Destiny Skolas Fight Mechanics Guide

Destiny Skolas Fight Mechanics Guide by theDroidfanatic

In the level 35 version of Prison of Elders, there is a 6th round, in which you fight Skolas, the Kell of Kells.

There are a number of different mechanics involves, 3 to be exact, and people have been confused about these, so I though I’d help sort out the confusion.

There are 2 things to Note:

This is not really a guide, this is simply an explanation of all the mechanics at play here.

Most of these mechanics are based on Skolas’ health. So I will also include a 2nd version of this with reference to his health, in a linear fashion, at the bottom of this post

1) Servitor Buff:

When you enter the arena, Skolas will be near you, with a bunch of adds scattered around. To the sides, however, you will find these white Ghostly servitors. This Mechanic #1:

  • You need to kill this Servitor to be able to deal proper damage to Skolas (kind of like Time’s Vengeance), without it, you will barely touch his health.
  • Once you kill this Servitor, you will be given a buff for 20 seconds, which will say something like “the Servitor bonds are weakened”. Take this time to damage Skolas.
  • If you kill another Servitor, while the buff from a previous Servitor was active, this will simply refresh the buff back to 0:20, it will not stack beyond 20 seconds.
  • Once Skolas is at 65% health, however, you will no longer need to kill these Servitors, and will be able to damage Skolas normally.

2) Devouring Essence:

  • This is a debuff. It will activate once Skolas reaches 65% health, and will affect one player at random.
  • It will make your screen turn green (sort of like Thorn), and a 30 second countdown will appear. Once this countdown goes to 0, you will die.
  • This requires precise teamwork. If you are tainted with this debuff, you will have to transfer this to another player (like how to transfer the Chalice of Light in CE).
  • It’s not that simple, however. Let suppose there are 3 players, A, B, and C. If A gets affected by the debuff, he must pass it on to B before he dies. Once B has the debuff, the timer will return to 0:30, however, B cannot pass this back to A, as A will be ‘immune’ for 40 seconds, and unable to take the debuff. B will then have to transfer this to C, who will then transfer it to A, rinse and repeat. So: A -> B -> C -> A…
  • This debuff will stay throughout the fight, all the way to the end, so make sure to coordinate.

3) Adds:

Once you clear out all the adds/enemies in the area, they will not respawn until you start damaging Skolas, and take away a small percentage of his health. Use this to your advantage. Clear out all the enemies, then lay into the boss, then rinse and repeat.

4) Dismantling Mines:

Much like the previous rounds, this mission will contain 2 critical objectives.

  • It will pop up first when Skolas reaches 50% health, you will have to dismantle 3 mines, A, B, and C.
  • It will then pop up again, when Skolas reaches 25% health, 3 mines again.
  • You will have to dismantle them in the time window you are given, or will die.

That is all for the mechanics. Below, I have summarised this with reference to Skolas’ Health. (100% = full health, 0% = dead)

Linear Health Version:

100% – You will have to kill the servitors to gain a buff and damage Skolas

100% – 65% – Damage Skolas, keep killing servitors to be able to deal proper damage, stay alive.

~65% – You no longer need to kill servitors to damage Skolas

65% – One of you will get marked with the debuff

50% – First Critical Objective (Defuse mines) pops up

25% – Second Critical Objective (Defuse mines) pops up

0% – Skolas = rekt

I hope this helped. Please let me know if something is incorrect and I will correct it. Thanks.

Edit: DimX27:

Should add that if a guardian dies while tainted, it’ll be 10 seconds (i think) before the taint goes to a different guardian. Sunsingers can self rez and be clean too.

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