Mobile Legends Bane Guide

Mobile Legends Bane Guide by ShinmenTakezo0403

Hello Everyone! This will be my second Guide here for heroes in Mobile Legends and I really enjoy hearing what you guys think and would love to discuss more with you.

This is my Ranked BANE GUIDE

My IGN is ShinmenTakezo currently on Legend rank but created a new account named Shinmen Takezo currently on Epic IV to experiment on other heroes in ranked games. Because I believe that you only learn TRUE game knowledge during ranked games where there is always something at stake.

I am going to assume that you have already read about Bane’s skills and what they do. In case not, you can check it in game in the hero list or in a mobile legends website/forums.

So lets Begin..

Bane’s Gears

  1. Hunter Strike : Pretty straight forward. You get 100+ attack and more importantly, the 20% reduced cooldown. This will let you spam Poke, heal, and Ult.
  2. Rapid Boots : with your 1st skill that is a ranged poke+slow, you put on these boots and you guarantee a kill when chasing enemies. You just cast skill1 to slow them while running after them. If they did not take Rapid boots as well. They cannot escape. thats 50 movespeed vs 40. And yes you’ll have a lot of exciting escapes with these boots as well.
  3. Blade of Destruction : a really crucial early item. It gives 75 more damage to your attacks, gets you that 20% crit, and when you crit, that crit damage increases by 50%. Now that, that is why you need this item. Your passive that tickles enemies before you had this item, will now get hurt a lot. Especially those squishies in the backline. I’ll discuss more of this later in the strategy section.
  4. Blade of Despair : this is to add more damage to your skills and make it crit more. More damage means your Ult demolishes towers faster and your enemies will respect your range. And by this time, you can whack enemies with your basic attacks without waiting for your passive since you can hurt them with all the damage you have now. just don’t go in alone.
  5. Dominance Ice : this is to cap off your cooldown reduction to 40% and literally have your ULT up every teamfight, tower seige, Lord kill, turtle kill, and so on. It also lets you tank a BIT so you die less incase the enemies choose to focus you.
  6. Immortality : Now I pick this item if you really wanna go ham and finish the game early. But if its close game with a lot of tanks/armors on the enemy team, consider Wind Chaser

Strategy Skill allocation: max Skill1, take Ult when available, then max Skill2.

Early Game: So I usually start off with a Magic Necklace. Thats 120 gold and gives you +10 mana regen. Now you just need this at this point of the game to spam skills and never need the blue buff. But if you’re against enemies that can harass you and you need to heal often with your barrel, take two Magic Necklaces at start. Now what you do is either clear the lane creeps first or get the 2 jungle monsters. either red or blue + 1 regular monster depending on which lane you’re at. If you go mid, just clear the lane creeps first then jungle in between. Facing off with your enemy in lane: poke them with skill1 if they get in range, then do a basic attack on a melee creep to trigger your passive. Then back off and wait for passive to be up again and take chances to poke with Skill1. So whenever your passive is down, you stay away from any sort of damage. Poke with your Skill1 if you know they can’t retaliate. This is when you just dodged their skillshot, or if they are out of mana. Generally, just stay away and wait for openings. Now hitting level 4 gives you Ult. You basically rinse and repeat the steps earlier. But once you get in range of their tower and you have allied creeps, use your ULT. Even if there are no enemy heroes there, you need to use to damage the tower. important: never use your ult by itself on an enemy tower because it will do little to no damage if there are no creeps within the tower range. What do you do if they engage? use your poke to slow them down, use your ULT scatter them or make them back away, use your barrel immediately after getting stunned so you can mitigate some damage while backing away.

Mid Game: now that you have 3+ items and probably destroyed your lane’s enemy tower, you group up with the other lanes and help them destroy the towers as well. Your cooldown should be pretty good by now so use it every time its up especially on towers. Just remember to always only use it with allied creeps nearby. Try to go with your tank or someone in your team that has a stun, engage, slow. You will compliment them with your slows, ULT, and heal. Barrel tip: If an enemy engages on your ally with a stun or any disable, go to them and put a barrel underneath them. This will raise the chance of them surviving that assault. And after that use skill1 to slow down chasers or chasing a wounded enemy. Just always remember to not do any of these alone. Bane is more effective with teammates around. Always help out on Lord and Turtle hunts as your healing barrel lets you take the objectives and end up with almost no damage. And additionally, your ULT can discourage enemies from stealing or taking the Lord/Turtle.

Late Game: at this point, you could be wrecking the enemy or defending your base against them. If you are winning, do not farm anymore. Focus on landing your ULT on nearly destroyed towers and do this with your team mates. in case you’re not grouped up, always go with a team mate with a stun/disable so you can escape in case ganked. In team fights. Let your teammates go in first or be engaged on first. You should be able to cast your Ult ONCE an engage happens and not before it. This ensure that the enemy that engages or get engaged take the full damage from your ult. Makes sure you throw your Ult in the general direction of the enemy team. This makes the enemy marksmen/mages back off from their tank/engager, or they take damage and die from bombardment. Heal up whenever a teamfight ends or a party disengages, then continue pushing. Your heal lets your team continuously drive through a lane without having to go back and regen. Now if you’re losing the game, stay in base or behind a tower thats about the be attacked then use your ult to clear the minion/creep wave. This makes sure that only enemy heroes get hit with tower damage in case they decide to dive you under tower. 1 Ult should clear 1 full HP creep wave.

Lastly, for Team Fights: always use your ULT after an engage happens. I cannot stress this enough, your ult is so slow, that if the enemies are not distracted by a clash, then they can simply run away from it. An example scenario would be, a enemy tigreal flashes in, you who are expecting that got out of range, now he ults and sucks in your teammates. Now that he used his ult up, go to him and apply Skill1, then hit with basic attack for splash damage, then ULT. Now run back in skill1 range because you just blown your cooldowns. Wait for the passive to be up again and repeat the same process. Always use your Skill1 when available.

That is it, you should have won by now. JK. But if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let me know. I enjoy exchanging ideas with you guys and I love being part of this community. Till the next guide!

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