Brave Frontier Maximizing Imp Runs with Mifune Guide

Brave Frontier Maximizing Imp Runs with Mifune Guide by Vylasama

Hi, during the last few days I saw a lot of people asking about the math and methods to farm imp dungeons using a Mifune. I love theorycrafting and numbers so I have done the math and I’m willing to share it.


Our goal is maximizing the number of imps you get from a single key. We will do it by doing as many runs as possible as fast as possible. We can take advantage of 1/2 energy on Vortex to make more runs. All the math in this guide is done for 1/2 energy Vortex.

How many runs can I do?

As much as you can in one hour, from what I have seen on reddit, the max is around 50 runs.

However, the maximum amount of runs you will do is determined by your max energy. Assuming you won’t be gemming for energy.

The amount of runs in an hour is determined by this formula.

(MaxEnergy+10)/8) -> rounded down -> x 2

For example at 177 energy: (177+10)/8 = 24.625 rounded down to 24, 24×2 = 48 runs.

For example at 113 energy: (113+10)/8 = 15.375 rounded down to 15, 15×2 = 30 runs.

That will be your max number. You can get one more run at the end if you leave the dungeon open and wait for energy to fill.

The imp key lasts one hour, so we want to lvl up half an hour after we start to get more energy. In order to do this, we will prepare our experience to level up when we have done half of the runs. Each run will give us 1000 exp.

You have to set your exp to next level to level up with half the runs.

If you are going to do 48 runs, your exp to next level has to be between 24000 and 23000 so you level up when you end your run number 24.

If you are going to do 30 runs, your exp to next level has to be between 15000 and 14000 so you level up when you end your run number 15.

In order to adjust the exp to next level, use normal quests (remember some maps have 2x exp sometimes)

Team setup and items

Obviously, you need a Mifune SBB10. It is better if its breaker, we all got one free recently and breaker will help us meeting the ATK requirements.

Your team leader has to be Kikuri 7* or Elza 6*. The typing does not matter .

You will need 1 Fujin Potion per run (bring tonics just in case, but don’t use them unless you have to).

We can choose any friend leader. We will only use them to kill burst frogs. I prefer to avoid Quaid because of this.

Step by step run

  • Fujin Mifune. Normal attack with leader. SBB Mifune -> This will kill everything and fill Mifune SBB
  • Normal attack with leader. SBB Mifune -> This will kill everything and fill Mifune SBB
  • SBB Mifune -> This will kill everything

If you get a burst frog, auto with your friend leader to kill it.

If you don’t have Mifune SBB available somehow, use a Fujin.



Mifune needs to be imped in order to be able to oneshot the god in each stage of the parade.

The amount of imps it will need depends on:

  • Spheres
  • Leader Skill


33333 < ATK * (1 + BB/SBB/UBB modification + LS + Sphere1 + Sphere2)

For Mifune’s SBB modificator is 800% so

33333 < ATK * (1+8+LS+Sp1+Sp2) <- This WAS the mother of all formulas. Seemed to work but is not 100% accurate

33433 < (ATK + 100) * [0.03 + 0.90 * (1+8+LS+Sp1+Sp2)] <- This IS the mother of all formulas. Thanks to Xerte

To make all of this easier I have made a spreadsheet to help you with Imping.

You have to give 4 data:

  • Leader Skill +ATK% Example: Kikuri = 100, Elza = 0
  • Sphere1 +ATK% Example: Blighted = 100, Urias = 30
  • Sphere2 +ATK% Example: Heresy = 15, Demon Core= 0
  • Base Mifune ATK Check it without spheres and remember to substract previously applyed imps

It will give you 2 values

  • 100% success imp Noted in clear blue. Its the number of imps your Mifune needs. This uses Xerte’s formula, grants 100% success
  • Old Formula Noted in clear green. This uses old formula. It is pretty safe to use

Do note that the max number of imps you can apply is 36.

This is my Mifune, with 11 imps

Leader + Party
The main objective of our leader is providing BC and BB fill.

Our leader has to bring to help generate BC:

  • Lexida/Hallowed Skull
  • Virtue Stone

Another option is bringing a BC leader and a high count unit to generate BC

One example is Quaid leader with Selena (lexida + virtue stone)

This tactic may require Demon Core or Urias to work properly, remember to check in some 5 unit map if you can fill SBB without problems

Tips & Tricks

  1. Carry more Fujin than runs you are going to do just in case you use more than one per run.
  2. Test if your sphere setup fills Mifune SBB with Leader auto + Mifune SBB. You can do this in any quest with 5 enemies.
  3. Each run will give you 3 units, leave enough empty space for all the runs. This way you don’t lose time fusing. This is especially important if you try to do 35+ runs.
  4. You can farm Fujins here
    • Agni Region – Agni – Ocean Shrine Albina – Trespasser into the Mind.
    • Vriksha – Vriksha – Adan’s Tower – The Speech Maker Good exp/energy
    • Raid Battle – RC4 – Dark Wings, Dark Work
  5. The better your connection is, less time you will spend loading data. Keep in mind you load twice per run.

Oh boy…

  1. Calculate how much ATK your Mifune needs, imp it accordingly.
  2. Calculate how many runs you can do based on your max energy. Adjust your experience accordingly.
  3. Empty your unit inventory, farm enough Fujins.
  4. Check if the units have the spheres equipped.
  5. Free an hour of your time. Get good Wi-Fi and shit.
  6. Spam.
  7. Profit.

Author’s note:

This is my first guide and English is not my mother tongue. I have checked spelling and grammar but probably the style is awful. Constructive criticism is appreciated.

If you have doubts feel free to comment. I will try to answer ASAP and edit the guide to make it better.

If you see any mistake PLEASE tell me, I don’t want to give false info.

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