MapleStory Crimsonwood Forest Map

MapleStory Crimsonwood Forest Map by YAZF

After several hours of wandering around we figured it out, a full map of the maze Phantom Forest

Sorry if it’s very crowded, but there are ALOT of path ways. I think it’s pretty self explanatory, blue paths are ones that you can enter at both sides. red ones are ones you can enter on one side (one way paths). The green path is the fastest way to the jump quest (starts from the entrance to the forest).

Since this is my first post I can’t post the diect link, it seems, so if someone could make a link, it would be greatly appreciated.

The two remarks we’ve been getting about the map are:
1) That it is two small and
2) That it is difficult to read.

We will be working toward organzing the rooms so that there are as little intersections as possible, and making it larger, but understand that this is difficult, as this maze of maps is very complicated and convoluted.

I’ve seen people saying (on Basil and here) the amount of twisted paths/cross roads ranging between 2 and 8 each. We are certain that every map until the jump quest rooms are accounted for, except possibly the room/portal that leads to the ? portal in Bent Tree.

I hope that it helps you with your exploration of this area.

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