Rainbow Six Siege Pulse Guide

Rainbow Six Siege Pulse Guide by cW_Thiger

Pulse is a very versatile operator if used right. He can hold down a 1 vs 5 by simply denying the bomb plant or he can just feed all the information that he gathers from his Sensor to his teammates.


  • M1014: The M1014 is a semi-automatic Shotgun with a very high fire rate. It can take down enemies easily on short and Medium Range. It won’t be effective on long range tho.

  • UMP 45: The UMP 45 is a SMG with a rather low fire rate. The gun has a damage output of 38 Damage at a fire rate of 600 bullets per Minute.

  • 5.7USG: Pulses first Pistol is a pistol with a high magazine capacity and low Damage output.

  • M45-MEUSOC: Pulses other secondary has a very high damage output but a low magazine capacity

  • Barbed Wire: Pulse has two very effective gadgets but barbed wire is definitely in his case the worse option, as you can easily C4 ppl through floors.

  • C4: As stated above, the C4 is a very effective weapon for killing people through a destructible floor.

My Load out:

  • UMP-45: Holographic Sight, Vertical Grip, and Muzzle Brake (Here is to be noted that the I use the shotgun occasionally when I know, that I’ll be the one denying a Plant from underneath/Above)

  • M45-Meusoc: Muzzle Brake

  • C4: As stated above


  • Aggressive Flanking/Jumping outside

  • Bomb plants denial

  • Information Gathering

Aggressive Flanking/Jumping outside: So when you want to get a cheeky kill or two all you really gotta do is, go to a window that you expect somebody will just run past, or even where somebody will aim, for example in the OBJ. The break the below part of the window (2 Punches) and get on your Sensor, until you can see somebody. Then you can either directly vault outside and kill that person, or you have punch it one more time before vaulting out.

Bomb plants denial: You have to be very cautious and patient. So what you want to do is the following:

  • 1st: Make sure the area where the planter can go down is destructible from either above or, ideally from below.

  • 2nd: Make sure that the attacking team won’t just stumble upon you and kill you while you have done nothing, but just being in your Pulse sensor.

  • 3rd: Wait for either, Somebody standing completely still or for a call and mark from one of your teammates, that somebody is planting.

  • 4th: either blow him/her with your C4 up or shoot him through the floor.

Information gathering: This is probably the easiest part about playing pulse. What you want to do is, go above an entry point/High traffic area and Pulse if there is somebody and if there is, how many there are. This is really helpful for the rest of your team, as they can react with flanking/Holding an angle on the attacking Team.

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