Rainbow Six Siege Complete Tips From Get Flanked

Rainbow Six Siege Complete Tips From Get Flanked by CANAS1AN

So someone here recommended Get_Flanked to me since I started learning Siege.

I watched a ton of his videos, but I would always forget what I learned. So I decided to write down what I learned from each video I watched. Figured I would share it with you all.

I highly recommend you watch the videos. Chances are I missed some of the lessons.

This is his Youtube ChannelTwitch Channel and Discord

I AM NOT affiliated with him in anyway. I’m just a player who wanted to learn and Get Flanked’s videos were great.

The Commandments are overlying themes from multiple videos.

The Get_Flanked Commandments in no particular order

  1. Patience. Not too much, not too little, just the right amount.
  2. Angles determine everything
  3. Recognize strong angles/positions
  4. Drone, Drone, Drone
  5. Setup drone where you want to enter
  6. Keep prep phase drone alive
  7. Peek properly (more on that below)
  8. Learn the maps
  9. Play smart, not greedy
  10. Noise is your friend / enemy
  11. After making sound, wait a second to see if someone comes
  12. Communicate
  13. Warm up in T Hunt or Casual
  14. Don’t panic


  • Angles
  • Patience
  • Cover your back
  • Aim at head height
  • Goal: You have an angle, someone is peeking into your angle.
  • Peek both sides of an angle

How to Rank up from Gold to Plat EP 3

  • Drone is your only reliable teammate
  • Attacking, have a plan. Use prep phase to set drone up to enable plan
  • Check drone periodically
  • 2v1: Drone out the last enemy

How to Rank up from Gold to Plat EP 2: Tunnel Vision

  • Avoid Tunnel Vision
  • When your plan encounters resistance, change your plan
  • Don’t force your plan that is meeting resistance
  • Be able to deviate from your original plan

How to Rank up from Gold to Plat EP 1: Peeking

  • Do not peek crouching
  • Do not peek slowly
  • Peek quickly
  • A D Strafe
  • Toggle Lean
  • Square your aim with the direction you are peeking
  • Do not locate enemies as you are peeking
  • Peek corners trying to get kills, not locating enemies
  • Shoot first, adjust while firing
  • Stop peeking and searching
  • Use map knowledge to predict enemy locations
  • Peek, see where they are, cover, adjust aim, peek again

The Most Important Part of Every Map

  • How to learn a map
  • Custom Game
  • IQ: find the defender cameras
  • Learn where the staircases/hatches

How to Rank Up from Silver to Gold EP 1

  • Pick the best OP for the map
  • Keep your prep phase drone alive
  • Be ready for spawn peeks
  • Don’t be greedy. Play smart
  • Don’t panic.
  • Use Sound

How to Rank Up from Silver to Gold EP 2

  • Use the strengths of your OP on the map
  • Drone mid round
  • Let your drone tell you how to proceed
  • Go to cover to reload

How to Rank Up from Silver to Gold EP 3: Defending

  • Don’t be greedy
  • Crouch walk to reduce noise
  • Communicate

How to Rank Up from Silver to Gold EP 4

  • Vertical Map Knowledge
  • Droning out enemies
  • Recognize strong angles/positions
  • Use HUD info like carrier denied
  • Don’t barricade everything on defense
  • Make rotation holes on defense

Patience doesn’t mean camping

  • Think about roamers
  • Be aware of the noise your team is making
  • Recognize good positions

You are droning wrong

  • Save your drone from the prep phase
  • Setup your drone where you want to enter
  • Don’t risk your drone for no reason
  • Clear path towards the objective, slowly but surely

How to counter roamers

  • Vs many roamers, attack the objective hard and fast. Make the roamers come back
  • Don’t focus solely on the objective vs roamers
  • Drone the objective to determine number of roamers
  • Act decisively after droning
  • Roamers are attracted to sound. When you make sound, wait a second
  • Keep roamers in mind

When you should chase

  • Are you fast or slow?
  • Do you know where they are?
  • Do they know where you are?
  • Being aggressive is situational
  • Most players tend to be more defensive

Top 5 Beginner Mistakes

  1. Breaching blind (Attacking)
  2. Not using peekers advantage (March 27, 2017)
  3. Game mode matters
  4. Using the wrong operator
  5. Not warming up

How to Anchor

  • Hold down a line of sight based on info/sounds
  • Subtle adjustments. 1st peek if you are crouching, 2nd peek stand
  • Give yourself multiple angles of attack
  • Crosshair placement
  • Shield peeks
  • Outnumbered, assume enemy will rush after you fire. Be prepared
  • Can still be aggressive as an anchor
  • Don’t panic

How to flank the objective as an Attacker

  • Don’t rush the flank route. Wait for the enemy to forget about it.
  • Attack from a different direction as your team
  • After making sound, wait a second
  • Drone your attack route
  • Commit, don’t waste time ADS. That’s why you drone first
  • Jackal, IQ, Twitch are good flankers

How to late flank as a Defender

  • As time winds down, Attackers focus more on the objective and drone less
  • 3 speed Defenders with Impacts are best for late flanks
  • Wait for the attackers to be in a predictable position
  • Make them forget about you/focus on objective
  • Attack them from an area they are not paying attention too
  • Patience and Timing

How to Clutch when Outnumbered

  • Will lose majority of outnumbered situations
  • Take advantage of enemy mistakes
  • How much time is left decides what you can do
  • Assume enemy is making callouts
  • Change angle accordingly
  • Make them win
  • Be unpredictable

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