Fortnite BR How To Headshot With Sniper Guide

Fortnite BR How To Headshot With Sniper Guide by Mistedlol

Scoped weapons in Fortnite have 8 lines (4 big and small ones) in the sight, but you only need to use 3 lines because of how the bullet drop works.

>How to hit headshot no matter what distance:

0-50 meters = Crosshair straight to the head

75 meters = Aim first line on the neck

100-300 meters and up= Aim third line on the hips

>How to handle enemies behind a cover?:

100m: aim first line on the eyes/upper head

150m: aim second line on the chest or 1,5 lines on the head

200m: aim second line on the neck

250m: aim second line on the eyes

If you don’t know how to tell distance, you can do it with the scope. Start by aiming the middle of the crosshair just on top of your target’s head and see how many lines fit inside the player model:

0-50 meters = 8 lines

75 meters = 6,5 lines

100 meters = 4,5 lines

150 meters = 3 lines

200 meters = 2,5 lines

250 meters = 2 lines

Distance on scope illustration (50-250 meters):

Example on target aiming:

How to tell distance from walls:

You should learn really fast to estimate how far your target is, usually there’s no time to start calculating because you don’t wanna stand in one place without cover.

Happy hunting :)

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