MapleStory Reboot Equips Guide

MapleStory Reboot Equips Guide by Silver_of_the_Moon

Link: Includes Equip Progression, Set Effects, and Meso Potentials

I felt like most guides don’t properly address some things, namely overemphasis on Boss Accessory set and underemphasis on Sengoku and Alien sets, so I made this. Sengoku/Boss/Solid accessories are potentialed for %meso or %stat based on what you rolled first, and combined with 3 Set Alien to act as a placeholder for endgame equips. Discussion would be appreciated.

Stage 1:

  • Sizzling Santa your way from 35-152, and use MPE/Rune of Riches/Elite Boss Bonus Round to get 140 set. Any % potentials are a bonus at this point.
  • Sengoku questline for the accessories, and Ghost Ship questline for the badge.
  • EXP pendant is from attendance event.

Important Bosses:

  • Normal Zakum
  • Normal HT
  • Easy/Normal Gollux
  • Easy Magnus

Stage 2:

  • Enhance eveything to 6 star, then to 10/11 star in order of wep>glove>rest.
  • Cube for boss/pdr/att on weapon, secondary, and emblem.
  • Cube for 6-15% stat on equips.

Important Bosses:

  • Normal/Hard Gollux
  • Easy/Normal Magnus
  • Commerci Trade Voyages

Stage 2.1: IMPORTANT

  • Cube specified items for “20% Mesos Obtained” potential, which is only available on accessories 71+.
  • If you encounter a good % stat potential, keep it and cube a different item.
  • The accessories are chosen to be easy to obtain, but still give decent stats so your training damage won’t be hurting too bad.
  • Each meso item will cost ~1b to cube, which means it’ll break even at 5b. Any lifetime meso earnings above this is increased permanently, and this effect is stackable up to 9 times, one for each accessory slot. Vital in Reboot, since meso grind never ends.

Stage 3:

  • Alien 3 set gives 50 att, helps make up for lack of scrolling on Reboot.
  • Continue farming bosses and mesos, aim for 15%+ stat per equip.

Important Bosses:

  • Hard Gollux
  • Normal Magnus
  • Commerci Trade Voyages

Stage 4:

  • Pray to deities of your choice that you somehow get Sweetwater drops

Important Bosses:

  • Commerci Trade Voyages


  • What I believe to be current best setup, not accounting for minor things like Superior Set over Reinforced, Princess No’s secondaries, etc.

Important Bosses:

  • Chaos Root Abyss
  • Hard Magnus

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