Mobile Legends Pharsa High Elo Guide

by koikoikoikoikoi

Pharsa is honestly the most Under-Rated Hero in the game, and let me explain why.


Firstly, to address all the immature memes about me defending Pharsa, okay maybe she isn’t the BEST HERO and she DOES HAVE COUNTERS, but she is definitely one of the strongest heroes when used correctly + positioned correctly and you can always avoid your counters by looking at the map. If you want to reach a high elo in one single season like I have, you want to keep practicing her for many games. The more you practice, the more you can carry feeder and afk teams and climb rank faster.

Why Learn Pharsa?

  1. Passive makes her great for poking enemies
  2. First skill is aoe and has high damage + slow
  3. High mobility, can fly over any obstacle and over the map
  4. Has highest range in game, can fire from almost halfway across the map
  5. Artillery ultimate is very painful
  6. Enemy will not expect her burst
  7. Never banned or picked often in rank, so u can use her every game

Things to Note:

  1. Her main counter is helcurt, gusion, franco and aurora. *Helcurt can silence you and gusion can dodge your ultimate while teleporting to you. Franco can easily hook you when you are casting skills and aurora can instant freeze you with her ultimate.*
  2. You must stay behind your teammates. If you have no tank on team, let your team or enemy force fight first while you get into a good bush.
  3. Pharsa is very hard to master well, which is why many people think she is a bad or weak hero. When mastered, even in high elo she can carry games and get mvp most of the time.

Learning Pharsa (Low-elo)

  1. Pharsa has 2 forms, one is human, and one is bird. In her bird form she moves faster and can fly over ANY OBSTACLE. This also includes grock wall and outside of the map, meaning no one can touch you during this period
  2. If someone stuns you while in bird, you will become human again
  3. She has cheapest skin in game, only 50 diamonds currently
  4. Her S1 will increase her magic power permanently by a huge amount so u want to be leveling this up
  5. Her S2 slows enemies and deals massive aoe damage to them
  6. Her S3 has longest range in game and is perfect for depending base and tower attacking

Learning Pharsa (High-elo)

  1. Make sure you are not front line in team when fighting
  2. If enemy has helcurt, gusion, franco or aurora, always look where they are at map so they can’t ambush you. If you play correctly no one will be able to touch you
  3. You can use S2 during ultimate to burst incoming enemy
  4. Make sure you are always using her ultimate. Do not just use it once or twice and stop it
  5. When using ultimate you can cancel it by transforming into bird stage
  6. When you see enemies trying to target you, always transform into bird and fly away before they can touch you
  7. Use bushes so enemies can’t see you when you are using ultimate
  8. Learn how to position yourself so enemies can’t reach you and so you can deal damage throughout any fight
  9. You can dodge aldous ultimate by standing in middle of wall, you will appear one side while he will appear the other after his ultimate hits you
  10. If enemy is standing still or in stun, use auto target to ultimate him, if moving use manual target. You will get better overtime at aiming ultimate and carrying your teams, this is the difference between a beginner pharsa, and a good pharsa.

This is how a good pharsa player plays:

Battle Spell:

  1. Sprint is the best spell to take for Pharsa because while in bird form and using sprint, you escape any enemy over walls. Take sprint instead of flicker because you can already fly over obstacle so it is quite useless unless your fly is in cooldown
  2. Purify is next best spell to take for Pharsa beacuse you can use it to escape from your counters like Helcurt or aurora. If you are good player, you can even cancel franco hook with enough practice.


  1. Take Magical emblem with vitality to give you more hp, flow to gain more damage, and magic power surge for more damage.


  1. Demon boots (with enough mana regen, you will never have to back if you position correct)
  2. Enchanted talisman (gives even more mana regen and cooldown for you to spam ultimate)
  3. Glowign wand (whenever your ultimate lands, it will give enemies a burn that lasts for 3 seconds)
  4. Fleeting time (when you get an assist or kill, it will decrease your ultimate cooldown so that you can keep casting it again)
  5. Ice queen staff (whenever your ultimate lands, it will slow enemies down so it is harder for them to reach you. It will also make it easier to land skills on them)
  6. Blood wings (gives you a lot of hp so it is harder to kill you, as well as a ton of magic power so all of your skills will deal more damage)

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