Elite Dangerous Weapon Damage Stats List

Elite Dangerous Weapon Damage Stats List by Truesilver

The official stats below come from Open 2.1 on 31st May 2016. No changes have been reported since then.


FDev=Official figure for ‘raw’ damage: point-blank, unmodified
Shield=FDev damage figure modified for shield damage, see notes
Hull=FDev damage figure modified for hull damage, see notes
RoF=Official ‘rate of fire’ (number of shots per second)
DPS=Official figure for ‘damage per second’ (raw FDev damage x official rate of fire x number of projectiles)
DPSvS=DPS modified for shield damage, see notes
DPSvH=DPS modified for hull damage, see notes
Draw=Official figure for weapon capacitor draw
EPS=‘Energy per second’ – Draw x RoF
DPE=‘Damage per energy’ – FDev damage figure / Draw
EvS=‘Efficiency v shield’ – DPSvS / EPS – i.e. per second damage per wep cap use, v shield
EvH=‘Efficiency v hull’ – DPSvH / EPS – i.e. per second damage per wep cap use, v hull
ShSp=Official ‘shot speed’, i.e. projectile velocity (where applicable) in metres per second

Note from the above that the truly ‘hard’ figures are FDev, RoF, DPS, Draw, and ShSp (and to some extent, DPE). The rest will be extrapolated


c4 Beam – f41.449.741. Beam – f
c4 Beam – g32.739.232.78.998.994.363.64c4 Beam – g
c4 Burst – f20.624.7220.61.632.338.832.33.715.945.556.535.44c4 Burst – f
c4 Burst – g12.114.5212.12.125.931.125.92.725.714.455.454.54c4 Burst – g
c4 Pulse – f10.212.2410.22.626.932.326.91.644.266.227.586.31c4 Pulse – f
c4 Pulse – g7.89.367.82.821.726.021.71.564.375.05.964.97c4 Pulse – g
c3 Beam – f25.831.025.85.675.675.464.55c3 Beam – f
c3 Beam – g20.324.420.35.585.584.373.64c3 Beam – g
c3 Beam – t14.417.314.43.513.514.934.10c3 Beam – t
c3 Burst – f7. Burst – f
c3 Burst – g5. Burst – g
c3 Burst – t3. Burst – t
c3 Pulse – f6. Pulse – f
c3 Pulse – g4.65.524.63.214.817.814.80.922.945.06.045.03c3 Pulse – g
c3 Pulse – t3. Pulse – t
c2 Beam – f16. Beam – f
c2 Mining Laser4. Mining Laser
c2 Beam – g12.515.012.53.443.444.363.63c2 Beam – g
c2 Beam – t8.810. Beam – t
c2 Burst – f3. Burst – f
c2 Burst – g2. Burst – g
c2 Burst – t1. Burst – t
c2 Pulse – f3. Pulse – f
c2 Pulse Disruptor*2.83.362. Pulse Disruptor
c2 Pulse – g2. Pulse – g
c2 Pulse – t2. Pulse – t
c1 Beam – f9.811. Beam – f
c1 Retributor4. Retributor
c1 Mining Laser2. Mining Laser
c1 Torval Min Lance8. Torval Min Lance
c1 Beam – g7. Beam – g
c1 Beam – t5. Beam – t
c1 Burst – f1. Burst – f
c1 Cytroscr**2.42.882.4**7.618.322.018.3****c1 Cytroscr
c1 Burst – g1.21.441. Burst – g
c1 Burst – t0. Burst – t
c1 Pulse – f2. Pulse – f
c1 Pulse – g1.61.921. Pulse – g
c1 Pulse – t1.21.441. Pulse – t


c4 Cannon – f60.336.1872.360.422.913.7427.481.610.6437.4521.4742.94750c4 Cannon – f
c4 Cannon – g49.229.5259.040.419.711.8223.641.720.6928.617.1334.26750c4 Cannon – g
c4 Multi – f4. Multi – f
c4 Multi – g3. Multi – g
c3 Cannon – f40. Cannon – f
c3 Cannon – g32.519.539.00.414.38.5817.161.140.4628.5118.6537.3800c3 Cannon – g
c3 Cannon – t26.415.8431.680.49.75.8211.640.530.2149.8127.7155.42800c3 Cannon – t
c3 Frag – f3.92.344.684.5213.8128.28256.560.572.576.8449.9199.82667c3 Frag – f
c3 Pacifier3. Pacifier
c3 Frag – g3.21.923.844.8184.6110.76221.520.813.893.9528.4756.94667c3 Frag – g
c3 Frag – t2. Frag – t
c3 Multi – f3. Multi – f
c3 Multi – g2.81.683.366.718.911.3422.680.251.6811.26.7513.51600c3 Multi – g
c2 Cannon – f26.415.8431.680.512.27.3214.640.700.3537.7120.9141.82875c2 Cannon – f
c2 Cannon – g21.312.7825.560.510.36.1812.360.750.3828.416.2632.52875c2 Cannon – g
c2 Cannon – t17.210.3220.640. Cannon – t
c2 Frag – f2.61.563.125.0153.692.16184.320.371.857.0349.8299.64667c2 Frag – f
c2 Frag – g2. Frag – g
c2 Frag – t1.40.841.684.374.644.7689.520.210.906.6749.7399.46667c2 Frag – t
c2 Multi – f2.21.322.647.115.69.3618.720.110.7820.012.024.01600c2 Multi – f
c2 Multi – g1.60.961.927.712.67.5615.120.141.0811.437.014.01600c2 Multi – g
c2 Multi – t1.20.721.446.27.34.388.760.060.3720.011.8423.681600c2 Multi – t
c1 Cannon – f17.210.3220.640.58.65.1610.320.460.2337.3922.4344.861000c1 Cannon – f
c1 Cannon – g13.98.3416.680.57.24.328.640.480.2428.9618.036.01000c1 Cannon – g
c1 Cannon – t11.16.6613.320.44.82.885.760.220.0950.4532.064.01000c1 Cannon – t
c1 Frag – f1.40.841.685.695.357.18114.360.211.186.6748.4696.92667c1 Frag – f
c1 Frag – g1. Frag – g
c1 Frag – t0.70.420.844.839.423.6447.280.100.487.049.2598.5667c1 Frag – t
c1 Multi – f1.20.721.447.79.15.4610.920.060.4620.011.8723.741600c1 Multi – f
c1 Enforcer3. Enforcer
c1 Multi – g0.80.480.968. Multi – g
c1 Multi – t0.60.360.727. Multi – t


c4 PA105.2105.2112.250.326.326.328.0621.046.315.04.174.45700c4 PA
c3 PA78. PA
c3 Adv Acc30. Adv Acc
c2 PA51.351.354.740.316.916.918.038.652.65.936.56.93700c2 PA
c2 Rail41.541.544. Rail
c2 Imp Ham15.* Imp Ham
c1 Rail23.323.324.91.637.037.039.482.694.38.668.69.18c1 Rail


Missile – df50. – df
Missile – hs40. – hs
Pack hound*9.0 [x4]4.512. hound
Shock Mine**32.023.2340. Mine

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