Mobile Legends Martis God of War Guide

by Ghost_of_Razgr1z

HELLO my name is Solaire in game. I am the current number one Martis in the US (Street level) and number 43 Globally. I have a 73.6 win rate with over 700 matches, just to give some validity to the guide. I’m gonna go over skill tips, ways to play, Pros and cons and why you should pick him. LETS GET STARTED


PASSIVE: After every skill, you get some higher attack speed. Its not entirely useful other than to take down towers quickly and to give him a bit of damage, so don’t expect to make a build around his passive. To clear jungles and deal damage, be sure to space out activating his skills so you can always have max passive stacks up.

SKILL 1: His main tool to stop and slow enemies and put them in a position that allows you to get the jump on them. Not only does it do that but it also stops them mid skill, like a stun that doesn’t last long at all. When using this skill, make sure to angle it in a way where you can pull the enemy back further towards you. Aim the very edge of the skill on them and it’ll pull them back the most.

SKILL 2: This is your Bread and butter, the main skill you’re going to want to use a lot and the one you’re going to want to Max out first other than his Ultimate. It has two parts to it, the first being a few slashes that push whoever is being hit and the 2nd being a knock up that pushes yourself forward Here’s some things you need to know about this skill

-50% or 60% Damage reduction during the slashing animation and the knock up of the 2nd part

-Immune to CC during the entirety of both parts animations

-The first part of the Skill gives you 3x to your passive

-You can change the direction of it after the 2nd Slash

-The Cooldown of this skill is lowered if you don’t do the knock up, during the slashing animation and before you the knock up the skills CD is already counting down. The knock up counts as using the skill again so it goes all the way back down

-Because this skill pushes back enemies, it will interrupt them from what they are doing

The general way you’re gonna want to use this skill is for a wave clear and to be in the middle of the Fight. Because of the damage reduction, you can use it in the middle of fights and be okay. With Bloodlust Axe, this skill gives a lot of sustain. The Knock up should be used for three things:

To help you finish off an enemy, stop an opponent mid skill, or to escape.

Because of this, you need to look at the situation and decide what’s best

ULTIMATE: Straight forward, once an enemy is low enough, an X will appear at their feet. This means that you can use it to kill them instantly. Once they are dead, you get movement speed and can use it again for a certain period of time. If you don’t get another kill, the Cooldown starts again. You don’t have to use this skill only the kill, it does deal a nice chunk of true damage once they are below 50% so it can be used just to help others finish off an enemy. Something I like doing is Flickering under a tower, kill, and then run away during the increased movement speed.

IMPORTANT NOTE THIS SKILL DOES NOT TAKE INTO ACCOUNT SHIELDS meaning that if an enemy has a red X under neath them but they have a shield, 90% of the time they won’t die. The X only looks at their health and nothing else, so once that shield is gone they’ll be killed

SKILL COMBOS: Highly dependent on what you need to use his skills for but here are some.

Skill 1 to pull them back and allow you to get in their face, Skill 2 to push them back or just deal damage, basic attack until your passive is about to reset, Skill 2 again to knock up and reset passive, Ult and repeat


*BEFORE YOU START LANING:*Bot or top should be where he wants to go during laning phase but he also works mid because of his anazing wave clear. He however does not have any really good movement skills so due note that. Pair yourself with whoever is your filler hero on your team, whether it be an extra mage, tank, Fighter or assassin. You shouldn’t lane with the MM because your main goal is to be aggressive, and being aggressive doesn’t give you time to peel for your Marksman

LANING: Early and mid game is your strongest point. Like I said before, you WANT to be aggressive, not to the point where you almost die but enough to put pressure on the enemy. You have a damage reduction skill that also clears waves fast, use it to your advantage. The first thing you should try doing is cutting through jungle and getting right to the creep wave. This allows you to get the wave out of sight out of mind, and lets you finish off you or your enemies jungle and roam quicker. You should also try to be in your enemies jungle a bit to either apply pressure or to get an early game kill for snowballs.

TEAMFIGHTS: For the most part you’re going to want to be the intiator. Because of the way you can push enemies, sustain, CC and slow you’re going to be important to allowing your team to wipe out the enemy team. Once anyone is low, feel free to use the Ult for that increased movement speed so you can contine to be up in their faces. It may sound like kill stealing, but who cares as long as you win. Remember to keep your knock up ready just in case someone starts an Ult and you need to end it.


SPELL: Always Flicker. Outside of your Knock up and Skill 2 (which is a very short dash) you have no movement skills. Use this to get in the middle of enemies, finish off a low health hero with Ult, or to escape if needed.

EMBLEMS: Assassin emblem with Bounty hunter OR Figher Emblem with Festival of Blood. Assasin emblem if you want to play like a tankier assassin and deal a lot of damage early game. His Ult is also perfect to snowball with Bounty Hunter. Fighter emblem makes you kinda like a mini tank if your team is a little squishy.

For Assassin emblem: Penetration/Spell Vamp (I like penetration more) and movement speed. Penetration is always good, but you also have a very high skill spamming hero so Spell Vamp is also not bad. The movement speed let’s you just roam around a bit more.

For Fighter Emblem: Penetration and Physical attack. Unlike other Fighters, you have a lot of damage potential, kinda like a tanky assassin. Doing damage is what you want to strive for, but the emblem in general makes you a bit beefier.

*CORE ITEMS:*In general you’re going to want build a decent amount of damage for this hero

-Armor boots/Assist boots: Just adds some tankyness. Rapid boots isn’t bad but since you want to be aggressive, the passive never really activates much

-Bloodlust Axe, excellent for sustain from his Skill 2, and allows a nice boost in health whenever you use your Ult

-Endless Battle: Sustain, true damage after every skill, whats not to like?

For the next 3 items, another damage item would be great, but if you want to build tanky then go for 3 tank items. AT LEAST TWO TANK ITEMS IS A MUST because you still want him to have some health to get in the middle of Fights.

PERSONAL BUILD: Since I know how to make sure I don’t take too much damage and I like playing very aggressively, I build full damage right off the bat

-Armor boots: Stated Above

-Bloodlust Axe: Stated Above

-Blade of Despir: The damage allows for really good early game kills especially with Bounty hunter. Your Ult also hits like a truck so it helps to make you an unstoppable force in the early game

-Endless Battle: Stated Above

-Athena’s Shield: Magic Resistance and a dope shield. What’s not to like?

-Brute Force Breastplate: Movement speed after doing a skill helps you catch up to enemies, and the increase to resistances helps while you’re spamming skills during Fights.


So now you know all the general information on how to play him, so why should you play him/ shouldn’t you play him?


-Very good wave clear and overall a strong early game
-Very high chance to snowball with Bounty Hunter due to his Ult
-Good sustain and damage reduction
-Can help take a lot of CC hits so that the rest of your team doesn’t have to
-Enough CC to help your team out in securing kills
-Applies a ton of pressure to lanes
-Great at finishing off low enemies and being up in their faces once you get an Ult kill
-Great against teams with a lot of instant CC, as you can just immune through it
-Very SoloQ friendly, you don’t have to rely on your teammates too much


-Very vulnerable when all your skills are up. You are basically at the mercy of anyone as fed as you once your skills are under cooldown
-Not as much CC as some other heroes
-Not very mobile
-Drops off after Mid game, either you don’t deal as much damage or you get shredded once your skill 2 is on Cooldown
-Cooldowns aren’t long but they also aren’t low either
-Very vulnerable to slows. Even during your skill 2, slows will still make you move like a snail if you aren’t careful


So that’s all, sorry if it’s a bit long but wanted to make sure that everything was on it. Martis is still a very good Fighter in this meta, and warrants the name the Ashura King and God of War. If you have any suggestions on what else should be added, feel free to let me know and i’ll add it or try to explain it in the comments (´・ω・`)

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