Yu-Gi-Oh! Mecha Phantom Beasts Guide

Yu-Gi-Oh! Mecha Phantom Beasts Guide by jozsh

Real quick before I get started I’d like to say that the Mecha Phantom Beasts are an incredibly diverse archetype and can be used really well in many different builds. So, there really is no one right way to use/build them, there are just a bunch of awesome ways. That being said, here is a very loose guide to how to choose some cards to put in the deck.


First off, all (main deck) Mecha Phantom Beast’s share a few effects, they cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects while you control a token, and the non-tuners gain the levels of the MPB tokens you control, making high level Xyz (you have easy access to ranks 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, and 10) plays really easy. Most of them can also special summon one or two MPB tokens (Machine/WIND/3/0/0) and can tribute tokens to activate effects.

  • Aerosguin – With him getting a token is really easy, however he has no other effect to use with tokens (other than invulnerability and level gaining) so he isn’t always that useful, besides there are other ways to get tokens. Run 0-1
  • Blackfalcon – He gets a token when he declares an attack and can change a target to defense position by tributing a token, this effect can be activated during either players turn which is a nice way of cancelling an attack. However, he has the effect of a great beater without the attack of one. Run 0-2, I use 1…sometimes
  • Coltwing – He summons two tokens when he’s special summoned, which can be done by cards like Hamstrat, Harrliard, Scramble Scramble, and more. He can also tribute two tokens to destroy and banish a card, which comes in handy, but the token summoning effect tends to be more useful for example if you have Harrliard you can tribute a token to summon him from the hand and get two tokens then overlay for a rank 10. Run 1-3, I prefer 2
  • Hamstrat – My personal favorite, for sentimental reasons. You can set him and get two tokens when he’s attacked, unfortunately he still gets destroyed, or you can flip summon him. Either way two tokens is really great and his effect, summoning a MPB from the grave, is also great, even better he only tributes one token to do so. All in all a really good card. Run 1-3, I run 2 which is actually probably the best number, but I can be sentimental
  • Harrliard – He special summons a token when a monster you control is tributed to activate an effect…so almost every MPB, but he can’t get a token from activating his effect. He can also tribute a token to special summon an MPB from your hand. He combos so nicely with every other MPB. Run 2-3, I run 3
  • Kalgriffin – 2500 defense is nice…but his attack is only 1000. He has a nice special summon effect by tributing two tokens, but in most cases I’d prefer the tokens. You can discard a MPB to get a token, which is nice with O-Lion, but other than that I wouldn’t suggest using him. Run 0-1, 1 if you really want to, seriously
  • Megaraptor – One of the best MPBs, 1900 beatstick, can special summon a token when another token is special summoned (Only once per turn unfortunately), and you can tribute a token to add an MPB from your deck to your hand. Run 2-3, who am I kidding, run 3
  • Sabre Hawk – Yes 2100 attack is really nice, but he can’t attack directly, or at all if there is a non-MPB in your grave, so almost any synchro or Xyz. He also has no way of summoning a token. He can tribute a token to banish one card from either player’s grave, to either let him attack or get rid of grave effects, but in all honesty I’m not sure he’s worth it. Run 0-1, if you really want to, seriously
  • Stealthray – His best feature is 2100 defense, with that whenever he inflicts battle damage he gets a token. So set him and hope you opponent uses a relatively low attack monster to attack him. He also becomes an MST by tributing a token (unfortunately not quick-play though). Run 0-2, I run 2
  • Tetherwolf – The third of the three best MPBs (in the main deck), he gets a token when you normal summon him. He also can tribute a token once per battle (during either player’s turn) to gain 800 attack bringing him from 1700 to 2500, and he can do this multiple times per turn and this lasts till the end phase, so he can attack over a decent amount of things. Run 2-3, but you should probably run 3
  • Turtletracer (Who I like to say Turtlet-racer) – 2000 defense isn’t bad and he protects tokens. He still has the other MPB effects, but cannot summon a token or use them for other effects. He is still good for token protection though. Run 0-1, not bad, but I suggest using this space for something else


  • Blue Impala – He can tune from the hand which is nice, he has to use MPBs and has to be used for a machine synchro (he’s level 3). He can also summon a token by banishing himself from the grave, but your opponent has to control a monster and you can’t. Depending on your extra deck Run 0-2, if you have a decent amount of machine synchros I say he’s worth it, but otherwise the other tuners are much better.
  • O-Lion – Another one of the best MPBs, with him you get a token when he’s sent to the grave for any reason, from the field, deck, hand, even as an Xyz material, but most importantly as a Synchro material (level 2). You can also banish him from your grave to normal summon an extra MPB. Run 2-3, 2 only if you really hate tuners for some reason.
  • Warbluran – (level 1) He gets a token when used for a synchro summon, but only when it’s for a machine monster, and after that you can only summon wind monsters, which is fairly restrictive. You can also tribute a token to increase its level by one, but again, I’d rather have the token in most cases. He’s less restrictive than Blue Impala, but more than O-Lion. Run 0-2, depending on your extra deck, I have 1

Extra Deck


  • Concoruda – He protects you tokens, also when he’s destroyed you can tribute all of your tokens to get a level 4 or lower MPB from your grave. (Also 2400 attack) He’s good, but there are better synchro. If you want a synchro deck run 1, or not
  • Jaculuslan – When summoned you can tribute MPBs (including tokens) to discard cards from you opponent’s hand. He also provides protection for all MPBs (both monsters and tokens). When he’s destroyed, because he has no protection (but he does have 2700 attack) you can set a quick-play spell from you deck, which could include Scramble Scramble, Vertical Landing, or Limiter Removal. He’s better than Concoruda so I say run 1 if you have access to synchros.


  • Dracossack – Do I really have to explain Big Daddy Dracossack? He’s good in most decks, he’s amazing in his own. Run 2
  • Phantom Fortress Enterblathnir – Technically not a MPB, but he does fit in with them. His effect is good, for a material you can banish anything…really, anything. Run 1, maybe 2


  • Scramble!! Scramble!! – You can tribute tokens to special summon MPBs from you deck…and it’s a quickplay. Run 2-3
  • Vertical Landing – Basically the opposite of Scramble, you tribute MPBs to get tokens, still a quickplay. Useful, not as much as Scramble. Run 1-2


  • Aerial Recharge – Amazing. Once per turn you get a token, you have to tribute one token at the end phase or destroy the card, but you can get the token back the next turn. Run 3
  • Sonic Boom – It’s risky, you get some pretty crazy damage off it, but if you don’t have token’s it can hurt you in the end, destroying your monsters. Run 0-2 depending on how you feel, I don’t use it, but others have and do it well
  • Do a Barrel Roll – By tributing all of your tokens you can negate a spell, trap, or monster effect, and then destroy it, also it’s a counter trap which gives you spell speed 3. Useful, but sometimes you want to keep your tokens. Really with this one you can run 0-3.

Personal Techs

A lot of people use different cards in MPB decks, here are some popular ones/honorable mentions.

  • Limiter Removal – All of the MPBs are machines so it doubles all the attacks, if you have tokens you can avoid you monsters being destroyed.
  • Draw Muscle – You can target a token in defense position, it can’t be destroyed by battle and you draw a card, the definition of a win-win.
  • Reborn Tengu – A good WIND monster, level 4 and has a special summon effect.
  • Transmodify – All of the MPBs are WIND Machines, you can use this to tribute an O-Lion to get a level three, or a level three to get a level four, like Coltwing
  • Mathematician – Can dump an O-Lion, and then later lets you draw a card.
  • Foolish Burial – Dumps O-Lion
  • Lightning Vortex – Can be used to dump O-Lion and destroys your opponents monsters.
  • Duck Fighter – If you want to make a rank 3 you can tribute a token and special summon him from your hand, also a WIND Machine.
  • Token Stampede – Protects tokens from battle and gives them an attack boost.
  • Scapegoat – Gets 4 tokens
  • Fires of Doomsday – Gets 2 tokens (I you don’t have four open monster zones)
  • Spiritual Wind Art – Miyabi – Non-targeting, non-destruction removal can tribute a token to activate, works well with Harrliard
  • Summoner Monk – Can get out Coltwing, and most other MPBs from your deck, (9 out of 10 times I suggest Coltwing, but also good for Megaraptor and Harrliard)
  • Machina Fortress – All around great monster, can use him for rank 7 plays, also can discard him and O-Lion to get him out and a token, then banish O-Lion to normal summon two MPBs
  • Strike of the Monarchs – Can be used with any normal summoned (non-tuner) MPB while you control a token. Lets you negate an effect and draw a card. Also can banish from your grave to give you access to Masked Heroes (If you run Mask Change II)
  • Mask Change II – Can be used to get Divine Wind (and soon Blast), but can also be used on Summoner Monk or a Doomsday token to give access to Dark Law or Anki, or with Strike of the Monarchs to give access to them all. A cool combo is to discard O-Lion and Mask Change the token you get (I think that works anyway, if I’m wrong please tell me)
  • Scrap Dragon – If you target an MPB while you have a token, only the opponents monster is destroyed.

Ok, so if you guys disagree on anything feel free to comment. Also I know that since the MPBs are all based on planes and such they should be referred to as feminine, but I started with masculine and didn’t feel like changing it.

tl;dr Mecha Phantom Beasts are great

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