Mobile Legends Eudora Epic Guide

Mobile Legends Eudora Epic Guide by SlimeSwe

Hi! I’m an Epic I Eudora main who has over 75% Winrate in over 200 Games! I’m going to be teaching you how to climb with her!

Updated 1 September for item optimization

Table Of Contents

  1. What and Why Eudora?
  2. Builds for Low-High Elos
  3. Playstyles
  4. Emblem Sets
  5. Spells to bring
  6. Skill Orders
  7. Tips and Combos

Let’s get started!

1. What and Why Eudora?

Eudora is a very bursty mage that power spikes in the mid-late game. She can delete many squishies in Team fights if played properly.

2. Builds for Low-High Elos.

I Emphasise heavily on DAMAGE > COOLDOWN because if you can instantly delete someone from a teamfight rather than spamming and slowly chipping down, it makes the fight a 4v5 in your favor.

Due to the lack of people building defence in Low Elos, you can get away by building minimal/ no magic penetration.

Warrior – Grandmaster Builds.

Clock Of Destiny: This stacks health and damage over time, being better than Enchanted Talisman in the long run.

Holy Crystal: This item allows you to chain many combos together with its passive (+15% damage on 2nd ability). Get this item first.

Magic shoes: As stated above: Nobody builds magic Resist in this elo.

Glowing wand: With an extremely high Base magic damage, thus can be your key to 1 shotting, even Fighters like Zilong or Freya.

Fleeting Time: This Item allows you to quickly chain your abilities in Team fights rapidly and use skills more often. It also has a Good price tag!

Blood Wings: A sweet amount of damage and the addon with health stacking. This synergies well with most item in this build.

Epic – Legend Elo.

Replace Magic Shoes by Arcane boots for magic pen or Warrior/ Though if you have trouble against Fighters/ Mages respectively.

Just replace Glowing Wand with Devil tears for magic penetration to deal with tankier heroes easier

Consider replacing Blood wings with immortality if you hate dying, but that is personal preference.

3. Playstyles.

For the builds I picked, you must adapt a playstyle and mentality of staying in your own back lines while being protected while dishing out damage. Eudora is naturally squishy and can die to anything.

In the lane phase, spam skill 1 and try to be as oppressive as possible to the enemy laner. This might be difficult against Lolita and Franco, your biggest counters.

4. Emblem Sets.

Magic Assassin if Low Elo as it allows you to dish out more damage.

Magic Emblem if Higher Elo as the resistance and HP allows you to resist Assassins/ Trash Damage.

5. Spells to bring.

My reccomendations:

Best: Flicker.

Reasoning: Allows to chain combos and escape from Assassins early game. It can also help you dodge skillshots easier.

Good: Sprint/ Purify.

Reasoning: Sprint allows escape and chase potential in the early game and allowance to roam before boots. It’s not as good as flicker as it’s usage falls off late game.

Reasoning 2: Purify lets you get out of sticky situations such as Aurora Freeze or the Franco Ultimate. It’s the best escape tool when you get in trouble.

6. Skill order.*

Take 1st ability first. (Main Damage/ Lane Poke source)

Max out 1st ability first. (Doesn’t increase Stun duration)

Take Ulti whenever you can. (Extra DMG)

7. Tips and Combos

Stun combo: Skill 1 + 2 (good for helping team finish off stray enemies without using Ultimate)

Teamfight combo (Before Holy Crystal): Skill 2 + 1 + Ultimate (It activates Superconductor (passive) for both ultimate and skill 1 for maximum damage.

Teamfight combo (After Holy Crystal): 2 + Ultimate + 1 (Activates Superconductor AND Holy Crystal for Ultimate for a total of 130% Damage.)


If you think there are no enemies around, feel free to use ultimate to clear minion wave.

Don’t be afraid to take any duels if you are fed. A simple 2 + Ultimate + 1 can kill even the tankiest of Fighters if you have a 1500+ gold lead.


Well, this is the end of the guide. If you have any questions please feel free to comment/ PM me and I’ll answer them when I can :)

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