Brawl Stars Crow Tips and Guide

by JsttlsMe

I was one of the fortunate that received Crow as their first legendary brawler. He might be very hard to play, but he’s so much fun. People often compare him to Spike and Leon and think he’s weak. However, he’s not! He might need some changes, but other than that, he’s quite formidable!

1: Stay at a distance.

-No, you can’t finish him off. No, he isn’t low enough. Yes, he’s very low, but if I go near I’ll die. You’re just that squishy!

2: Don’t let the fast movement speed fool you.

-I had hard times with this because I thought I had Sonic Speed. Try to practise right-to-left movements from the point of the bullet. Does it come from the right? Go up-down. From the top? left-right or vice versa. IF you ever retreat in a straight line from the bullets, you’ll die. Also just a general tip for any other brawler, but bec of the fast speed of Crow and low health. This is a bit more essential. I had really hard times against Colts so I started to practise this xD

3: Poison: Don’t focus a single enemy, but multiple to gain faster Supers.

-The main source of Super charge is his poison. Thing is: His poison doesn’t stack. It only resets the “timer”. By hitting multiple enemies, they will all give you charge towards the Super at the same time instead if you have just targeted once.

-In a 3v3 game. This is also great for once you get your star power. It would really help your team out!

-The poison will tick 4 times. During those “ticks”, it will show enemies in bushes and it prevents them from being able to heal!

4: In showdown, prioritise survival instead of attacking. In Gem Grab, learn how to go in and out from the middle to retrieve gems. In both gamemodes also use tip 2/3.

-Even with 0 power cubes, you can easily get 2nd, 3rd or 4th in Showdown. It does rely on the map though. Cavern Churn is really bad for example. As for getting power cubes: If you can destroy a box. Go for it, but if someone’s coming, give it to them. You can use that oppurtunity to charge your Super! As for Gem Grab, just poison everyone to gain fast Supers, if they are near death, perhaps try to kill them?

5: Use your Super to finish someone off or to retreat – ignore tip 1.

-This is self explanatory and pretty simple. However try to direct your Super slightly ahead of them. If they’re moving, you most likely land next to them instead of on top. Resulting in a lot of burst damage gone, but it stays and always will be a risk. If possible, try to atleast have 2/3 ammo bars ready in case you do miss.

6: You’re not a shotgunner.

-Just a reminder. You really lack burst damage. When you’re close and you hit all 3 knives, you still deal little damage. It’s really best to chip them down and wait for the moment to strike.

7: Use the water or large objects to reach further distances with your Super.

-When you aim for the half of the other side of water or a wall, you’ll actually travel completely over it. You can use this to lengthen the range of your Super or to make an OG Escape!

8: List of who to kill in Showdown:

-Dynamike/Barley – They are an easy kill. Especially when you target him with your Super. You do have to be a bit careful though!

-Piper – same thing as Dynamike, but better. With Dynamike you sometimes do need to chip him down first. For Piper, let her use her shots and close the gap with your Super!

-Richochet -Same as Dynamike as well. Chip it down a little bit and get in there with the Super.

9: List of who to not kill in Showdown:

-Bull, Pam, El Primo, Frank: Use those to build up your Super, but don’t risk it just to kill them.

-Leon: He’s annoying, fast and he’ll kill you. Try to poison him and keep him at bay, but other than that. Don’t engage.

Obivously: If they’re low. Just clean them or steal them, with or without Super. Duh!

10: Best/worst gamemodes:

-Gem grab, Showdown are aboslutely his best. He’s a little bit less potent because Pam is popular, but he’s still very good. It does take some practise! As for Showdown. Control every bush, keep your distance and he can easily get 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th in almost every game.

-Brawl Ball, Heist, bounty are less for him. He’s either not impactful enough (BB/Heist) or dies too easily without getting anything back from it (heist).

-Events: Crow might not be the most impactful brawler, but he is really fun! So use him if you want a blast from the events! but if you want more worth for your tickets. I would advice to use another brawler.

11: Don’t use auto-aim.

-Crow throws 3 knives at the same time. If you aim from a distance, you can hit 2 per shot, but if you auto-aim, it will almost always only be hit by 1 knife. Only if you’re on top of someone, use auto-aim to spam all 9 (3×3) knives into them.

Did I miss anything or is something completely wrong? I’ll add it or fix it! Hopefully this helped some of you!

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