Mobile Legends Layla GL Guide

Mobile Legends Layla Glorious Legend Guide by yunior597

First time making guides so ill try to make it as short as possible and easy to understand.

Some concepts you must understand before playing Layla:

She is a late game ADC got a terrible early game compared to Clint or Yi sun.

Levels 1-3 are horrible never trade until level 4 unless you are in duo with Rafaela which is the best lane partner for Layla.

If possible take mid lane and focus on power farming during the first 5-10 minutes of the game. Just clear the waves and go farm the jungle.

Her powerspike is in level 12 when she got ultimate’s passive at max. (Max Range)

Set to hit closest target and hit anything is in front of you, just stay in max range of your auto attack, remember you are inmobile if you screw your positioning you are dead. Stay as far away as possible.

Builds with Layla:

After many testing i have concluded Fallen Sword and Tooth of Greed are bad items for sustain. Should never build them.

Endless Battle is by far the best sustain item for Layla since it fixes some of her problems of early game. (Mobility and Mana hungry) Also deals true damage and got some incredibe pasives.

Fallen Sword is only good with Endless battle so you can stack 25% Life steal and deal true damage+ % Damage to enemy’s HP.

Recommended builds:

Why does this build works:

Gives excellent mobility (Endless battle 10% MS+Thor’s Sting gives 15% MS when you proc their passives). This allow you to kite very well.

High critical ratio (60%, 70% when scarlet phantom is active)

High damage also with Blade of Despair.

Reach almost max speed with this build.

If your enemies are too tanky you should swap Blade of despair for Wind Chaser.

TLDR: This is basically a combination of mobility and critical, the best you can ask for layla. Since is an inmobile carry.

Proofs of my games:

(I barely die because of the kiting power of this build) for personal preference i like using Fallen Sword+Endless battle since is a great combination. But both builds works great. If you want to use Fallen sword you will basically replace it for Blade of despair. Never change it for other items.


So hope you enjoy and can gain some elo with this tips.

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