Yu-Gi-Oh! Ojamas Guide

Yu-Gi-Oh! Ojamas Guide by Hobosaurus-Rex

Ah, Ojamas.

Always looked down upon because of their silly art and subpar cards. Now, before I get started on this guide, let me talk about Ojamas a bit. They’re bad, they’re ugly and they get countered hard by pretty much every deck in existence. The only nice thing you’ll get out of playing Ojamas is satisfaction after getting that very rare OTK. The look on your opponent’s face when they realize they just got Ojama’d is priceless and that alone makes them worth playing.

Let’s start by looking at the cards in the archetype:

Ojama Green/Yellow/Black

The standard Ojama cards. They’re level 2 beast monsters with 0 Atk and 1000 Def. Terrible cards on their own, even with Ojama Country. They are the meat of the deck, but running 3 of each gets cloggy. Run 2 of each instead.

Ojama Red

This guy is what allows you to make plays. With him, you can special summon as many Ojamas from your hand as you want. Obviously, you want to get out the trio with this, allowing you to do all sorts of things once they’re on the field. Run 3 of these.

Ojama Blue

Closest thing to a waifu you’ll get out of this deck. Ojama Blue is amazing, allowing you to add two Ojama cards from your deck to your hand once sent to the graveyard by battle. You heard me right, two Ojama cards. This means that, once it gets killed, you can pick up whatever you need out of your arsenal. Typically, you should go for the cards you’re missing for an OTK, more on that in a bit. Run 3 of these.

Ojama King

He’s a special one. Once summoned, you can target 3 of your opponent’s monster card zones and make them unusable as long as the king is on the field. This is an interesting effect, especially with Ojama Trio. At 0 Atk and 3000 Def, the king becomes a decent beater with Ojama Country. He’s part of one of the two possible OTK’s, so might as well find him a spot in the extra deck. Run 0 or 1.

Ojama Knight

Basically a shittier king. You’ll almost never be in a situation where you can only summon the knight with Polymerization. Don’t bother with this guy.

Ojama Country

In a meta where so many monsters have terrible defense comes Ojama Country. Switches the Atk and Def of every monster on the field as long as you control an Ojama monster. This turns all of your Ojamas into less terrible cards at 1000 Atk and 0 Def. They might kill something with this, who knows, don’t get your hopes up. The other thing Ojama Country does is it allows you to discard 1 Ojama card to special summon 1 Ojama monster from your graveyard. The good thing about this is you can discard Ojamagic, get back whatever Ojama is in your graveyard and add the trio to your hand. This card is necessary to OTK, so run 3.


It’s alright. Discard it with Ojama Country or use it as bait on the field. It’s the easiest way to get the trio in your hands, but there’s an uncommon situation where you’ll have two Ojamas of the same color in your hand, making the card useless. I run 2 of these since I have 2 sets of the trio.

Ojama Delta Hurricane!!

Oh boy, there it is. Wipe your opponent’s board when you have the three regular Ojamas on your side of the field. Laugh as your opponent sadly sends all of his cards to the graveyard and cry afterwards because of all the graveyard effects you’ve caused. Ojamas can’t kill stuff and fear the back row more than anything, so this is what allows them to do stuff. Also, with 3 Ojama Tokens on your opponent’s field, this does 900 damage as an additional slap in the face. Run 3 of these.


Key to one of the OTKs. I should mention that none of the OTKS work without Ojama Country, so be aware of that. Here’s how this one works: Activate Ojama Trio, giving your opponent 3 Ojama Tokens. Fusion summon the king (Preferably by using Ojama Red’s ability, putting 4 Ojamas on the field and wiping your opponent’s board beforehand). Activate Ojamuscle, destroying your 2 Ojamas as well as the 3 Tokens on your opponent’s board. King is now alone on the board and has 8000 Atk. This is a pretty hard OTK to achieve, but there’s not much you can do when playing Ojamas. I only run one of these as any more gets cloggy and you can search it with Blue’s effect anyway.

Ojama Trio

Ojamas actually have a limited card, so that’s a small victory for the archetype I guess. Summons three Ojama Tokens on your opponent’s side of the field that deal 300 damage when destroyed. Pretty good stuff and gives you a semblance of safety. What makes it better in an Ojama deck than in a burn deck for example is that it’s searchable with Blue’s effect. I run 2 of these since you can’t run 3.

That does it for the Ojama cards, but Ojamas on their own can’t achieve much. This is where we start giving the little guys some support, because god knows they need it.

First off, let’s talk Raccoons. Level 2 Beast monsters with terrible Atk/Def. Sound similar? Baby Raccoon Ponpokoand Baby Raccoon Tantan both serve one purpose: Get Ojama Blue out on the field and either die a terrible death or serve as XYZ material. Being level 2 Beast monsters, they can also XYZ with the Ojamas which is pretty cool. They can also summon each other if you need to. Run 2 or 3 of each. There’s other searchers, but you won’t find better than the raccoons. They’re really all you need along with the Ojamas.

Enough monsters, how about Spells/Traps? Well, there’s a ton of cards that can help out Ojamas, but one in particular can help with another OTK: Big March of the Animals. 200 extra attack to each beast type monster on your side of the field for each beast type monster you control. Now, say you have one of those in your hand and a field full of Ojamas thanks to Ojama Red. Let’s also assume you have Ojama Country and wiped your opponent’s board with Ojama Delta Hurricane earlier. All 5 of your Ojamas now have 2000 attack. That’s 10 000 damage on the board. Scary stuff if you ask me. Run 2 or 3 of those.

As for other spell cards, Tri-Wright is a good one as it allows you to get your trio back from the graveyard. Don’t run more than 2 since you should only run 2 trios maximum. Polymerization is another obvious one since it allows you to summon the king, so run 1 or 2. Ground Collapse is a fun card to run if you feel like being a massive troll. Last but not least, United We Stand can turn one of your Ojamas into a 4000 Atk monster, so running 2 of those isn’t a bad idea. You can also run staples in an Ojama deck, but I often find myself without room for them.

When it comes to trap cards, apart from staples, there’s not much that helps Ojamas while also not clogging your deck. Fiendish Chain especially is really nice with Ojama Trio. You could also try being funny with some gimmicky trap cards, but why mess around with a deck that barely works, right?

In the Extra Deck, you’ll want 1 Ojama King and 2 or 3 Number 64s. Number 64 is there as a last ditch effort when your OTK doesn’t work out. He and his token both get an attack bonus from Big March of the Animals which is nice. Gachi Gachi Gantetsu is another XYZ you can pull out if you need some power on the field. Not only does it make every Ojama a 1400 beatstick with Ojama Country, it also gets 2200 Atk with Ojama Country, meaning you can have a potential 7800 damage on the board which is pretty nice. I run 2 of those. Everything else is up to personal preference, you won’t be XYZ summoning much if your OTK works out, but it’s nice to have a backup plan.

In conclusion, Ojamas are still and will always be a joke, but they’re a funny joke. The kind of joke that you hear once every year that makes you chuckle every time. But then there’s that one time when your drunk uncle tells you that joke and slaps you really hard on the back as he laughs like a maniac, leaving you breathless for a couple of minutes. That’s how I see Ojamas.

TLDR: Don’t play Ojamas.

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