Brave Frontier Karl EX Guide

Brave Frontier Karl EX Guide by FNMokou

Things to know before entering:

  • Must complete Trial 006 before you are able to enter.
  • The hardest part of this trial is the first stage featuring Lugina and Seria.
  • I extremely recommend you use 2 squads, I’ll get into that later.
  • No LS lock
  • First stage has Ignore Defense.
  • Karl has DoT in his second phase.
  • Lugina is vulnerable to Poison and Injury
  • Grah is vulnerable to sickness. (Extremely Important)
  • I extremely recommend bringing Status ailments.
  • Memorize your units with the highest ATT and DEF.
  • This is an extremely difficult trial, don’t be phased if you fail the first time. Trial and Error is key here.


  • As I said earlier, I extremely recommend using 2 teams because the units you need for Karl are completely different than the units you need for Lugina and Seria.

Ideal Leaders would be:

  • Magnazorda (Recommended for Stage 1)
  • Zerafalgar (Recommended for Stage 2)
  • Tridon
  • Zenia (Recommended if you need more damage over surviability)
  • Grah
  • Notice how I excluded Deimos, he is a horrible idea to bring to the first form. Lugina’s strongest attacks do fixed damage and ignore defense and most of their attacks are single target which means you aren’t going to be getting a lot of BB from BB on hit. If you succeed the first stage with Deimos, by all means post in the comments.
  • Deimos cannot survive turn 4 without Tridon shield. Everything else is fine but not preferred to taunt when possible. Just be careful from getting no BB on hit and having low BC Gen.

Recommended roles in priority top to bottom would be:

  • Mitigation
  • Healing
  • BB management (BB on hit/BB Fill)
  • Status Ailments
  • DEF Buff
  • ATT Down
  • HoT
  • Pure Damage
  • For the second form, Balgran is an MVP for casting sickness on Grah, providing a good DEF buff, and his UBB which completely negates water damage. First form he kinda just puts poison on Lugina and dies easily without an elemental null sphere.
  • Try your best not to bring thunder units for form 1, Lugina will 1 shot them.

Stage 1: Lugina and Seria


  • Every 2 turns gives self ignore defense buff and does a very strong single target attack.
  • Every 4 turns uses a single target attack to the unit with the highest current HP that does 140% HP in damage and reduces BB gauge to 0.
  • After you pass his <50% HP threshold he has the chance to boost his Atk and Def by 50% for 2 turns and removes all buffs on your team. Used randomly throughout the fight.
  • <75% HP Threshold – 50,000 damage to the unit with the highest ATT
  • <60% HP Threshold – Summons Dilma
  • <50% HP Threshold – 50,000 damage to the unit with the lowest DEF and 50,000 damage to a random target
  • <30% HP Threshold – Powerful AoE ultimate attack. Survivable with mitigation.
  • <10% HP Threshold – Massive AoE attack. Survivable with mitigation.


  • Powerful single target attack that reduces ATT by 90% for 5 turns.
  • Can do AoE’s
  • AoE attack that boosts ATT/DEF/REC by 50% for 3 turns.
  • Double normal hit count and gradually heal 10,000 to 30,000 HP/turn to self for 999 turns.
  • <50% HP Threshold – Summons Arus
  • <10% HP Threshold – AoE Ultimate attack that reduces ATT by 100% for 3 turns. Hits very hard.

Dilma and Arus:

  • Dilma uses AoE’s that grants ignore defense
    • Arus uses strong ST attacks
    • Overall they’re nothing special


  • First off, you need to understand their turn pattern:

Turn 1: Nothing Special

Turn 2: Lugina – Strong DEF ignore attack.

Turn 3: Nothing Special

Turn 4: Lugina – 140% HP BB steal attack + Strong DEF ignore attack.

  • Turn 4 is the reason why you should never bring Deimos or Ultor to this trial, Ultor will get destroyed through all the ST attacks and Deimos as well. (Need more data on this.)
  • Without Elemental Weakness Null spheres Lugina will most likely 1 shot your thunder unit through mitigation.
  • After 50% try to kill of Lugina as fast as possible so he doesn’t buff wipe you again.
  • This fight has very little AoE attacks so you better have some BB fill unit like Medina ready.
  • Other than that these 4 turns will just keep repeating most of the trial.
  • The key to beating the first part is to trigger each threshold one at a time.
  • You can either focus Lugina or Seria first, whichever one you pick is your choice. Just remember that Lugina is the one that hurts the most in this trial.
  • If you choose to focus Seria, then make sure you:
  • Don’t have poison on Lugina
  • Have strong ST damage.
  • Focus down Seria to just above 10% and keep Lugina above 75%, then use a UBB offensive or defensive and bring down Seria and just trigger Lugina’s thresholds one by one which should be easier due to you killing Seria.

If you choose to focus Lugina first:

  • Don’t worry about Seria for the most part, her damage is negligable compared to Lugina but they still do damage.
  • His 50,000 damage attack will do 12,500 with mitigation and guard minus LS. You should be able to survive this, but RNG may kill off your unit anyway.
  • You can UBB mitigation from 75% to 50% if you’re confident you can get him down in 3 turns and want to play it safe.
  • His 30% AoE can be survivable with mitigation. Nothing to worry about here.
  • The only strong threshold Seria has is her 10% one which has the potential to wipe your team, nuke her from 11% to make sure she doesn’t use this move on you.
  • Try to kill Lugina as fast as possible once you get him under 50% HP, you don’t want him buff wiping you any more than once.

Alternately you can use a more offensive setup.

  • This will basically have you doing massive damage to take Lugina from 76% to 0% in 2-3 turns.
  • However, as UBB revamp hasn’t come to Global yet, this will be a bit tricky. However, it IS still possible.
  • Alternate attacking inbetween Seria and Lugina to fill up the OD gauge. However try not to bring Lugina under 75%, but just above it.
  • Once UBB is ready, use your most powerful one and do as much damage as possible.
  • Recommended units for this are those with good offensive buffs, such as Reis, Zenia, Raaga, Colt, Quaid and others with powerful buffs.
  • While it may be difficult until UBB revamp and Roa’s batch, this strategy can make it possible to beat the dungeon with relative ease.
  • However, just remember it’s high risk high reward. If you can’t do enough damage, you’ll most likely die. Keep that in mind.

Karl Phase 1:

  • Honestly, I don’t have much to say about this part. This is a fairly straight forward and easy fight.
  • Every 3 turns AoE
  • <75% HP – AoE that can be endured with mitigation
  • <50% HP – Karl summons Selena and Exhvel
  • Selena can UBB and potentially start hurting a bit, but really you should be able to kill her by that point. I’ve done a few runs and all of them I’ve never let her use her UBB.
  • Try to kill Selena and Exhvel before you kill Karl, especially Exhvel because you need to be able to inflict ailments for the next fight.
  • Upon hitting 0% Karl regains his HP and you enter Phase 2
  • If you use the offensive strat from earlier, this form will probably die in 2-3 turns. He has quite low hp.
  • Overall easy fight.

Karl Phase 2:


  • Uses all the moves from his first form just a lot stronger.
  • Vulnerable to injury
  • Summons Grahdens first turn.
  • Applies a DoT that does ~4000 damage.
  • <50% HP Threshold – AoE that’s endurable with mitigation
  • <30% HP Threshold – AoE ultimate attack. This should hit very hard, so either mitigate and guard or UBB.
  • <10% HP Threshold – AoE ultimate attack. Same as <30% HP.


  • Gives Light/Dark element to everyone.
  • 70% HP Threshold – Massive AoE that does 88% of your HP fixed that cannot be mitigated but can be guarded.
  • Activates two turns after passing the threshold.
  • Gains a mitigation buff.
  • Will not attack on the next turn and the turn after that.
  • This attack can be avoided by inflicting sickness on him, and instead of attacking you he will get an ATT/DEF/REC debuff
  • <30% HP Threshold – Massive AoE that does 88% of your HP fixed that cannot be mitigated but can be guarded.
  • Same as the previous threshold.


  • This is a fairly straight forward fight with only 3 thresholds on Karl’s end, but what can make or break your fight is Grahdens
  • I highly recommend you inflict sickness on him because if you don’t you’re going to have a bad time.
  • If you don’t have sickness, there are a few ways to approach this:
  • UBB prior and guard all during this turn.
  • Prepare an Angel Idol/Revive on your mitigator and mitigate while guarding the rest of your units.
  • If you cannot afford the Angel Idol/Revive then just guard all your units and pray Karl doesn’t kill them.
  • The offensive method will kill Karl quite fast here, but Grah will still have his mitigation while charging his ultimate attack. Because of this, you may activate Karl’s 30% ultimate on the same turn as Grahs. Especially if you fail to use sickness.
  • UBB your mitigator or Balgran to push through the threshold this way
  • Grah’s normal attacks do not hurt for the most part.
  • Grah will not attack after he uses his threshold attack in that turn. The threshold attack will be the only move he uses.
  • Using Balgran’s UBB is fine since the damage is only 88% of your HP and Karl will not be able to finish you off. Plus you don’t have to OD your mitigator!
  • Save a UBB for Karl’s 30% threshold just in case, if not then just guard and mitigate and you should be fine.

If you passed all the units and gave a middle finger to this trial, then congratulations! You’ve cleared what is arguably the hardest trial available at the moment and earned yourself one of the best spheres in the game! You’re Winner!

Reward: Impiety Orb – 15% All Stats & Negates Elemental Weakness Damage

EDIT: Tridon completely breaks this trial, it is possible to clear stage 1 without mitigation if you have dual tridon leads.

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