Mobile Legends Alucard Rank Burst Build Guide

Mobile Legends Alucard Rank Burst Build Guide by JDaleGaming

Hey All. This isn’t a click bait. I really made this build for you guys.

About me:

I am JDale. Legend Division player. My main is Ruby but I love playing Alucard as well!

QUICK information about ALUCARD:

Alucard’s role is a great, mighty figther as well as an assasin. That means alucard can charge while taking damage as well as bursting an enemy carry/mage. He doesn’t use mana that’s why CD reduction is important to Alucard.

Difficulty: Novice


  • Movement Speed: 2.65
  • Physical attack: 118
  • Magic Power: 0
  • Armor: 21
  • Magic Resistance: 10
  • HP: 2593
  • Mana: 0
  • Attack speed: 9
  • Hp Regen: 30
  • Mana Regen: 0
  • Basic Attack Crit Rate: 0
  • Ability Crit Rate: 0
  • Speciality: Charge/Crowd Control


Passive Skill: Pursuit

Description: After use, the next basic attack will teleport the hero next to the target. If the ability targets only one enemy, it will deal 1.2x damage. If it targets two enemies, it will deal 1.1x damage. – This is your bread and butter skill. Alucard can teleport to an enemy after each skill use. This passive skill makes alucard mobile and great for chasing an enemy carry or mage.

1st Skill: Groundsplitter

Description: Leaps forward and strikes 1x. Every strike deals 240 physical damage to the enemy.

  • Very useful skill for chasing and leaping over obstacles.
  • Has a cooldown of 10 seconds.

2nd Skill: Whirling Smash

Description: Slashes at enemies in the area, dealing 230 physical damage

  • Great AOE damage + DPS.
  • Has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

Ultimate: Fission Wave

Description: Increases the hero’s lifesteal effect by 20%, while also locking on an enemy. Damage dealth to this enemy within 8s will trigger the extra passive damage effect, as well as increase current lifesteal effect 100%. Whle this ability is in effect, the hero can cast forth power Attack waves that deal 440 physical damage

  • This skill makes alucard really powerful by giving him 20% lifesteal + the ability to cast attack waves that can deal great damage.
  • Has a cooldown of 36 seconds.


  • Whirling Smash-> Groundsplitter -> Whirling Smash -> Whirling Smash -> Fission Wave -> Groundsplitter -> Whirling Smash -> Whirling Smash -> Groundsplitter -> Fission Wave

NOTE: Max out Whirling Smash first because this will be your main DPS skill. It has 5 secs CD and good burst damage.


  • Hunter Strike (2310 Gold) – 100 Physical Damage + 20% CD Reduction. (UNIQUE PASSIVE) Hunt: Increase MS by 30% after killing a hero lasts for 2 seconds. This Item enhances alucard’s skills which has long cooldowns.
  • Rapid Boots (630 Gold) – +50MS. Great for chasing and escaping.OR Magic shoes (710 Gold) – +40MS + 10 CD Reduction
  • Tooth of Greed (1910 Gold) – +75 Physical Attack, UNIQUE +25% Lifesteal, UNIQUE PASSIVE Frenzy – When HP drops below 20%, hero will receive an extra 10% physical lifesteal. Great for survavility.
  • Blade of Destruction (2400 Gold) – +75 Physical Attack, +20% Critical Strike chance Unique +50% Crit Damage Unique Passive: Doom – Crit strikes will increase one’s physical attack 5% lasting 2 seconds.
  • Wind Chaser (1910 Gold) – +60 Physical Attack Unique: +45% Phyiscal Penetration
  • Crazed Reaper (2320 Gold) +65 Physical Attack, +300 HP, +20% Attack Speed Unique Passive: Fury- Basic attacks will increase hero’s movement speed by 10% Unique Passive: Streamroll – Basic attacks will lower the target’s physical armor by 7. This can stack up to 5 times.

Recommended Abilities

  • Interference
  • Stun

Emblem Set

  • Physical Emblem Set
  • Fighter Emblem Set

Thank you! and I hope this build will work out for you, friends!

(OPTIONAL) If you would like to check out a gameplay video with this build, feel free to check it out! Alucard Rank Gameplay

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