Rainbow Six Siege Solo Play Strategy Guide

by Solesurvivor80

I made an attacking strat for the non 5-stacks playing in siege. This can be used for solo players, and even 2-stacks or 3-stacks.

I am not an expert or diamond player, i am just about to hit level 200 and was looking for tips on all kinds of sites, combined them, and this is what i came up with.

If you have any addition or more tips to make this more successful , please let me know in the comments so i can add this.

Loadout and operator choice:

  1. If you play solo preferred is an operator such as Jackal, IQ, Nomad, Dokkaebi or Maverick
  2. If you play as a 2 stack or more, look at the bottom of this strat to see deffferent operator combo’s you can use.
  3. Blitz, Zofia, Buck, Fuze or Sledge could work too, but they are less silent when moving/using their gadgets
  4. Take an Acog if you the map has alot of long hallways or lines of sight, take another sight like holo if the map is more close quarter combat. Taking a shotgun as a primary is only used for rushing er meming as far as i know.
  5. Equip your side arm with a silencer (when possible) to be more silent,

There are very few benefits to using a suppressor on a gun in Rainbow, it decreases the damage of your weapon and it’s ttk. In the close quarters of Siege, even with a suppressed weapon, gunshots are loud and can easily be be heard a room or two away, there are no recoil benefits, and as the cherry on top, it makes your gun longer, which can give you away at times to a fast peek + prefire. Also, the lack of a “near mid” indicator is a very minor benefit as you should be landing your shots 90% of the time, and when you hit your opponent they still get an indicator of your location. The lack of a bulletin trail also doesn’t help that much because if you can still hear the general direction of the shots. And finally, if you kill someone, there is a killcam in Siege, meaning that a person with a mic can broadcast to the entire team your exact position, nullifying the slight stealth benefits of the suppressor. The only thing the suppressor is good for is if you miss your target they don’t get an exact location of where you are but still a general location, and that’s not worth the kill you could have gotten if you had a flash hider to reduce recoil so then you actually hit your target instead of potatoing

I really dont recomend using a suppressor on pistols. Sure it can be good for resetting teammates, but if you switch to your pistol to shoot cams you are just wasting time and making yourself vulnerable. Might as well use the muzzle break so you can fight back if you are dry in your primary.

  1. Equip a claymore ( or smokes/flashbangs when there is no claymore option available)

When the preperation phase begins:

– Always save your first drone (preperation phase) , so you can use this drone to scout where you want to enter the map. Your drone is basically a second life (or third, since you have 2 drones)

  • Side note: If the objective is in the basement, its best to clear from top to bottom and use flankwatch/flankdrones/claymores to prevent defenders from going back into already cleared rooms
  • Side note: The closer your point of entry is to the objective, the more dangerous the entrypoint will be, so keep that in mind.

– Leave the drone outside the area you want to enter, and look on your compass where it is roughly located (North, south/ west etc.) , if you have time left, position your drone so you can see as many windows/doorways as possible and spawn at the closest spawnpoint (you can change this while in the prep phase)

  • Side note: Try not to go alone but go with a teammate If the enemy has a Caveira running around, it is smart to not enter the building by yourself to prevent an interrogation that screws up the whole attackround for your team.
  • Side note: Ask your team members who play Thermite or Hibanan (hardbreachers) to drone ahead for you, since their role is to keep alive to open reinforced walls/hatches thay need rooms to be claered fro them to enter safely anyway.
  • Use your claymore to prevent a runout from another floor if you are going to rappel.

– If you have the diffuser and are not in the position to plant, leave it outside as close to the objective as possible (or give it to another player)

– When the round starts first watch your drown if there are broken barricades (spawnpeekers) at the side you want to enter and give callouts when you see things like broken barricades or spawnpeekers.

– Go get your drone and pick it up and shoot the outside default cams close to you.

– Choose a window or door and melee, or shoot out a bottom part and deploy your drone, choose a safe spot to hide or go prone and let the drone enter the building through small hole. Since youi only open up a small section the enemy cannot easily jump out on you.

– Scout the rooms that are near, look up and at the doorways/windows for things like; Opened hatches, killholes and or gadgets like Grzmt mines, Valk cams or Kapkan/frost traps

– Choose the safest way to enter. When you enter a doorway it is also possible to melee the bottom 2 rows and shoot out (silenced gun preferred) some leftover debris to crawl in under the door without destroying the barricade itself.

– Now listen closely for enemy sound and noises and leave 1 drone behind in the other direction then you are moving to use as a flank warning. This flankdrone can be placed in an open spot or a hidden spot and its purpose is to prevent enemies from flanking you. You can watch it yourself from time to time, or you can ask a dead teammate to watch your flankdrone) .Most enemies will shoot the drone when they see it, so if you haver to check your drone by yourself and it is destroyed, you know that an enemy is close.

  • Side note: You can also use your drone to get audio cues, not only visual cues.

– If you have a claymore at your disposal you can use this as a secondary flankwatch when you enter a room with multiple entry points. If you have smokes equipped you can use these to smoke off chokepoints or hallways with multiple doorways when you want to cross safely,or use them to distract defenders (you will alert the defenders anyway while using smokes, so keep that in mind)

  • Side note: You can place claymores in an angle so only 1 beam covers the doorway/staircase. Use red carpet or flooring to make the beam very hard to see. For example: on the red stairs of Kafe Dostoyevski

– Move quietly around the map and destroy as many enemy gadgets / cams with your silenced sidearm(crouch walk when possible) and hug the walls as much as possible (only run when you are in danger, because running makes alot of noise) and shoot the inside default cams closest to you.

– If your flankdrone is destroyed, the smartest play is to counter the enemy by asking your team for help and/or use your gadget (or second drone) to find the flanker. (try to keep that drone from being destroyed, so dont jump with the drone because that makes alot of noise)

– If you don’t know what the smartest path to objective is, look at the minimap to se where your teammates are attacking from and try to create a crossfire with your teammates and/or move towards the objective from a direction that is not yet already being cleared by your team. It is also an option to attack the other objective since the focus ot the defenders is on the rest of your team.

  • Side note: If you need a team members gadget to open or clear/open something like a reinforced hatch or Maestro cam, ask your team to come help you. If they refuse just continue on your own by choosing another path.

– Move to the objective while clearing rooms you droned out, you can use your gadet or clear it by using the “slice the pie” method. You can make callouts to close team members which rooms are already cleared/droned out.

– Keep an eye on the enemy teams numbers and operator. Why? When there are only anchors left, you can move faster because there is a fat chance that they are all anchored on the objective to prevent a plant.

  • Side note: If there are 1 or 2 roaming enemies left, it is also pretty safe to assume that the are anchored down in or close to the objective. Since time is on the defenders side you must move quitly but efficiënt.

– Keep killing the enemy 1 by 1, or flush them out of the objective by opening different lines of sight and/or vertical gameplay to get a plant off.

  • Side note: Flashbang can be used to mask the sight/sound of yourself, or a teammate trying to get a succesful plant. Be careful not to flash your teammates.

– Keep killing the enemy but play it smart. After a succesfull plant time is now on your side, so don’t peek to agressive or unnecessary.

– Defend the plant using the same different lines of sight and/or vertical gameplay, if you have a drone left you can use that drone to watch the plant from a safer place and only contect the defender(s) when they try to diffuse

– If you die, do not rage but help your teammates by telling them where you died and by whom and continue playing by watching the killcams, and or drones available and give your team information. Do not tell them what to do, just give them information what you see.

– If you fail, learn from your mistakes, make friends while you can and ask them to join your team the next time you play.

– If you win just retry / repeat and evolve.

Attacking operator combo’s for when you don’t play solo:

Countering gadgets on reinforced walls/hatches:

  • Thermite + Thatcher/Maverick = counter Bandit battery / Mute jammers + open reinforced walls
  • Hibana + Thatcher/Maverick = counter Bandit battery / Mute jammers + open reinforced walls
  • Thermite + Twitch = counter Bandit battery / Mute jammers / Mira mirror + open reinforced walls
  • Hibana + Twitch = counter Bandit battery / Mute jammers / Mira mirror + open reinforced walls

Create lines of sight on (reinforced) walls:

  • Blackbeard + Hibana = shoot 1 load of x-kairo pallets on a reinforced wall (headheight and before setting off, shoot the bottrom row with your gun) Blackbeard can use this narrow opening with his rifle shield to pick off defenders
  • Glaz + Ash/ Zofia = Openen up soft walls from a distance so Glaz can be safe and peek through these new lines of sight.
  • Capitao + Buck/Ash/Zofia = open up soft walls from a distance so Capitao can shoot his fire bolts through these new lines of sight.

Mobile cover system:

  • Blackbeard + Montagne + 3rd operator with good gun= Move together with Montagne: Montagne in front, Blackbeard taking cover behind him and walk/shoot enemies & 3rd operator is walking backwards covering the flank (It’s like a mobile cover system)

Roamer hunting:

  • Jackal + Lion = when Jackal finds his tracks, he pings them and let lion use EE1D to get 2 attackers try to hit 1 roamer (they are pinged while standing still due Jackal and get outline while moving due EE1D
  • Jackal + Lion + Dokkaebi = Same as above but even less chances for the enemy to survive because of the phonecall noise
  • Dokaebi + IQ = when Dokaebi calls the phones, IQ can see them on her gadget, so you can kill roamers together

Advanced Fuze deployment:

  • Fuze + Lion = Use EE1D to freeze enemies and then hit Fuze bomb (or reverse to detect enemies and fuse after the EE1D)
  • Fuze + Dokaebi = Use phonecall, wait 3 sec to freeze enemies and then hit Fuze bomb
  • Fuze + player with flashbang = Use flashbang in room to freeze enemies and then hit Fuze bomb
  • Fuze + Ying = Use candela’s in a room to freeze the enemies and then hit Fuze bomb
  • Fuze + Capitao = Set the part of the room on fire where there is not a fuze bomb set (or set the exits of the rooms on fire) and then hit Fuze bomb, so there is no escape

(Smoke) plant:

  • Jackal + Glaz + Montagne = They have 6 smoke grenades together, so you smoke the objective and let Montagne run in (when you have tracked an enemy Glaz has a good idea where to aim)
  • Ying + operator with smokes: Ying can flash the wholw room while you can get a plant off. Combine this with smokes and the chance you get hit weith a c4 is smaller

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