Crusaders Quest Archon Guide

Crusaders Quest Archon Guide by Hodgekin

I did an analysis on best mods for Alex a few days back. I thought I’ll share some of my investigation on Archon for those who may be interested! If anyone notice anything wrong, please let me know!


Archon is one of the best ‘free’ mages around. Very user-friendly and a great addition to any crusader looking for a mage!

6☆ ArchonAttack PowerHPArmorResist

Blocks and Passive

Chain-3: Summon 6 meteors, dealing 45% (total 270%) physical damage! Note: Not all meteors will hit. The average is 5/6 will hit against stationary targets. The meteors tend to land more upfront. Each meteor has it’s own chance to crit.

Passive: Using a chain-3 will increase party’s ARMOR and RESIST penetration by 30% of Archon’s attack (this is a buff) for 5 seconds. This buff starts approximately 0.5 seconds after the blocks disappear.

If Archon is already buffed (any buff), she’ll summon 2-4 shock orbs that deals Magic Damage!

Shock Orbs:

Did extensive testing with video recording!

Here are some values:

TrialShock Orbs Total DmgShock Orbs Individual Dmg# hits

Conclusion: Orbs deal 30% dmg each (not 40%), 4 hits/orb summon! There’s a bug with Archon orbs where 6 ☆ Archon still deals 4/5 ☆ Archon dmg!

Archon Weapon of Choice

Now I will calculate which is the best Attack mods for Archon. The numbers used will be based off of Max train 6 ☆ Archon WITH 6 ☆ SBW.

Here are four tables showing Archon’s Dmg with different Mods

For each table, I take into consideration 20% crit chance, CD mods, HA+SBW, Penetration gained from passive and the weapons mod!

Without SBW Bonus effect!


Enemy’s Armor4625626627628629621062
Chain-3 Meteor5884.945884.944803.243775.943110.652644.682300.12
2 Shock Orbs5231.065231.064269.543356.392765.022350.822044.55
3 Shock Orbs7846.597846.596404.315034.594147.533526.233066.83
4 Shock Orbs10462.1210462.128539.0856712.785530.044701.654089.10


Enemy’s Armor4625626627628629621062
Chain-3 Meteor4566.263425.552740.852284.271958.091713.421523.10
2 Shock Orbs4062.964062.964062.964062.964062.963581.802768.31
3 Shock Orbs6094.446094.446094.446094.446094.445372.714152.47
4 Shock Orbs8125.928125.928125.928125.928125.927163.615536.63


Enemy’s Armor4625626627628629621062
Chain-3 Meteor4570.834570.834570.834570.834570.834029.533114.35
2 Shock Orbs4058.903044.942436.312030.461740.521523.041353.86
3 Shock Orbs6088.354567.403654.473045.702610.782284.562030.80
4 Shock Orbs8117.806089.874872.634060.933481.053046.082707.74

Crit Damage + 86.25%

Enemy’s Armor4625626627628629621062
Chain-3 Meteor5282.343962.743170.672642.492265.151982.111761.95
2 Shock Orbs4695.413522.442818.372348.882013.471761.881566.18
3 Shock Orbs7043.125283.664227.563523.323020.202642.822349.27
4 Shock Orbs9390.827044.885636.754697.764026.943523.763132.36
  • Looking at Archon damage as a whole, with the assumption that she’ll summon 2.5 orbs, Archon will deal more damage with HA% to enemies with less than ~850 Armor/Resist.
  • Enemies who have >850 Armor/Resist rare to come by. Alex will be the only candidate and with his passive, even then, he will need 31% increase in HP to achieve the coveted 850 Resist.
  • CD is only > Armor/Resist when enemies have < ~550 Armor/Resist.
  • HA > CD
  • Conclusion for weapon mods. HA% is best on Archon without SBW bonus effect!

With SBW bonus effect!

+ 2 orbs and +30% dmg/tick

Enemy’s Armor4625626627628629621062
Chain-3 Meteor5884.945884.944803.243775.943110.652644.682300.12
4 Shock Orbs20924.2420924.2417078.1713425.5611298.989403.298178.20
5 Shock Orbs26155.3126155.3121347.7116781.9514123.7211754.1110222.76
6 Shock Orbs31386.3731386.3725617.2520138.3516948.4614104.9412267.31
Enemy’s Armor4625626627628629621062
Chain-3 Meteor4566.263425.552740.852284.271958.091713.421523.10
4 Shock Orbs16251.8416251.8416251.8416251.8416251.8414327.2211073.25
5 Shock Orbs20314.820314.820314.820314.820314.817909.0213841.56
6 Shock Orbs24377.7624377.7624377.7624377.7624377.7621490.82616609.88
Enemy’s Armor4625626627628629621062
Chain-3 Meteor4570.834570.834570.834570.834570.834029.533114.35
4 Shock Orbs16235.612179.759745.268121.866962.096092.165415.47
5 Shock Orbs20294.5415224.6812181.5710152.328702.617615.196769.34
6 Shock Orbs24353.4118269.6214617.8812182.7910443.149138.238123.21
Enemy’s Armor4625626627628629621062
Chain-3 Meteor5282.343962.743170.672642.492265.151982.111761.95
4 Shock Orbs18781.6414089.7511273.499395.518053.877047.526264.72
5 Shock Orbs23477.0517612.1914091.8611744.3910067.348809.407830.90
6 Shock Orbs28172.4621134.6316910.214093.2712080.8110571.279397.08
  • HA% is greater than Resist Penetration for enemies with less than ~720 Resist.
  • HA% is always greater than Armor Penetration and CD.
  • CD is greater than Resist Pen for enemies with less than ~509 Resist and greater than Armor pen with enemies less than ~749 Armor.
  • Conclusion, Even with Archon SBW effect, HA% is best in most situations.

Team Synergy

If you are still wondering which team works well with Archon, here are some ideas!

LeaderFront lineSupport DpsSupport Healer
  • Archon works well as a leader! You normally want team mates that don’t compete with Archon for blocks! Only exception is Mundeok!
  • Archon works well with heroes than can buff the team! Maria chain-3 is now considered a buff~
  • Archon can buff the team too! So pairing her with Hikari/no.9 is possible.

When to use Archon?

  • Archon has a superb innate passive. She can excel well against WB and PVE!
  • Archon gets overshadowed by other stronger heroes in PVP due to the nature of her kit. She heavily relies on her passive to deal damage! Even though another hero can buff Archon, her crazy damage is due to her high penetration!
  • Archon in bread dungeon is also a good choice, but not the best!

What skills to use for Archon

  • Hand’s down, every Archon should be equipped with transcended Mana Recycle! No other skill will do it for Archon!
  • Things to know about Archon while using tMR. tMR says: The next 2 attacks will stun! Archon shock orbs are considered a 2nd attack! So using chain-3 + shock orb will consume both stuns from tMR!
  • Should also include that Archon’s balls count as both a debuff and magic damage, thus any kind of magic or debuff immunity shields will negate the damage from the passive~

Did I miss anything?

  • So this is pretty much the end of this guide. If you need me to elaborate or add anything, please drop something in the comments. Happy crusading~

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