Yu-Gi-Oh! Synchron Army Deck Detailed Guide

Yu-Gi-Oh! Synchron Army Deck Detailed Guide by nyxwafflesx

Due to a large and popular demand for a decklist to the current Junk Synchron deck I mess around with on Devpro, I decided I would finally take the step into making a guide so that all can use it! The build I am using is not by any means perfect and is still largely yet to be worked on, so take what I have a step in the right direction – or to play-test and report back what you find to be working and not working. There are also a few different things I will go over that can vary with your build! With the hint of the spark, ask questions as they are greatly appreciated!

Pros! : Extremely fun to play, Highly combo-oriented, Comes in High Rarity, Not too expensive, New support, Many different variants, (more that I can’t think of right now).

Cons! : Easily shut down in most situations, takes a mild amount skill to pilot (especially in today’s meta because you have to find ways to weasel your out of bad situations), Hard to recover after being set-back, possibility of not getting new support, (more that I can’t think of right now).

[NOTE]: These builds are using the new support! I will find a current build that works on a consistent level some other time!

Without anymore ‘rambling,’ let us proceed with the decklist itself.

Monsters: 25

  • x3 Junk Synchron. This guy is your main combo piece and essentially probably the biggest star of your deck. There’s no reason not to run him at 3.
  • x3 Jet Synchron. A new card that we are hopefully planning on receiving in the structure deck. He’s very good for combos, as well as plus-ing! If used as material for a synchro summon, you get to add “1 JUNK”monster from your deck to you hand. Also, if this card is in your graveyard, you can discard ANY card from your hand to special summon him (banished afterward though, once per turn). This effect allows him to be used and +1 one or two times in a single turn, which is really helpful. Personally, I think he’s worth x3.
  • x2 Quickdraw Synchron. The original gangster right beside Junk. He’s still quite helpful in making some higher level synchros, and the discard effect can allow you to plus in some situations. (Discard level eater, SS to decrease QDS to grab [x] level 5 synchro monster). I wouldn’t take x3 as it clogs easily and x1 is really only if you want space for a tech or something.
  • x2 Synchron Explorer. Personally, I’m considering dropping 1 or both of them because he’s kind of iffy. Some games he’s immensely helpful and savior-like, while other games he’s a dead draw or barely makes a play for you. The reason I see that is because he can grab Accel (will be mentioned later) or Formula after being setback.
  • x2 Synchron Carrier. Another new support card! He’s really nice to have, and personally I think 2 of him works just fine. He allows you to (upon normal summoning) normal summon another “Synchron” monster from your hand, and even is a token-spawner (Machine-Type/EARTH/Level 2/ATK 1000/DEF 0) when using a Synchron monster for a Synchro summon (once per turn)!
  • x2 Rush Warrior. This guy. He’s the Honest of Synchrons with ANOTHER effect! Yes! You heard me right! He doubles the attack of any Warrior Synchron! When he’s in grave, you can even banish him to target 1 Synchron monster in your grave and add it to your hand! He’s amazing, but x3 is too much – and x2 I find makes the perfect number!
  • x2 Level Eater. Obviously a key card in most Synchron decks. I keep him at x2 because x1 means you don’t see him enough and x3 just clogs hands – as well as graves. Makes plays easier and overally, helps you get Quasar/Stardust Warrior (will be talked about later) out!
  • x2 Doppelwarrior. A solid card that is used in most Synchron decks that allows you to summon tokens when it’s used for a Synchro summon. You can also SS him from hand if a monster is SS’d from the grave. Pretty good card overall! x3 isn’t necessary, but x2 / x1 works – I just prefer x2.
  • x2 Spell Striker. Personally? This card is really good. It allows you to easily SS (by banishing a spell from grave) a 3 star monster that doesn’t take damage from attacks involving it, and also allows you to attack your opponent directly involving it. x3 is do-able, but I recommend x2, while x1 is fine too for extra space. Solid card, for real.
  • x1 Unknown Synchron. This card isn’t as good as it once was. It’s more of a last resort thing that you can summon if you want it. You run one because you can, anymore and it’s not worth it.
  • x1 Quillbolt Hedgehog. Can be bumped up to x2, I personally like x1, but sometimes wish I had x2 in the deck. He’s really good for being able to use him twice. Pretty self explanatory.
  • x1 Tuningware. The card is here for draw-power and opens a little room for being able to use him as level 1 or level 2. x2 isn’t necessary, and x3 shouldn’t be on your priorities.
  • x1 Dandylion. Card is limited, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run it. You get two tokens for it being sent to the grave. Use Quickdraw to discard DLion? Get QD on the field and two tokens to summon something like Drill Warrior.
  • x1 Glow-Up Bulb. For the longest time, I thought it grow-up lmfao. Anyways, the card it’s too good. Limited, but I could see it being bumped in the future. You’re able to use it once on the field, and once in grave with the cost of milling one. Sometimes you mill Dandylion with it and you get a free plus 1.

Spells: 15

  • x3 Tuning. Gets you any Synchron tuner, AKA – 9 of your monsters, which are all nice to have. Also, mills 1 – could be Dandy/Glow-Up/Jet/Rush.
  • x3 Reinforcement of the Army. Searches your warriors, 9 of your monsters are warriors too.
  • x3 Upstart Goblin. Draw-power to get combo piecees and the deck can take down the extra LP that you’d give.
  • x3 Mystical Space Typhoon. This format has a decent amount of backrow based decks and Qliphorts are still a thing as well as pendulums becoming more and more prevalent.
  • x1 One For One. Allows plays and graveyard utility-based monsters to serve their priority.
  • x1 Foolish Burial. Sends whatever you want to grave. Jet/Rush/Dandy/Glow-Up/etc.
  • x1 Soul Charge. Allows you to get back in the game or use it to bring back the combo pieces that you need to get over certain issues on the field.

So that sums up the main deck portion. The extra deck is complete preference and pure testing to what you enjoy, so take my list with a grain of salt. I have a lot I still have yet to try. Onto the extra deck cards!

  • x2 Formula Synchron. x3 is too much with tight space and x1 is vulnerable to being shut-down early game. Pretty self explanatory.
  • x1 Mist Bird Clausolas (Optional). He’s pretty good, especially since you definitely can go into level 3 Synchro plays (the only “generic” level 3 synchro). Personally, I wish we had the OCG “Child Dragon,” but we’ll probably never get it.
  • x1 Armory Arm. Allows massive damage on cards, and he’s uniquely a level 4 synchro. He works, well. I’d main him with whatever build, really.
  • x1 T.G. Hyper Librarian. Draw Power. Draw Power.. Draw power… This card is insane, I wish we had it at x2 on the banlist, personally. The card gives you draw power for anything that is Synchro summoned. A basic play like Formula + T.G. gets you set up for Quasar, but also allows you to draw two which can keep your turn and plays going.
  • x1 Junk Warrior. I personally like running him. That may just be me, I don’t know though. Not much to say.
  • x1 Accel Synchron. New support alert! This is actually a card that’s really good! It’s a wall of text, so I’ll try and summarize why it’s good. As of right now, it’s your main way of summoning Stardust Warrior (other than Formula + Level 8 Synchro… not worth it). Read the card on your own, just because it’s ridiculously long. Questions, just ask.
  • x1 Goyo Guardian. Probably your best generic level 6 Synchro, x2 would be alright in a build like this, so consider it.
  • x1 Drill Warrior. Personally, I think he’s a decent choice, but could replace with him another Goyo instead.
  • x1 Clear Wing Synchro Dragon. This card, coming out for sure in CROS, is absurdly good! You’ve got a lot of potential to shut down many plays, as well as get a kick ass monster on the field with another nasty effect! When it negates a level 5 or higher monster’s effect (once per turn), you destroy the monster whose effect was negated and gain attack equal to it (until the end of the turn)! I’d consider bumping this up to x2 in my build even.
  • x1 Black Rose/Moonlight Rose Dragon. Nuke and negate SS’s. pretty damn good. Nothing more to say than if you can get your hands on Moonlight Rose, throw him in there!
  • x1 Road Warrior. Heavily underrated, as he’s pretty easily summoned and has an effect to allow you to summon a level 2 or lower Machine-Type monster from your deck, once per turn. 3000 ATK with that effect is really nice.
  • x1 Junk Destroyer. Lower ATK than Road Warrior, but allows you to pop whatever issues are on the field for you! Pretty decent overall.
  • x1 Stardust Warrior. The new beast support Synchro card that we may get! He requires one Tuner Synchro + Synchro Monster, which is where Accel Synchron Comes into use! Use him and another Level 5 Synchro monster (easy to get) to summon Stardust Warrior! His effect is a longer wall of text than Accel Synchron, so again – read it on your own time, any questions then ask away. He’s an incredible card, you mine as well run him.
  • x1 Shooting Star Dragon. Goes with Quasar and has a pretty good effect as well as ATK. Nothing much other than that.
  • x1 Shooting Quasar Dragon. The beast synchro that could possibly be replaced by Stardust Warrior. While Quasar is really good, I use him when I can – but other than that, I kind of forget about him when Stardust Warrior is around.

The side deck is completely opinionated and so that is up for you to decide. That being said, I currently like having Royal Decree in there, Mind Crush, Call of the Haunted, Fiendish Chain/Breakthrough Skill, Dark Simorgh, Allure of Darkness, and a few more.

Now, you probably noticed that there are no traps in this build! Yes! There’s not a single main-decked trap, that being said I’ve been testing them, as well as swapping cards in and out all the time.

For Example:

-1/2/3’s : Synchron Explorer, Unknown Synchron, Synchron Carrier, Doppelwarrior, MST, and anything else you feel you don’t need.

+1/2/3’s : Fiendish Chain/Call of the Haunted/Mind Crush/Compulsory/Mirror Force/Threatening Roar/Mind Drain/Bottomless Trap Hole/Anything else you feel is really nice to throw in.

As for the extra deck and what this build is based around, Stardust Warrior really does a lot for the synchro element. While Quasar is still very hard to get over with negation and immense ATK (with Armory Arm = 5000 x 2 (second attack), sometimes you end up using too many resources. Wondering if I should drop quasar elements for Stardust Warrior pure turbo. Something like x2-3 Accel Synchron/Stardust Warrior may be more consistent and powerful than having both.

There’s a lot in this guide and it took me a long time to come up with this thing as a whole. If you have any questions as to why I’ve chosen one card over [x] or you just wanna know how [x] works out for me, etc. – Let me know right away and I’ll get back to as soon as I can!

I’m a huge Synchron-fanatic and I can’t help but await the arrival of the new support! Hopefully my guide has helped you consider things to swap and/or add into your deck! I will make another post going over combos and whatnot to help people learn things to do in certain situations. I’ll probably post an updated list in the future too, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

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