Epic Seven New Player Progression Guide

by becktheham


This guide will lay out the commonly recommended “milestones” and content new players should aim to do in their first few weeks playing the game and some tips for avoiding common mistakes. 

The milestones and recommended content to tackle are all solely based on my opinion and experience in the game.This guide does not teach new players the basics of the game and its mechanics.

General Tips

  • Heroes
  1. Do not sell or use 3* and above Heroes as promotion fodder, as there are quite a few of them who are very strong even compared to higher rarity heroes and there has been precedent of 3* Heroes being buffed or receiving Specialty Changes.
  1. Heroes can be imprinted (Enhanced using the same hero) up to SSS imprint, which provides additional stats for allies or themselves. There is a reputation quest which gives Covenant Bookmarks as reward, which is why it is recommended that new players imprint their excess heroes instead of selling it or using it as promotion fodder.
  • Artifacts
  1. There are also useful 3* Artifacts:  
  • Daydream Joker, keep 4-6 Max Limit Break (MLB) copies
  • Exorcist’s Tonfa, keep 2-3 MLB copies
  • Egg of Delusion/Timeless Anchor/Oath Key/Ranon’s Memorandum, keep 1 MLB copy of each  

          The rest should be sold if you do not want to keep it.            

  1. Keep at least 1 MLB copy of all 4* and above Artifacts.                   
  • Gear
  1. The game gives all new players multiple sets of free gear with predetermined main and substats. These are extremely useful for players to gear their Wyvern Hunt team.  
  1. Gear management is a complicated but important part of the game, for players who wish to learn how to evaluate gears themselves, read the Gear Management Guide.
  1. Low rarity (Normal/Good) gear can both be used for enhancing higher rarity gear or sold for gold, depending on which resource you’re currently lacking (gold or charms).
  • Guild
  1. New players are recommended to join any guild as soon as possible even if the guild isn’t very active as there are useful resources in Guild Shop which refresh weekly. Joining a guild will also allow players to collect Brave Crests, which is required to unlock Furious later on.  
  • Where to spend Skystones
  1. Skystones are the premium currency of the game, while players do receive a steady source of skystone throughout the game, it is recommended to be mindful of where players spend their skystones.
  1. Below are the best places to spend skystones:

1. Secret Shop refreshes at higher ranks; Covenant Bookmarks and   Mystic Medals have a chance of showing up in the Secret Shop with slightly better rates than just buying it directly. However this does come with the additional gold cost. 

2. Epic Passes if you’re able to complete it in time; Epic Passes are exceptionally valued for the skystone cost. 

3. Hero/Gear Inventory expansion; optional, but worth the one-time cost as players progress further into the game. 

4. Buying Covenant Bookmarks; 950 Skystones for 50 Bookmarks is decent value, especially if you don’t have the gold to refresh secret shop.

5. Stamina Refresh; only recommended for endgame players who needs gear more than heroes. 

  • Shops – What to buy
  1. There are a few shops in the game which sells useful items that refreshes routinely. New players should try to buy the important items every refresh. 

Normal Shop (Weekly)

Must Buys: 



Malicious Bug Charm (if you have 3 Lab Compasses and aren’t able to use it before daily reset.

Transmit Stone Shop (Weekly) 

Must Buys:

Molagoras x2 

Equipment Conversion Gem Selection Chest 


Ego Fragment (Buy whenever needed) 

Lesser/Greater Artifact Charms (Not recommended, buy from Guild Shop  instead)

Giga Phantasma (Not recommended, just level fodder instead)

Powder of Knowledge Shop (5-6 Weeks) 

Must Buys:

Bottle of Knowledge


Artifact Charms (Buy if you have plenty of artifacts and need the charms)

5* Rotation Artifacts (Buy if its a good artifact)

5* Banner Artifacts (Buy only if its a limited artifact) 

Friendship Shop (Daily)

Must Buys:


Arena Flags


Friendship Bookmarks (When you run out of fodder)

Ancient Coin Shop (Weekly)

Must Buys:



Malicious Bug Charm (Not recommended, you get enough from other sources monthly to clear all 5 Hell Raid bosses)

Conquest Point Shop (Daily/Weekly/Seasonal)

Must Buys:

Unknown Slate

Molagora Seed



Seasonal Arena Gear (Some are decent for early-midgame players) 

Charms (Buy as you need, recommended to purchase for endgame players)

Seasonal Frame (If you want the frame, otherwise not worth buying)

RGB Coin Shop (Monthly)

Must Buys:



Random lvl 85 Epic Equipment (If you find an extremely well rolled piece)

5* Hero (If its a hero you want)

Galaxy Coin Shop (Monthly)

Must Buys:

ML 5* Hero (When it’s a good hero on rotation)


Random lvl 85 Epic Equipment (If you find an extremely well rolled piece)

Guild Shop (Weekly/Monthly)

Must Buys: 

Molagora Seed 

Catalyst Chest (The one that cost Brave Crests)

Equipment Conversion Gem Chest (The one that cost Brave Crests)

5* Artifact – A Symbol of Unity 

5* Artifact – Proof of Valor (1 copy is fine)


Tera-Phantasma (Can be sold for 10 Silver Transmit Stone) 

Labyrinth Compass (When you need it)

Lesser Artifact Charms (When you need it)

Secret Shop (Hourly)

Must Buys:

Covenant Bookmarks

Mystic Medals


Epic Gear (Only buy those that have perfect substats)

Huche’s Labyrinth Shop (Daily)

Must Buys:

All Heroic/Epic Charms 

Covenant Bookmarks

All Artifact Charms


Lesser Equipment Charms (It’s better than using fodder gear, but not by that much)

Catalysts (Very expensive, only buy if you really need it)

Normal Raid Shop

Must Buy:



Epic Artifact Charm 

Queen Azumashik’s Gift (Lootbox HELLLLL YEAH)

Hell Raid Shop

Must Buy:

Greater Azimanus Fighter’s Dagger

Greater Azimanus Fighter’s Armor



Huche’s Event Shop (8 Hours/Event Only)

Must Buy:

Mystic Medals 


4-5* Hero Ticket (15% Chance for a 5* Hero) 

Molagora (Buy only if you really need it)

Leifs (Always worth more stamina than the skystone cost)

Note: There is the very rare 50% Discount off Huche’s Event Shop which makes some of the other items worth purchasing as well. 

Watching Ads (Daily)

Notices & Event (Bottom Left of Lobby) > Event > Ads  

Players get 20 energy for each Ad watched, up to 5 times a day.

1) Rerolling

After completing 1-4, new players are given access to Selective Summon, which is a 10 pull that can be rerolled up to 30 times. Below is an updated (As of 9th Jan 2020) reroll guide which details what Selective Summon is and what to go for. 

A single A or S tier 5* Hero start is more than enough to progress in the game, and players should not feel compelled to reroll for a better start than that if they do not want to. 

2) Team Composition

New players are recommended to work on a core set of 4 heroes, as access to hero upgrading resources like runes, catalysts and molagoras are fairly restricted early on.  

The most efficient teams contain heroes that can transition into being used in other content, notably Wyvern Hunt which is a core part of gear progression in the game. 

These heroes are available in connections, and are highly recommended for all new players to get. 

Montmorancy: one of the best healers in the game after getting her Specialty Change and can be used as frontline tank/healer for Wyvern Hunt. 

Alexa: one of the best DPS for Wyvern Hunt, very cheap to upgrade to a usable level. 

Furious: the best “support” in Wyvern Hunt, highly recommended for all players to get him from connections as soon as possible.

New players can also opt to use a farmer in their general team, “farmer” is a term to describe heroes who can unleash consecutive AOE attacks which speeds up battles considerably.

These heroes are considered to be the “best” farmers in the game and all new players are recommended to at least use one of them.

Vildred: 5* Hero available in Selective Summon, Vildred is one of the OG farmers since the beginning of the game, and sees use in plenty of content later on in the game.

Arbiter Vildred: 5* Moonlight Hero which is extremely rare especially for new players. The best farmer in the game, period.

Lena: 3* Hero not available in Selective Summon, Lena is very easy and cheap to build for new players.

Free Spirit Tieria: 4* Moonlight Hero given to all players for free with all skills fully enhanced. Highly recommended for new players who do not have Vildred or Arbiter Vildred as there are additional rewards given for building her.

A recommended general team would contain the 5* hero from Selective Summon, one of the farmers, Montmorancy and Alexa. With Alexa’s spot being the flexible spot for completing story missions. 

Below are some 3* Heroes with amazing Specialty Changes that new players are encouraged to build if they own them: 

Montmorancy: Specialty Change upgrades her kit into one of the best all-rounded healer kits in the game. Highly recommended for all players to build her. 

Kluri: Top tier PVP hero after Specialty Change, being able to both Def Break and Provoke a single enemy while ignoring evasion checks in addition to her constant turn cycling. 

Doris: Her Specialty Change also makes her a solid healer, she has more defensive buffs while Montmorancy has more cleanses and lower cooldowns. More often used in PVP. 

Ras: Unlocks his Specialty Change after clearing 2nd Continent 10-10, Ras has one of the most impactful Specialty Changes, turning him into a top tier tank/support in all contents. 

3) Adventurer’s Path

Early on in the game, new players will be introduced to the Adventurer’s Path, which is basically just free stuff for completing certain tasks. Players should try to complete it as they progress in the game. 

There is also an additional Adventurer’s Path called “Beautiful Pursuer” which will give you rewards for building Free Spirit Tieria, who is a very strong farmer after her buffs. 

In a sense, progression in the early/mid game can be tied to Adventurer’s Path. 

4) Progression – Early Game

Aspiring Adventurer

After getting a Selective Summon result that the player is happy with, they should start looking to progress through the Story Mode while fulfilling the 3 side missions for additional rewards. 

Players should be able to clear the first Adventurer’s Path “Aspiring Adventurer” fairly quickly while progressing to 2-7. This Path introduces Spirit Altar, Labyrinth and basic Hero/Gear Enhancing. 

Spirit Altar – Very important for awakening heroes, although New Players shouldn’t be farming these until the later stages. 

Labyrinth – Players get 1 entry ticket a day, being able to hold up to 3. The earlier Labyrinths like “Tirel Castle” or “Farche Labyrinth” do not contain anything valuable, but the later areas in “Nixied’s Sanctum” contains really useful gear. “Azamakalis” aka Normal/Hell Raid will provide Players with a weekly/monthly source of valuable gear/currency. 

Growing Adventurer

This Path is similar to the previous one, easily completed while progressing through Story Mode 4-4 and introduces Arena, Abyss, Hunts and Crafting with Hunt Materials.

Arena – Arena provides the bulk of weekly skystones for mid/endgame players. New Players should try to clear their hourly arena entries even if they aren’t able to win, as conquest points are awarded regardless. 

Abyss – Players get 3 entries daily which do not roll over to the next day. The earlier floors are relatively easy. Players can “purify” the abyss to exchange all remaining entries for stigma and gold daily.  

Hunts – A core part of the game where players get the bulk of their gear and other valuable resources. Wyvern Hunt is the best Hunt for most players to farm.  

Crafting – Using the crafting materials dropped in Hunts, players can craft specific types of gear. Really expensive, and not something new players should worry about. 

Adept Adventurer

Once again, continue to progress through Story Mode up to 7-10, this Path doesn’t introduce any new mechanics/content. 

Mystic Medal – Reward for completing this Path, main source of these are from participating in Guild Wars, and is very useful for players to get guaranteed Moonlight 5* Heroes.

Remarkable Adventurer   

The last Path for 1st Continent, completed by clearing Story Mode 10-10 and promoting a hero to 6*. Nothing new is introduced here. 

Achieving Adventurer

This path is the longest with 70 quests to complete, however the important quest new players should aim for is “Clear Stage 3-10 in Mining City Aakhen” as it rewards players with 200 AP in that region.

Which will get you closer to unlocking Furious in connections.

4) Progression – End of Early Game

Wyvern Hunt

At this point, new players should focus on unlocking Furious, and begin working on their Wyvern Hunt team.

Wyvern hunt is considered the best hunt to farm for a vast majority of players as it drops gear with the Speed Set, which is generally useful for most heroes in the game. 

For an in-depth guide to Wyvern Hunts, read the Wyvern 13 Team Guide.

Hunts in general will be something all players will farm constantly when they have the stamina to spare or during the occasional Hunt Buff Event. 

Azmakalis – Normal Raid

The next content new players should build for would be Normal Raid, found in the Labyrinth page.Unlike the other Labyrinths, Azmakalis contains 5 bosses which drops tokens players can exchange for gear or other assorted items. The raid resets weekly, and players are recommended to clear all 5 bosses every week for the rewards.  

Read this in-depth guide to Normal Raid for more details.

Automaton Tower

To be updated when the new tower is released. Always worth completing every month (biweekly). 

Story Mode

The difficulty of stages in Story Mode ramps up considerably near the end of Cidonia and gets even tougher beyond that. It is recommended for players to beat Cidonia 10-10 to unlock Ras’ Specialty Change.

New Players are highly recommended not to do any of the stages in the 3rd Continent Eureka until later as doing so will move Urgent Missions to that continent instead. 

Unrecorded History

Unrecorded History(UH) is essentially part 2 of the Ritania storyline, and takes place before the story in Cidonia. New players can begin to progress UH for additional molagoras, skystones and most importantly gaining access to AP Shops to purchase catalysts.   

5) Progression – Mid Game

At this point, players should have teams set up to complete Wyvern 12+ Hunt, Normal Raid and completed Cidonia 10-10. 


With the heroes built thus far, players should have no issues climbing to at least Gold rank in Arena, which will be a decent source of Skystones weekly.  

Depending on their hero pool, some players may be able to climb even higher into Master rank if they choose to gear their PVP heroes for it. 

Azimanak Hunt

The next hunt players should start building for, Azimanak drops the Unity (Dual Attack Chance), Immunity and Rage sets. Besides unity, Immunity and Rage sets are extremely useful for players hoping to enter competitive PVP and endgame PVE respectively. 

Recommended hunt to farm in conjunction with Wyvern.


New Players might find themselves having trouble dealing with each advancing Abyss floor, and can consider building some heroes who are able to “cheese” some of these stages. 

Kiris – 3* Hero whose kit revolves around applying,maintaining and extending multiple poison stacks on enemies. Poison does 5% of the enemy’s maximum hp, which makes it extremely strong against bosses. 

Schuri – 4* Hero who is able to provide constant CR manipulation through his skills, as well as the occasional poison on his S1. When paired with Lots and A. Lots, Schuri is able to provide the team with a ridiculous amount of turn cycling. 

Spectre Tenebria – ML 5* Hero with poison debuffs on her S1, one of the best DPS for Abyss in general as she is also untargetable by enemies.

6) Progression – End of Mid Game

Players at this point would be mostly farming for gear in Wyvern/Azimanak Hunts, improving their PVP teams and beginning to work on heroes that are specialized in specific content. 

Guild War

Main source of Mystic Medals in the game, players should aim to join a guild that participates in Guild Wars. 

Azmakalis – Hell Raid 

Players should begin working on teams to beat Hell Raid, as the rewards obtainable here is used even in later stages of endgame content. 

For players interested, read this Hell Raid Guide

These two gear are highly recommended for almost all players.

Story Mode

Players who think they are prepared can begin doing 3rd Continent Eureka for additional pieces of gear in the AP Shops found in that continent. 

7) Progression – Start of End Game

Players are considered in the end game when they are able to complete most PVE content in the game, up to Abyss 100+ and whining about their terrible drops in Hunts trying to upgrade and equip their heroes with reforged gear. 

There are plenty of content Endgame players can work on, depending on what heroes they own. 


Regardless of hero pool, most players should attempt to push into Challenger rank in PVP at this point in the game. 

Hall of Trials

For players who do own some of the heroes mentioned below, Hall of Trials can be a fun content to begin working on. 

Kitty Clarissa; A 4* ML Hero, staple for HoT thanks to her AoE Cleanse, Dispels and S1 triggering Dual Attack from DPS. 

Tamarinne; 5* Hero, when the restrictions aren’t specifically tailored to completely invalidate her kit, she is best in slot for HoT.   

Cermia; 5* Hero, the best DPS for every HoT except Zeno thanks to her self Greater Attack Buff and S1 EE which gives her a chance to attack twice.

Banshee Hunt

Banshee drops the Lifesteal, Destruction (Crit Damage), Counter and Eff Resist sets. Besides Destruction which is generally a useful set for DPS heroes, the other 3 sets are usually used on niche types of heroes which is why it is the 3rd hunt recommended for players to start farming.   

For players interested, read this in-depth guide to Banshee 13 Hunt.

8) Progression – End Game 

Once a player has completed all available content and is at least Challenger in Arena. Most Endgame players begin expanding their PVP hero pool to push for higher ranks in Arena and RTA, while others prefer to build specialized comps for Hunts or Hall of Trials. 


Remember, the true treasure is the friends experiences we’ve made along the way. Don’t rush to endgame, enjoy the progression because endgame isn’t as hyped up as it’s made out to be.

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