Terra Battle Tips and Tricks

Terra Battle Tips and Tricks by Fluffles

Combat Related

I. Enemies with weapon types have a general pattern:

  • Sword – usually equipped with skills that (only) hit horizontally, can attack after moving
  • Bow – usually equipped with attacks that hit in all 4 directions, but attacks at start of turn and usually only moves after
  • Spear – usually equipped with attacks that (only) hit vertically, can attack after moving

Use these patterns to your advantage! Don’t leave units in attack range after a turn if the enemies you’re facing hit hard. For staff types you’d have to check their skills by long-pressing them to see what area they will hit, but in general you want to long-press anything you’re facing for the first time.

II. Some bosses have weaknesses aside from their element/weapon type, sometimes what seems to be a hard battle will become a cake walk if these weaknesses are utilized.
Currently known weaknesses are:

  • Mechadrake (8-10): weak against all ice element attacks even though the boss’s element is thunder
  • Time Devourer (10-10): short circuit and stunned for 1 turn if hit by any thunder elemental attack
  • Toxoid (13-8): consumed by fear for 1 turn if hit by any dark elemental attack, can cause it to dimensional shift away enemy units instead or be stunned
  • Mechadrake Redux (14-4): weak against all fire element attacks even though the boss’s element is dark
  • Megacell (15-10): sleep can affect it even though status effects are normally not usable on bosses
  • Lock-On+ (17-10): launch pad freezes and stunned for 1 turn if hit by any ice elemental attack

III. All units with elements (shown with a color next to HP bar) take extra damage from their opposites just like weapons, the amount is approximently two times (+100%). This can be negated if the unit is equipped with Anti-XX Shield skill.
Starting from Chapter 21 enemies have resistance to attacks with the same element as themselves, and starting from Chapter 26 all attacks of the same element would be absorbed as heal by the enemy. So if you’re currently only running 1 element, it would be better to prepare alternatives.
Notable elemental farmables: Mantledrake (7-10), Megacell (15-10)
Notable support farmables: Regenercell (Chapter 14 to 15) with its +50% magic attack up buff

IV. You are not limited to making only 1 pincer on a 2×2 boss, like how they always show in the promo videos. It is way better to try and make 2 pincers side by side whenever you see a 2×2 boss.

V. When planning multiple pincers, keep in mind that the pincers themselves have an order of activation.
This is crucial for harder battles when you want to link Power Point while clearing out adds at the same time.
They are activated in order of horizontal before vertical, from left to right, bottom to top. The easiest way is to end your move at the pincer that connects to the power point, as that one will always go first.

VI. The “Circle of Carnage” aka rock/papers/scissors has little details behind it.

  • Damage calculations are done on a side-by-side basis, this means that if only 1 leading unit has weapon advantage against the target, only that side of the pincer and its chain will have physical damage increased.
  • Normal attack damage on individual chains are dependent on the stats of the leading unit, this means that if you attack with a staff, the chain attacks that happen in the beginning will be of lower damage than if you attack with a sword/bow/spear. Think of it as a staffy with low attack using attack skills, and the chain provides the number of attack skills for it to use.
  • Weakness isn’t taken into account when attacking for weapons, even when facing a bow enemy, your damage won’t decrease just because you’re attacking with spear. (and vice versa for taking damage from weaker weapon)

So whenever possible, don’t use staff to attack if you want to see good white numbers!

VII. Skills with activation rate in Terra Battle can be separated into two categories: those can activate regardless of chain position and those that will only activate for the leading unit of a chain.
Examples of skills that will only activate for leading unit:

  • Megaspear
  • Terasword
  • Lightning strike
  • Dark Matter Slash

Examples of skills that can activate regardless of position, basically those that have area specified:

  • Ice, Pincer Area
  • Ice, Row (1)
  • Mega Heal, Chain
  • Megabow, Area (1)
  • Lightning Strike, Column (1)
  • Heal, All

This difference in activation is mainly what separates physical dps and magic dps, but even in magic dps, skills can still be separated between those that can target from anywhere and those that are limited to being same column/row.

VIII. Levitation is a good skill to have to dodge those pesky trails of slimes and traps, aside from these two things they also let you walk on lava and avoid bosses’ Quake/Earthquake attack (shows up 2-3 times in the game). After chapter 18 though traps show up maybe only 1-2 stages with minimal amounts, so it will mostly be for slimes that do damage or poison you.
Do pick a character with other uses if you decide to invest in one.

IX. If you happen to get wiped out because of a mistake or if you’re not satisfied with the results of the battle, it is possible to reset progress to the start of the same floor in a stage by closing and re-opening the game.This cannot change the item drops of monsters or bosses (anymore), but if you have the skill Negotiator, it is still possible to use this trick to farm a particular monster.

Non-Combat Related

I. To job change, one must gather materials from defeating enemies.
The more common ones drop from everything, rare materials such as tears/ores/particles will only drop from hunting zone monsters (all) or storyline bosses. If you’re looking for a specific item, it may be worth to check out which storyline boss drop them.
Everyday, there will be different events for materials in hunting zone areas:

  • Monday – No event/rest day
  • Tuesday (Pudding Time) – rings and rare ores (Animaton, Dark Matter, Orichalcum, Oxsecium)
  • Wednesday (Tin Parade) – weapon specific materials, rare tears and rare particles
  • Thursday (Puppet Show) – race specific materials
  • Friday (All 3 above) – switches every hour between Pudding -> Tin -> Puppet -> Pudding repeat
  • Saturday & Sunday (Attack of the Coincreeps) – coins, coins and more coins!

All hunting zones have a chance to spawn Boss monsters at their last floor, they have much higher chance to drop rare materials than normal mobs. The boss of Puppet Show pops in at random times, and even though the stage only drops race materials, the boss can drop tears/particles/ores.
More information on drops here: http://terrabattle.wikia.com/wiki/Items

II. It is best to save coins until appropriate job changes are finished (jobs for at least 6 characters) as they will total up to 130k+. I know the feeling of wanting to pull that Pact of Friendship for the shiny SS characters, but it’s better to wait till later when job changes are done and gold is easier to get. Not to mention the rates are pretty bad, you can do 50+ pulls (150k) and still not get it. The pact pool updates as you go through chapters, there are great bosses and dragon monsters in the later chapters that you’ll want to get your hands on too.

III. You can “park” at the stage entry screen if you ran out of stamina but the stage would close by the time you have enough. The game will not kick you out of the screen and you can enter with no issues (unlike most other games) once you have enough stamina. Example use would be for metal zones, hunting zone between day switch, or hunting zone rotation on Friday.

IV. For all SS rank characters’ third job changes, weapon items are required.
These weapons are not found through hunting zones, but as drops from storyline bosses.
They are rare drops and can take many attempts to acquire, depending on your luck you might get it the first time you run it or you won’t get it even after days of farming. Sometimes even if the boss drops a chest, you can still end up with one of the common materials and not the weapon.
If you’re aiming for a specific weapon, prepare the mentality of having to run the stage at least 30 times and consider yourself lucky if it is anything less.
All drop locations are found and confirmed by the first wave of players (me being one of them), so if you have doubts here is someone you can point to.
A list of drop locations here: http://terrabattle.wikia.com/wiki/Items#Boss_Dropped_Weapons

Before you ask, no Gyros doesn’t do anything. It was A’misandra’s weapon until it was changed to Asclepius. Right now nothing requires it for their 3rd job, for whatever reason they left it in, we don’t know.

V. More profile information is unlocked as you go through the storyline, unlock more jobs for your characters, or acquire some specific characters from the Pact of Truth. For the most part SS character profiles are typed up into the English wiki, others will take some time though. If you’re curious, you can go check them out.

VI. Skill slots open up as you level your character:

  • 1st slot opens by default
  • 2nd slot opens when the character reaches lv20 on first job
  • 3rd slot opens when the character reaches lv20 on second job
  • 4th slot opens when the character reaches lv20 on third job

With these slots, you can choose any skill from other jobs to use in your current job.

VII. The “Difficulty” shown at the battle screen of metal zones and hunting zones are scaled according to your party’s average level (Ex. average 38 in zone 2 = difficulty 38), this determines the drop rate in hunting zones and the exp gained per mob in metal zones.
Even if your party average is over the zone’s upper difficulty limit (say 28 at zone 1’s 1-19), your drop rate in hunting zones will not be lowered.

For hunting zones, higher zones have higher difficulty limits, it’s always best to run at the highest difficulty available to you for the highest gains.

For metal zones, it’s always best to use the lowest zone available for the unit you’re trying to level, while pushing the difficulty to the upper limit with a higher level unit for the best stamina:exp ratio.
Experience is always divided between all present units equally, so even if you’re going to push the difficulty with high levels, don’t bring too many of them.

VIII. The game looks at your current time zone for a lot of things, one of them being what hunting zone is opened.
If you’re missing certain materials but the hunting zone for it is not opened yet, it is possible to trick the game to open them up to an extent.

Let’s say your time zone is PST and it’s Monday 2pm right now, there is nothing in the hunting zone.
Over at Japan (JST) it would be Tuesday 6am, with Pudding Time up and running.
If you close the app, go over to settings and make it JST instead, you’d get that Pudding Time opened up!

This trick only works by taking advantage of the time differences between the two ends of the world, it is not possible to just adjust your time (hours/minutes/days) to have things open up at any time. Due to stamina information being always synchronized with the server, your will neither gain nor lose stamina by changing time zones.

If you need a world clock to see what time it is at places, use your device’s clock feature. Most (if not all) of them including the built in one should be able to display time zones for you to see which one you can make use of.

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