Stellaris Creating The Perfect Race Guide

by DiceTea1

So I always wanted to create the perfect race in terms of points.

In Short: I used the new caravaneer event, which gives u resilient. And most importantly I (ab)used self modification.

In Long:

  1. Create any species. It does not have to have repugnant, it literally doesn’t matter.
  2. OPTIONAL: Start as Xenophile, take the Ascenion Perk “Xeno Compatibility”.´+1 trait point, +1 trait slot. You need to get a Hybrid of your MAIN Race. No other hybrids.

3.0 Play on the biggest map size, send out a tone of science ships. You need the speed demon, horizon signal and brainslug events.

3.1 Research all genetic modifications point technologies, including full bio Ascension (Gene Tailoring +1, Targeted Gene Expressions +1, Engineered Evolution +3, Evolutionary Mastery +3).

  1. Now the real work starts: Colonize any nearly uninhabitable world with either your Hybrid Main Pops or your Main Pops. Let them grow, dont build anything, let the Happiness slide below 50%. After 5 (the event file says it only needs 3 , but you need 5 pops to get below 50 percent happiness) pops, the event “Self modification” will trigger. Here is the first problem: With your main species, the event ALWAYS fires. With your Main Hybrid species, it does always fire for me (I get the popup) , but it does not always give me the “has_planet (and country)_flag = pop_modification”. That is a problem. Once you have it, you the next events will always fire. This always works with your main race, but often not with your hybrid main race. I dont know why. This is also where my guide is different from others. Once you have the flag, your pops are marked and they will in time always get the “Rapid Breeders” and “Strong” trait. Other guides omit that.

Above you see my problem. If you do this with your main species, it always works for me. If I do it with the Main Hybrids (to squeeze out one more point), I only could make it work on an earlier patch. If I do it now, I do get the popup above, but I dont get the flag and the other events “rising tensions, the diplomat, increased strength and increased fertility” do not fire for me any more.

  1. The pops on this uninhabitable colony will “self modify”. They will completely change all their traits.
  2. Now you use all stored genemod points and totally max out your species. I used “fertile, robust, ingenious, conformists”. I highly recommend to use fertile, because it the event will give you “rapid breeders”. Those will stack, and for me the event will not remove “fertile”. I do not use erudite, because after you do the Horizon signal (later),you will get the intelligent trait. And it seems it was patched it, because this worm event will remove erudite. So do not pick it. Your Self modified species now has 0 genemod points left. (You can also pick more traits, but I wanted to maximally abuse the amount of genepoints I could get and not the amount of traits). Also, be sure to include the “Repugnant” trait for one extra point. They will become repugnant later anyway. For roleplay reasons, I would have preferred to pick a 1 trait point trait here, more speficially “natural engineers”. But then I would waste 1 point, since I run out of trait slots.
  3. Wait. This takes decades, BUT: Inevitably your marked, self modified maxed out pops will get a series of events. They will get the “strong” and “rapid breeder” traits on top,. Now your species is at -2 points. As mentioned before, I was happy when I found this out. But unfortunately, I could not make it work any more with the main hybrids, just with the main species.
  4. Make a colony not more than 3 hyperjumps from “Chors Compass” (The Caravan system). In time, your pops will get the resilient trait (new event, also not in the old guides, id = cara.4150)
  5. Finish the “Shrine to the old gods” event. Also go to war like crazy. I wanted to get rid of “xenophile” ethos, but mostly you want your empire to become militarist (needed for Horizon).

10. Add the speed demon box, chose from “social pheromones”, “bioadaptability” and “limited regeneration”. I took “social pheromones”.

  1. Add brainslugs.
  2. ​Make the Horizon event. Finish the main quest and your pops get the “tomb world habitability” and “natural physicists”. Finish the “The messenger” event. This makes your pops “intelligent”, if you are militarist. If you are pacifist, you would get “resilient”, but we already have it from the carvaneers and dont want it.
  3. if you didnt finish the “Shrine to the Old Gods” events, do it now. Do everything to make your empire “fanatic spiritualist” (supress other factions, promote this one).
  4. Create a vassal empire with 10 Planets. With your “fanatic spiritualist” ethos they will go psionic ascension nearly every time, and so the pops become psionic. Re-conquer them or integrate them.
  5. Give your pops to a Driven Assimilator Empire. They will become cyborgs. Take them back and you are finished.

Now, please:

First, I am not very good at writing guides. However, because I could not replicate the “self modification” event with my hybrid main race, I am doubtful if it works with sub-species at all. I get the popup, but nothing happens any more. So I usually use my main species and do not go for the hybrid ascension trait any more. Also, I can leave the xenophile ethic out, that prevents me from purging xd.

My final race looks like this:

So in the end my pops are:

-Tomb World preference

– Cybernetic

– Psionic

– self modified (does nothing)

– social pheromones

– Brain Slug Host

– Fertile- Robust

– Ingenious

– Intelligent

– Rapid Breeders


– Natural Physicists

– Strong

– Resilient

– Repugnant

I would like to be happy about feedback. The speed demon box changed, and the caravaneer event is new as well. I am able to use the “start self modification, then max out the species, then get rapid breeders and strong” reliably. But as said before, not with hybrids any more.

I would be happy to know if this works for others too. I am actually quite tired, this took a long time for me;). I hope you enjoyed it, and apologize if I used wrong wording or seemed to be not friendly during this. It is my first post ;)

Have a good evening everyone! Best wishes.

Edit: Also, Unfortunately you cannot get nivlac with this. You CAN get nivlac by getting them and then xeno hybrid breed. But it gives you 50 percent. habitability. So getting happiness down to become self modified is quite hard.

Edit2: I just checked the file. you need habitability = {

who = root

value < 0.4

meaning less that 40 percent habitability.

AND below 50 percent habitability

        count\_pops = {

happiness < 0.5

So…I cannot get niclav and self modified;(. I think at least….

Edit 3: Also I recommend to set the midgame a little later. 2350 maybe. I needed time to collect the events (dont take systems from others, just delete their planets, so you can survey them again) and also this, economically, does not go so well for me every time. And I dont want the 3x endgame crisis coming around the corner before I am ready;D As I said, not a super player just someone who like making a species :D

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    make a hybrid with the nu-boal you get even more extra traits and points

  2. Doodah says:

    if you make a hybrid with the Nu-Baol you get even more traits

  3. Anonymous says:

    You forgot The Enigmatic Cache to get Uplifted to your pops, for that you have to stay low enough in resarch or eliminate all other species beside of the ancient races.

  4. Continuumg says:

    Nonadaptive would brin it down to 40, and some planet modifiers can reduce it further.

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