Brawl Stars Bo Guide

Brawl Stars Bo Guide by Master Yoda

Bo is the “greatest bowman the Tribes have ever known” according to Supercell. In this guide, we are going to make him just that. This guide will cover his basic stats, pros and cons, and game mode specific tips.


Tier: Epic

Health: 900

Main Attack: Ranged – 80 per arrow (total of 3 arrows)

Role: Ranged Attacker and Map Control

Speed: 650

Super: 300 per trap (total of 3 traps)


Long Range Pressure:
Bo’s exploding arrows can fire quite a ways, allowing him to stay out of harm’s way. This creates a scenario where you can keep constant pressure on the enemy. Try and shoot as often as possible. Even if you don’t hit your target, you’ll certainly be an annoyance.

Bo has 900 health now after the recent buff, and this makes him arguably the best ranged support in the game. Able to attack from a generally safe distance and boasting a respectable amount of health, it can be quite tricky to take down a skilled Bo player.

Catch a Fox:
This is one of the best supers in the game if used correctly. These traps can turn the tide of battle in a heartbeat. Doing 300 damage per trap, this set of explosives are the last thing you want to step on.


Bo can be one of the deadliest brawlers…given a good team composition. If you happened to be so inclined to play a match without your band mates, good luck. Bo can sometimes struggle to be effective if he doesn’t have the right units surrounding him.

Skill Cap:
Landing his explosive arrows on an enemy can take some practice. Timing is a necessity to be successful with Bo. His super is powerful, but it can also go to waste quickly if the enemy takes notice of your placement. It is this very reason why some players feel he can be underwhelming at times.

Up Close & Personal:
You best hope that an enemy player doesn’t jump out of the bushes right in front of you, cause if so you will most likely die. Bo’s attacks are designed to be fired from a range, and he can be very weak when confronted by brawlers such as El Primo and Mortis. He needs his spacing from his enemies to find success.


Basic rule of thumb, stay away from your enemies! I cannot stress this enough, Bo is strongest the further from trouble he is. Do NOT force kills by chasing the enemy; simply damaging him and constantly applying arrow pressure is enough to wreak havoc.

Use your shots wisely. If you have a full 3 shots, try and predict where your enemy will go. Being able to fire more shots there way will cause the most panic in their game plan. Be conservative until the time is right.

Smash & Grab:
Bo is phenomenal in Smash & Grab. His super just seems to fit this game mode perfectly. To be successful at this game type, you have to consistently control the middle of the map and apply pressure to your enemy. Bo’s traps can be set aggressively right on top of the mine in the middle of the map. This forces your enemy to take damage if they want to grab a gem. Continue to force your enemies with your arrows into bad positions on the map, and your team will likely come out on top.

This game mode is dominated by the area denial brawlers in the game (I’m looking at you, Barley and Dynamike). Bo does a fairly good job at denying enemies areas of the map with his explosive arrows.

On offense, focus on firing your shots in the grass where enemies like to hide. Bo needs a teammate that can blow up the walls for him, so until that happens just focus on driving the enemy team into their spawn.

On defense, Bo can shine brighter. His super allows him to place his traps on the key choke point(s) of the map where the enemy team lurks. Continue to surprise them with his super, and push up to the halfway point on the maps to continue firing at the exits of their spawn. Heist is probably where he is at his weakest, Showdown being a close second.

Alongside Smash & Grab, this game mode is another strong one for Bo. Typically these maps contain large amounts of tall grass, and that is a feasting zone for his super. The enemy team loves to push up the map hidden in the grass, so punish them for that.

Surprise them at every chance you get. Teams love to bunch up and protect their highest star player, and so Bo’s exploding arrows can be quite the nuisance. Push your enemy into corners on the map and they will go down in a jiffy.

If you are brave enough to use Bo in Showdown…well…you’re brave. Be prepared to play hide and seek for 2 minutes if you desire to place high in this solo game mode. Bo is a long range support unit, and if he can’t support or fight from a long range he is weak. His super is close to useless here, and so the only thing you have going for you is to fire your arrows at unsuspecting enemies who are attacking crates.

If you do manage to hide and survive, then chances are you won’t have very many power-ups. This means that your best option is to stay back and try and force a confrontation between the other players. First place showings will be extremely rare, but it’s possible to gain some trophies if executed well.

Elixir Upgrades

Bo is a ranged support brawler with 900 health. So unless you are looking for the worst way to spend your elixir upgrade his health last. The most efficient order goes Attack-Super-Health. Upgrading his attack allows him to do more damage to enemies, which ultimately means more pressure on the map. His super can be more punishing with more damage, so upgrade that before his health.


Bo is a very lethal brawler given a good team composition, so use him with your band mates as often as you can. He relies on staying at a distance, so make that your number one priority. Be stealthy and apply pressure is the recipe for success. Prioritize his play for Smash & Grab and Bounty.

Hope you enjoyed this in depth guide, now go out and be the greatest bowman the Tribes have ever known!

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