preferably 11)
5) Abyss
6) Arena Shop

You’ve completed 10-10, typically your next goal is to begin farming hunt 9 to 11 for “endgame” gear. There are many sources of midgame gear, from Raids to Automaton Tower to Abyss.

Your expectations of what is “usable” should also be raised significantly from the early game. Firstly, the set and the substats should synergise (attack set with offensive substats, health set with defensive substats etc.), and gear below level 60 should be used as fodder or sold.

The midgame requires plenty of heroes which work in each content, which means you’ll also need plenty of gear. While you should aim for proper substats and sets, there should still be leniency with what you keep or discard.

My personal benchmark is:
1) Only keep gear above level 60.
2) Only keep heroic+ gear between level 60 – 80.
3) Only keep rare+ gear above level 80.
4) Gear should have at least 2 substats that synergise with the set.
5) Accessories and Boots must have relevant % main stats (Critdmg/Crit/Health% on necklace, Atk%/Health%/Eff/EffRes on ring, Speed/Atk%/Health% on boots)
6) If enhanced stats roll on non-relevant stats more than twice, or if the rolls are below average, stop enhancing the gear.

My example is stricter than average, which means it would be harder to find usable gear but the gear would help you transition better into the lategame.

Late game: Gears you’ll want to keep forever

Where to get accessible gear:
1) Hunt 11
2) Automaton Tower (81-100)
3) Akmakalis Hell Raid
4) Abyss (the rest of it)

In my opinion, you are considered endgame when you are able to autobattle at least 2 of the Hunt 11s, cleared up to floor 80 in Automaton Tower and autobattle most normal Raid bosses.

As usual, your expectations of what defines usable gear should be raised significantly from midgame. Your goal now is to get heroes with gear that can speedclear Hunt 11, semi-auto Hell Raid and full auto Automaton Tower.

My personal benchmark is:
1) Only keep heroic+ gear above level 80.
2) Only keep left side gear with at least 3 relevant substats that synergise with the set.
3) Only keep right side gear with 2 relevant substats that synergise with the main stat.
4) Only keep gear that have at least 2 relevant substats that are average.
5) Only keep gear that roll 2 above average rolls on relevant substats or 3 average rolls on relevant substats.

This example is pretty average in terms of strictness; the more lategame gear you get, the higher your expectations should get as well.

Exceptions & Conclusion

If i haven’t emphasized it enough, identifying gear is very much subjective and is based on your personal playstyle/needs.

The undeniable truth is that “perfect” lategame gear is only needed for PvP/GW if you’re going for the high ranks. More often than not, slightly above average rolls are already enough for whatever existing content there is in the game.

If you want to be casual, or don’t plan on going insane, or aren’t picky, the requirements for “usable” gear drops. Likewise, it can also rise if you want to be efficient with your charms/gold or if you already have a huge stockpile of gear.

At the end of the day, the important thing is to have fun proper substats on the right set, base and roll values are way too influenced by RNG to guarantee anything and should only be regarded if you’re a hardcore player.

If you disagree with how i specifically define usable gear, please don’t waste either of our time by posting about it because as i’ve reiterated, the values are subjective.


Step 1: Get Gear
Step 2: Keep gear with good substats and mainstat
Step 3: Enhance Gear
Step 4: Keep gear that rolls into the good substats and mainstats
Step 5: Realise none of the gear you enhance are good
Step 6: Fuck this shit

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