Mobile Legends Rafaela Ice Build Guide

Mobile Legends Rafaela Ice Build Guide by Divniy

Slow effects in this game are incremental, meaning that 40% slow + 40% slow equals 80% slow.

Why not abuse this fact? Rafaela’s passive says it slows enemies 45% for 1.5sec using skill that damages opponent(actually, that only first skill, since ULT stuns for same duration). Let’s add other slow items to slowdown even further!


  • 2x Magic Necklace — this is why you don’t need to go to the well earlygame.
  • Magic shoes — this is really good earlygame, cheap CDR item that doubles as movement speed.
  • Dominance Ice — this items slot is always 20% CDR. Out of all the options (Hunter Strike, Enchanced Talisman, Fleeting Time) this one is the best, because it offers armor that makes you much more tanky earlygame. It’s also 5% slow source :D
  • Fallen Sword — this item isn’t trivial. It’s here for two reasons: attack speed, unique effect. Unique effect is tank killer. As backline player, you will have a lot of time when you can only hit their tank, so let’s not waste opportunity and damage him.
  • Ice Force — this is where Fallen Sword attack speed comes in handy. On avarage, every 4-th attack will proc 35% movement speed reduction (coupled with first skill, it’s 80%). Also a bunch of hitpoints.
  • (sell x1 magic necklace)
  • Thor’s Sting — cheap Attack Speed item, that also gives that nice 8% movement speed.
  • Frost — another 10% slow from first skill, and also movement speed.

55% slow from first skill total, +35% from Ice Force proc = 90% slow, 95% if you are near with Dominance Ice (melee attack range).
So getting out from your team is now non-trivial task.

CDR isn’t 40% in this build, it’s 30%. I play roamer’s emblem and it gives me ~3% cooldown reduction. I don’t even notice 7% CDR difference. Meanwhile, it’s 3 items (cdr, boots, cdr) against 2 (cdrboots, cdr), which is cheaper and allows other gear.

When to play

Ralaela is best when your team isn’t melee. Her skills extend kiting abilies a lot (both slowing and giving speed), thus it’s very good pick for 2 ADC, or ADC + AP (like Eudora).

How to play

Try to lane with ADC. It’s best possible combo: you heal and protect him, he damages everything and drives them to the turret, where he can do some damage to the turret even when they are standing under it.

Never lane with support. That’s worst possible combo, because you will take no advantage of making any pressure on the lane, opponent will run out to the tower and guard them successfully.
If you can choose between duo with support and solo mid, chose solo mid.

Be aggressive on the laning phase. You have nothing to fear, you will heal up, they won’t.

Pick first skill first, clear lane fast. If they are clearing lane too, just go and attack nonstop with autoattacks and first skill. Finish lane faster, use regenerate+second skill to heal up any damage they dealt, then go jungle.

Time your ult, aim your ult. Ult matters. First two skills can be yolo’d on cooldown (you may want to move closer to allies before casting 2-nd skill to take effect, and closer to enemies casting first skill).

Try to be with your team, except for tower defense. You can save their lives just by being near when they retreat, and slowdown opponents and sustain on successful attack, or contest AoE stun with your AoE stun.

And the last one. Don’t be an asshole, don’t curse your allies for not doing what you want them to do. Trashtalking never helps your team to win.

Edited: Use Weaken ability. 50% slow it offers + first skill immobile the enemy for 1.5 seconds, then slow down for another 1.5 second.

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