Black Desert Online Sorceress Build Guide

Black Desert Online Sorceress Build Guide by Chun-Chun

I will use bdotome for skill names and skillbuilds:

1. Dark waves is your bread and butter skill for PvE. This is the main skill you will be using to clear monster zones.
This is the first skill you will need to maximize out.
2. Claws of Darkness is second best skill for PvE. It is also the skill you will use most often, both in pve & pvp. So you need this maxed out as soon as possible too.
3. The other 2 skills that are absolutely necesary for your leveling experience are: night crow (with all of its subskills) & Shield of Darkness.
4. You should try to get Mark of Shadow skill too, but only at tier 1. Why? To gather & steal mobs.

And that’s about it. These are the absolutely necesary skills.

Other than that you will need the skills that have a CC effect and the skills that will help you close up the distance between you and your enemy.

By level 50 you should have this skill build:

By level 55 your skill build should look like this:

And by lvl 57 your skill build should look like this:

By that level you will also get the awakening. The skill points for it will come from the quests required to enable the awakening. By that time you should know what skills to get, but you kind of need them all.

In pvp the only way to fight as sorc is to: stun with S+E, get close, knock down, do dmg, run – and repeat. This works against all classes.

Against warriors it gets easier for you. While they put their guard up, you can heal yourself with LMB+RMB skill while still doing dmg.



The armor you will start with, at around lvl 20 is Agerian. I suggest making it +10, grind and then buy one +15.

When Mediah content comes out, you will have to sell the +15 armor and buy +15 Grunil Armor – all 4 pieces (wait 2 weeks or so for prices to get low, since at beginning they will be high).

The end-game armor you will be using is the Boss Armor: Red nose chest piece (dropped by Red nose and Contaminated Imp capitan ) / Hebetate tree spirit’s armor (droped by Hebetate tree spirit), Giath’s Helmet (droped by Giath, Bheg’s Gloves (droped by Bheg) & Muskan’s Shoes (droped by monastery leader);


First weapon you will start with and use until level 35-40 is the Azwell Amulet. You can make it +7, but no more.

The next weapon that you will be using until you get the end-game one is Yuria Amulet. You will need to make this one +15. Best strategy is to make it +10, grind money with it & buy +15.

The end-game weapon that you will be using is: Kzarka Amulet.
C. Off-Hand

The first off-hand that you will be using, because you might drop it when you are around lvl 20, will be Helrick Talisman. If you don’t drop it, no biggie. No need to upgrade this one, but if you have stones to waste, you can make it +7.

The Talisman you will be using for a long time, until Valencia teritory gets release is the: Jubre talisman. You will want to make this +15. Same as the other items, best startegy is to make it +7 this time, grind money, and buy one +15.

The end-game talisman you will be using is the: Nouver Talisman.

D. Accesories

Here, it’s mostly up to you and your playstyle. If you use a lot of mana you might want to get accesories with mana & atack. If you tank a lot, you might want to get accesories with DP.

Now, what i recommend for low level is: any accesories with AP or Accuracy.

For lvl 30-50 i recommend using Bares accesories.

For lvl 50+, like i said, it’s mostly up to you, but i recommend: Blue Coral Ring x2; Read Coral earring x2; Ancient Guardian’s Necklance & Belt. But this items will get released only with mediah region, so until then you’ll have to use: Mark of Shadow x2; Witch’s Earring x2; Tree spirit Belt (only if you drop it or have shit loads of money) / Any belt with 3 AP or more; Any crafted necklance with 5-5 AP (e.g Corupt Ruby Necklance).


By this level you should know how awankening works.

You will need all of the awakening skills at the highest tier possible.

With awakening the gameplay changes completly, as you’ll be able to change weapons mid combos and combine Amulet skills with Scythe skills. The gameplay also changes a lot because most Scythe skills don’t allow you to move & don’t have any iframes while casting unlike the amulet skills.


Here are some combos you might find usefull (there are many others):

1. Night Crow (in the backward direction only) (Shift+S) before Abysmal Flame (LMB+RMB) to instant cast the Abysmal Flame (the charged version that health steals),
after which time, another Abysmal Flame can seamlessly be wound up with the regular cast time,
but in effect throwing out an extra health steal attack, or an extra down attack if you should choose to do it on a downed enemy.

2. Darkness eruption (F+Shift) do a kick (F) then cast darkness eruption (could possibly be 2 kicks)

3. Stinger (Shift+LMB), can combo seamlessly after most attacks, so if there is an attack that has a delay after it, cancel the delay with Stinger.
A good example of this is the last kick in the kick combo(F,F,F) or Darkness Rebound (F+W/S).

4. Rushing Crow (W+RMB) or Stinger (Shift+LMB) make exceptional gap closers if you down an enemy with Darkness Rebound (F+W/S) or Abysmal Flame (LMB+RMB),
for example and need to get close in for melee down attacks.

5. The wind-up for Mark of Shadow (Shift+RMB) can be eliminated by casting Signs of Agony (E+S) before it, which works out well because Signs of Agony is a stun,
and at higher ranks Mark of Shadow slows down enemies.

6. The small wind-up for Abysmal Flame can be cancelled in the same way listed above.

7. Your teleport (Night Crow [shift+directional key]) can phase you behind enemies, but you will face the wrong direction and it is difficult to turn around quickly,
so your opponent will be able to face you just as quickly as you can turn to attack their back for extra damage, but if you use Storming Crow (Shift+directional key immediately after Night Crow),
it won’t phase you back to their front, but it will change the direction you are facing in so you can use it to very quickly rectify your direction. If any gap remains after having done this,
or if your Storming Crow didn’t turn you towards your opponent you can use Rushing Crow or Stinger (gap closers mentioned in #4) especially if you have aim assist to turn towards them quickly while attacking.

CRYSTALS (assuming that you have the gear presented in the guide for x level)

LVL 45-50

  • WEAPON: Magic Crystal – Crimson Flame (1 critical)
  • OFF-HAND: Ancient Magic Crystal of Perfection (Luck +2)
  • CHEST: Ancient Magic Crystal of Abundance – Energy (100HP+)
  • HELMET: Magic Crystal of Infinity – Memory (2 casting speed)
  • SHOES: Magic Crystal of Infinity – Swiftness (2 moving speed)
  • GLOVES: Magic Crystal of Infinity – Assault (2 atack speed)

total: Atack speed P+: 2, Casting speed P+: 2, Critical P+: 1, Moving Speed P+: 2, Luck P+: 2, HP+: 100, MP+: 0, Grab_res+: 0, KnockD_res+: 0, Stun_res+: 0, KnockB_res+: 0, EXP+: 0%, Accuracy+: 0.
With Agerian armor full set you will have: 5 atack speed, 5 casting speed, 3 moving speed, 1 critical, 2 luck.

LVL 50-55

  • WEAPON: Ancient Magic Crystal – Carmae (Critical Hit Rate & Attack Speed +1) x2
  • OFF-HAND: Black Spirit Crystal (Max HP +100 & AP +5)
  • CHEST: Ancient Magic Crystal – Cobelinus (Max HP +100 & Weight Limit +20LT) x2
  • HELMET: Magic Crystal of Infinity – Memory (2 casting speed) & Ancient Magic Crystal – Harphia (Max HP +50 & HP Recovery +5)
  • SHOES: Ancient Magic Crystal of Nature – Adamantine (Knockdown Resistance & Bound Resistance +25%) x2
  • GLOVES: Magic Crystal of Infinity – Valor (Critical +2) & Ancient Magic Crystal – Viper (Attack Speed & Casting Speed +1)

total: Atack speed P+: 3, Casting speed P+: 3, Critical P+: 4, Moving Speed P+: 0, Luck P+: 0, HP+: 350, MP+: 0, Grab_res+: 0, KnockD_res+: -, Stun_res+: 50, KnockB_res+: 50, EXP+: 0%, Accuracy+: 0, AP+: 5.

With Grunil armor and +3 atack speed exlir or food that increases atack speed you will have 3 casting speed, 6 atack speed and 4 critical. And with zaka weapon you will have: 6 casting speed 6 atack speed and 4 critical.

By using on gloves 2x Magic Crystal of Infinity – Valor (Critical +2) instead of what i used you can get 5 casting speed, 5 atack speed and 6 critical (while using +3 atack speed elixit & zaka weapon)

LVL 55-61

  • WEAPON: Red Battlefield Crystal – Carmae (Critical Hit Rate & Attack Speed +1 & Extra Damage against Humans +3) x2
  • OFF-HAND: Red Spirit’s Crystal (Maximum HP +100 & Attack +5 & Extra Damage against Humans +3) x2
  • CHEST: Red Battlefield Crystal – Cobelinus (Maximum HP +100 & Weight Limit +20LT & Extra Damage against Humans +2) x2
  • HELMET: Black Magic Crystal – Memory (Casting Speed +2 Point & Knockdown/Bound Resistance +5%) & Red Battlefield Crystal – Harphia (Maximum HP +50 & HP Recovery +5 & Extra Damage against Humans +2)
  • SHOES: Red Battlefield Crystal – Adamantine (Knockdown/Bound Resistance +25% & Faint/Rigidity/Freezing Resistance +5%) x2
  • GLOVES: Black Magic Crystal – Assault ( Attack Speed +2 Point & Grapple Resistance +5%) & Black Magic Crystal – Valor (Critical Hit +2 Point & Grapple Resistance +5%)

total: Atack speed P+: 4, Casting speed P+: 3, Critical P+: 4, Moving Speed P+: 0, Luck P+: 0, HP+: 450, MP+: 0, Grab_res+: 0, KnockD_res+: 50%, Stun_res+: 50, KnockB_res+: 0, EXP+: 0%, Accuracy+: 0, AP+: 10, Extra_DMG_H+: 18, Freezing: 10%, Evasion: 0.

With zaka weapon & boss set you will have: 6 casting speed, 5 atack speed & 4 critical.

With proper food you can get 5 critical too.
FOOD – with the order in which to use them (requires food management)

  • Mediah Special (30min CD – lasts 110min
  • Serendia Special (30min CD – lasts 110min)
  • Valencian Special (30min CD – lasts 120min)


  • Elixir of Flowing Wind  – recommended (+3 atack speed for 8min – 10min CD)
  • Elixir of Perfect Human Hunt (Damage Against Human +11 for 5min – 5min CD).

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