Fortnite Battle Royale Solo Winning Tips

Fortnite Battle Royale Solo Winning Tips by Plixxer

This is Plix and before I go into my tips for Battle Royale, I want to give some credibility to myself so you know i’m not just some guy who has won a few games and decided to make a tips guide. I win probably 50-60% of my solo games and close to 90% of my squad games.. When stats get posted I’ll have more concrete numbers for you though.

Tip 1: Memorize a location or two or even three on the map. Have at least 3-4 chest spawn locations that you can quickly and efficiently get to.

You want to memorize one two maybe even three locations on the map because that will help you navigate a lot more confidently in the surrounding area. You will know where chests are, you will know where guns spawn, maybe even where people typically hide out or bunker down and and you can avoid those places.

Chests are one of the most important things to look for in battle royale because they can contain such valuable equipment. They can give you shield potions and med kits which are super super important but they can also give you really good guns and you can get legendary guns that do more damage.

Tip 2: If you are getting shot at, you should immediately build. They got the jump on you so reset the playing ground and build for cover

This forces them to burn their bullets hitting your buildings and provides cover for yourself.

Tip 3: Don’t move in a straight line, people can be Anywhere and watching you with Any gun(including a sniper)

It would be very easy if you’re just running in a straight line for a sniper to line up a shot and take you out so don’t run in a straight line.

Tip 4: Get on high ground, it’s crazy important especially in the late game

You should try and get on top of high ground anytime you’re fighting someone. It’s gonna give you a lot of advantages and there’s really not too many disadvantages.

Tip 5: You don’t need to kill everyone, so if someone is moving sporadically and doesn’t know you are watching them, wait a little and get a better shot before committing to shooting them.

Seriously you don’t have to kill everyone and that’s totally fine. This isn’t a whoever kills the most people wins kinda game, this is whoever’s the last one alive wins.

When you’re watching someone and you aren’t really sure when they’re gonna stop moving, wait for them to lift their weapon that means they’re aiming down it and it’s an easy shot.

Tip 6: When you get to late game, build a base inside the circle and maintain high ground. If the circle moves, then you need to build another base. It doesn’t have to be a big base, just make sure you have cover.

For the last tip when you get to late-game which is like when there’s four or five people including yourself left that’s when you want to build up a base. The reason you’re doing this is it’s basically like claiming your territory. Nobody can really get close because if they try and run up on you you’ll have the high ground on them. Sometimes people might try and build over you but you can just keep building up.

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