Black Desert Online Quests With Wrong Information

Black Desert Online Quests With Wrong Information by Dark Ashelin

A collection of all quests that give you the wrong info, for example ask you to collect 1 item while in reality you need another one. You can use this list incase you’re stuck on the quest, and maybe GMs could use this as well to get things fixed.

Fishing quests

  • Cleaning Up The Environment
    Asks for Tattered Boot – Actual item needed : Fertilizer Sack
  • Adorable Bleekers
    Asks for Bleeker (2) – Actual item needed : Roundtail Paradisefish (2)
  • Scary and Ugly
    Asks for Scorpion Fish –  Actual item needed : Fourfinger Threadfin
  • A Fatty
    Asks for a Swellfish – Actual item needed : Sardine
  • The Sweet Fish
    Asks for Sweetfish – Actual item needed : Notch Jaw
  • Fishing, the Noble Hobby
    Asks for a Beltfish – Actual item needed : Tongue Sole
  • Taste of Filefish
    Asks for Filefish (3) – Actual item needed : Atka Makarel (3)
  • Tasty Rockfish
    Asks for Rockfish (2) – Actual item needed : Amberjack (2)
  • Crio and Starfish
    Asks for Starfish – Actual item needed : Sandfish
  • Save the earth
    Asks for Broken Fish Hook – Actual item needed : Torn Net
  • Round Head
    Asks for Octopus – Actual item needed : Tapertail Anchovy
  • Stamina Food for Officers
    Asks for Fresh Water Eel – Actual item needed : Carp
  • Stamina Food for Laborers
    Asks for Mudfish – Actual item needed : Cherry Salmon
  • Holio’s Species Information
    Asks for Bluegill (3) – Actual item needed : Rosy Bitterling (3)
  • Swordfish, Gourmet’s Choice
    Asks for Swordfish – Actual item needed : Golden-Thread fish
  • Catch the Angler
    Asks for Angler – Actual item needed : Gunnel
  • A Tough Challenge
    Asks for Swellfish (2) – Actual item needed : Angler (2)
  • Queek! Becoming the Best Fisher
    Asks for Striped Catfish (10) and Squid (10) – Actual item needed : Fourfinger Threadfin (10) and Jellyfish (10)
  • Easy Marks
    Asks for Greenling and Saurel – Actual item needed : Silver Striped Round Herring and ???
  • Ever Eaten Grunt?
    Asks for Grunt – Actual item needed : Tilefish
  • Guildmission
    Asks for Porgy (10) – Actual item needed : Smokey Chromis (10)
  • I can’t admit it. Queek!
    Asks for Rockfish (3) – Actual item needed : Croaker (3)
  • Special Fish
    Asks for Terrapin – Actual item needed : ???
  • While Catching Sea Bass
    Asks for Beltfish (3) – Actual item needed : Blue Tang (3)


  • Materials for a Lumbering Axe
    Asks for Log (1) and Copper Ore (1) – Actual items needed : Ash Timber (1) and Copper Ingots (3)
  • Materials for a fishing pole
    Asks for Log – Actual item needed : Ash Timber
  • Harpy Plume
    Asks for Shiny Feather (5) – Actual item needed : Lustrous Feather (5)
  • A Meaty Dish
    Asks for Weasel Meat (5) – Actual item needed: Weasel Meat (3)
  • Materials for Alchemy
    Asks for Weasel’s Tail (3) – Actual item needed: Cracked Fang (1)
  • Power of Swiftness
    Asks for Wise Man Blood – Actual item needed: Legendary Beast Blood

I’m missing some info (questnames, item names) for some of them, and obviously I haven’t found all of the incorrect quests ingame yet. If you have corrections or additions, please post them here.

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  1. Sydney Trudeau says:

    Would there be any chance that we could have this updated? I have one quest I abandoned (because I can’t get it to work even when I go to the correct NPC) and I’m not sure if it’s on the list, but an updated version would be much appreciated for me and my guildmates.

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