For Honor Breach Mode In-Depth Guide

For Honor Breach Mode In-Depth Guide by Centurion

Hello everyone! So the new game mode Breach just came out and I’ve been playing it nonstop. I’ve played an unhealthy amount of matches in the little time that its been out and its quickly become my new go to mode. One thing I’ve noticed is that the game mode has multiple side objectives that can easily turn the tide for both attackers and defenders. Yes, you heard me you can actually win at defense if you play your cards right.

Attack Strategy –

So at first glance it might seem simple as an attacker right? all u gotta do is protect the ram and escort it right? Wrong. If you follow this strategy the ram should progress constantly, and how you do that is simple. Archers. As soon as the round or section starts rush to the archer points.

Archer Towers –

Archers will shoot at any minion getting close to the ram, have enough archers and they will eliminate almost every minion that spawns in a path towards the ram. it takes around 2-3 shots from an archer to kill a minion, and each station has 3 archers and they shoot really fast. After you control all the archer points for a section you can capture the caldron room.


THIS IS KEY TO PREVENTING THE DEFENDERS A CHANCE TO WIN. The cauldron will chunk the ram once it gets close to the gate for every time it drops, the cauldron recharges every 12 seconds or so. If let uncontested the defenders can easily spam the cauldron and win in the very first section of the map. Ive done it.


Im not joking, its the ultimate cheese strat but only at the very last section. The ballista is useless to the attackers on the first two sections until the very last one. There the ballista truly shines at one thing, KILLING THE BOSS. Each ballista shot can take out 2 – 3 squares of health from the boss. If left uncontested you can kill the boss from afar, be careful of players catching wind of what you are doing and coming after you.


So as TLDR for attackers. Capture all archer points and the defend the cauldron room. In the last section capture the ballista and keep shooting the boss till it dies. Also be mindful of SIDE OBJECTIVES which I talk about later below.

Defending Strategy –

Defending is hard in this game mode since a good attacking team can easily snowball out of control. This is where SIDE OBJECTIVES come into play. As a defender try to defend the archer points but don’t linger too long since you will be overrun without backup. Your number one goal is the cauldron. Even if the enemy team controls the cauldron room you can still use it. The cauldron takes one square of health away from the ram. Spam it enough and you can kill it, as stated before it recharges every 12 seconds or so. Its your most effective tool on stopping the ram. But its not your only one


Each map has two side objectives. The Tribute and the Guardian. The tribute spawns in the first two sections and the guardian only spawns in the middle section.

The Tribute –

The tribute is just a flag you need to pick up and carry it your base. For the defenders you can deposit the tribute in the cauldron room, for the attackers it’s the back of the ram. Once captured the tribute will grant a shield to your objective, either the ram or the gate. This is a huge boost for either side and does really help.

The Guardian –

This is a mini boss, he usually sits indoors in a secluded arena room. Once defeated by either side it will grant the victors a DAMAGE, SHIELD, AND SPEED BOOST UNTIL THEY LOSE THE SHIELDS. THIS IS INSANE, AND CAN SNOWBALL YOU REALLY HARD. He can be easily soloed by a skilled player but careful the mini boss has an assortment of bombs he will throw down to the floor that cause major damage and can even pop REVENGE ON YOU SO CARE. Most of his attacks can’t be staggered like the main boss and are unlockable so careful.


Defend the cauldron room at all costs and do side objectives as much as possible to win, side objectives being the tribute spawn and the guardian mini boss.

And with that now you have the tools to win your breach matches with ease! Hope this helped! If you have any tips please comment below!

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